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5 Great Reasons Why Coffee Is The Best Drink For Travelers

by Kanisha

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Did you know that about 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day?

Most of us ‘geek out’ on coffee daily but never realized the reasons behind it. People all over the world enjoy coffee, and for many, it is their ‘go-to’ drink. Sometimes, there’s simply nothing as amazing as enjoying cup coffee accompanied by good music, especially on a first date. That said, sipping coffee in a café or a restaurant is not the only way one can enjoy the full taste of this incredible drink.

For instance, have you ever enjoy coffee while traveling? Here are some of the awesome reasons why it makes a great drink for travelers:


Coffee Prevents Depression


Coffee helps to shake off negativity

Depression can definitely eclipse your best travel moments. When travellng people tend to think much more about the post-trip experience rather than focusing on the trip itself. You may be thinking about a pending task back home and at work. Things such as fatigue, anxiety, and despondency may be unavoidable when traveling but they should not lock you up in a cocoon of boredom. When you are on vacation, you need to make the best out of every moment. This is where coffee comes in.

A cup of coffee will help your to avert any gloom and help you stay away from negative thoughts. Studies show that people who drink coffee regularly are less likely to experience depression – especially if you are a woman. So, next time you are traveling, be sure to carry your coffee grinder and maker with you for your daily dose of coffee. You will have the opportunity to make quality coffee to give you the energy you need to keep going during your travels and to fully immerse yourself in great local food and beverages. 


Coffee Improves Performance

Coffee increases performance

When traveling, a lot of things happen that are likely to deplete your level of energy. For example, it’s never easy carrying all your luggage, getting on and off the plane, and trying to figure out how you can best reach your hotel in a strange land. These tasks require a lot of energy and when you check into your hotel room everything that you were excited about may appear ‘boring’ because your energy level is low. But worry not, here is a trick that will help to revitalize your body.

Though making yourself a cup of coffee seems like a daunting task when you are exhausted, the truth is that it will be worth it. Coffee will invigorate you and shake off that feeling of laziness and/or exhaustion. Coffee contains a compound called ergogenic acid, which will amplify you both mentally and physically. It will help you to perform the rest of your duties with vigor. 


Coffee Prevents Illness


Coffee will help you from falling ill

Coffee is a rich source of essential antioxidants. In fact, coffee has more antioxidants than cocoa and green tea! There are about 1,000 antioxidants can be found unprocessed coffee beans and according to scientists by taking coffee you will derive enormous benefits from these compounds.

When traveling the world you will traverse different geographical regions and experience different climatic and weather conditions, above all, you will come in contact with many different people. When you drink coffee, the antioxidants will ‘fight’ all the free radicals in your body and prevent you from falling ill.

Imagine falling ill while on the go, everything about the trip will turn sour. Coffee is also known to contain a chemical compound called chlorogenic acid, which is exclusively found in coffee and vital in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, make sure you consume coffee when traveling so you can stay healthy and ‘secure’ the opportunity to wholeheartedly enjoy your holiday


Coffee Prevents Forgetfulness


prevent forgetfulness during travels with coffee

We all know that traveling can be stressful, but one of the worst things that can happen while abroad is forgetting your valuables and traveling without all your vital documents and luggage.

This will undoubtedly turn your trip into a nightmare. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? If you have a tendency to be forgetful, having a cup of coffee when traveling can benefit you as it is able to give you a short-term memory boost.

The caffeine found in coffee may improve the brain activities. It provides a surge to the part of the brain responsible for concentration and memory. The effect varies from person to person but in general, it can help to reduce your forgetfulness when traveling!


Coffee Negates The Effects Of Flying


Traveling by plane can have negative side effects to the body

Traveling by plane is a great way to travel but not necessarily in terms of the effects it brings on your body. For starters, it can result in dehydration. A cup of coffee can help alleviate this problem and bring your body back to normal state.

Next time you are feeling the negative effects of flying, just enjoy a nice cup of coffee and all these negative effects will be relieved.




Coffee may come with some negative side effects but they are ‘outshined’ by the benefits it brings. Remember that with everything else, you need to take it in moderation so as to maximize the benefits and eliminate the negative effects. Consumption of 2-3 cups of coffee on a daily basis is considered moderate however, anything beyond that is not advisable.  


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