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5 Delicious Organic Recipes To Celebrate Earth Day

by Iliana Aguilar

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Earth Day is a special day where we celebrate and thank our planet for providing us with all life’s necessities – and this certainly includes food! This day also acts as a reminder of a call to action for all of us to be kinder and gentler to this beautiful planet we call home. 

It is crucial to remember that each one of us has the responsibility to do what we can to preserve the wellbeing of our planet for the next generations. What we do on a daily basis matters – even actions that on the surface may seem to be irrelevant. For example, the food that you choose to consume, and how you obtain it, may have an adverse effect to the environment. Fortunately, this can certainly be minimized if you opt for simple but effective solutions such as choosing to consume organic foods. 

Eating organic fruits and vegetables brings plenty of benefits for your health and contributes to the natural production of food as it is chemical-free and/or only use natural pesticides. 

In celebration of Earth Day, we handpicked 5 delicious organic recipes from 5 talented food bloggers on the web that you and your family can enjoy. Through these recipes, we hope to inspire you to include more organic foods in your daily meals. This way, you will be able to contribute to the cause while simultaneously discover that saving the planet is easier than you think and more importantly, that it is something that you can enjoy doing each and every day!


Farro, Kale, and Olive Salad by Traci of ‘Vanilla and Bean’


If you need inspiration and ideas on healthy and delicious recipes, Traci is the blogger to follow! Tracy believes that being conscious on what we consume every day can bring better results on helping us stay fit than any ‘magic’ diets out there.

At Vanilla and Bean, her fantastic food blog, you can find hundreds of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes. The main reason we love Tracy’s blog is that she pays attention to tastes & flavors as much as she does to the health benefits. So, you can be sure to spoil your palate while taking care of your body! Another reason to love Vanilla and Bean is its oh so tantalizing portfolio of food photography; we bet that you’d be tempted to go straight to the kitchen and whip up a storm by just looking at these pictures!

If you’re thinking of having a  get-together for Earth Day this year, Traci’s blog is a one stop shop for all types of organic recipes: from appetizers and snacks to vegan desserts, from vegetarian main dishes to refreshing cocktails, the possibilities are endless! Our recommendation (though it was not easy just to choose one) from its recipes catalog is: Farro, Kale, and Olive Salad. An excellent salad where the salty essence of the green olives and the milky flavor of the feta cheese make the perfect combination when coupled with the crispness of kale.      


Image source:vanillaandbean.com


Golden Summer Squash Corn Soup by Natalie at ‘Once Upon a Cutting Board’


Food blogger Natalie created her lovely blog Once Upon a Cutting Board as a place to share the recipes of dishes that she loves to cook and eat! There is no doubt that she is passionate about food, for instance, on her birthday back in 2014, she posted a recipe of her Sweet Potatoes with Ricotta and Kale to celebrate!

We love that Natalie is a grad student who makes time for cooking and using her creative ideas to make fresh and delectable dishes. Through her recipes, she successfully shows us that eating healthy doesn’t automatically mean that we would have to eat bland and tasteless food. 

One of our favorite sections of the blog is ‘Recipes by Occasion’, Natalie offers many great suggestions on what to cook on a specific holiday or occasion whether it's Game Day, Halloween, Baby Shower, and much more. Here, you can also discover how to prepare a different version of well known, traditional dishes.

Lastly, at Once Upon a Cutting Board, you can find plenty of delightfully sweet recipes, as Natalie believes you can definitely indulge on them from time to time to complement a well-balanced diet. For this occasion, however, we suggest for you to try preparing a hearty batch of her savory and comforting Golden Summer Squash Corn Soup. It’s summer in a bowl! 


 Image source: onceuponacuttingboard.com


Layer Sweet Potato & Zucchini Lasagne by Amanda of ‘Easy Peasy Organic’


On this great blog, you’re bound to find Amanda’s (the wonderful woman behind the Easy Peasy Organic blog) inspiring take on some of the best things in life: cooking and traveling. It is an endearing personal blog where cooking plays an important role: it’s an outlet that helps her relax and keeps her feet on the ground.

As a cancer survivor and a vegetarian, Amanda encourages her readers to take care of their well-being through her healthy and mouth-watering recipes. Whatever you can think of, you can bet that Amanda has a recipe for it! She even has a recipe for treats such as homemade yogurt or sweet potato hot chocolate! If that doesn’t make you drool, we don’t know what will! 

During your Earth Day celebration, you can impress your guests with an organic Italian meal where Amanda’s scrumptious Layer Sweet Potato and Zucchini Lasagne can take center stage as the main dish. Just remember to keep the recipe in a safe place afterwards because should you ever run out of pasta in the near future, this dish makes a great and filling substitute! 


Image source: easypeasyorganic.com


Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies by Michele of ‘Baby Foode’


If you or some of your guests happen to have young munchkins that’ll be joining the celebration, you will definitely need to have some sweet treats on hand. 

Kids and babies only want food that tastes good and this is why we are fascinated with Baby Foode! Michele creatively came up with the idea of sharing her obsession with baby food through her blog and it totally worked! What started out as a simple hobby became a wonderful resource for people looking to feed their tiny tots organic, natural food that tastes delicious! 

Michele’s blog promotes the inclusion of organic ingredients, and as everybody is invited to celebrate our planet, we suggest that you whip up some treats for the lil ones on Earth Day too. You can try Baby Foode’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies, which are babies, kids and adults friendly! (just make sure the adults don’t end up eating them all). Check out Baby Foodie’s page for a whole lot of other variety of food you can whip up that are suitable for your adorable tiny guests!


Image source: babyfoode.com


Raw Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake by Laura of ‘The First Mess’


From the moment you land on The First Mess’ homepage, your eyes would immediately be ‘captured’ by the superb food photos that blogger Laura shares on her blog. Lucky for us, these dishes are not only delicious, they’re also practical and simple to whip up!

Laura believes that food has to be treated with respect and we couldn’t agree more. It’s safe to say that we are happy to have Laura and her blog to offer and share such refreshing perspectives on food. 

We guarantee that you’ll love the recipes Laura offers & shares on her blog – amongst our favorites are the sauce recipes, especially those that contain fruits such as savory mango ginger sauce. It all leaves us wanting more! 

But alas, as each celebration deserves a sweet ending and a party is simply incomplete without the presence of a decadent cake, we highly recommend for you to try Laura’s Raw Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake. This yummy cake would suit everyone on your guest list as it doesn’t contain any sugar, flour, or any animal product! Happy Earth Day indeed! 


Image source: thefirstmess.com



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