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NYC Foodie Guide: What to Eat and Drink in New York

by Zara Lewis

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Welcome to New York City, the cultural hub of the world and every foodie traveler’s paradise. It is a city too vast and culturally diverse to be experienced in a single trip, but if you plan your trip just right, you will  be able to enjoy some of the tastiest culinary dishes and the most creative cocktails on the East Coast!

Dotting its 5 expansive boroughs are the artisan eateries, intimate cafes, ocean view restaurants, and of course, the world-famous NYC food carts that serve culinary delights from all over the world. Needless to say, your job is to hunt them down and try it all.

With that, below is my list of what you should eat and drink during your NYC foodie tour:


Seek out the artisan breakfast spots


fresh variety of bagels


The first thing you should do when you land in the Big Apple, is head out for a true NYC breakfast feast. This city is world-renowned for its breakfast and brunch culture, and there is nothing quite like grabbing a legendary NYC bagel at a Manhattan food cart or sitting down for a delicious pancake breakfast or brunch at Sarabeth’s, an NYC institution.

Travel to Soho in Lower Manhattan to Dominic Ansel Bakery, for instance, for a taste of their unique breakfast delicacy called the cronut – a hybrid between a croissant and a doughnut.

If you’re more of a traditional savory breakfast type of traveler, then take a quick subway ride to Brooklyn’s very own Egg Shop where mounds of mouth-watering bacon and eggs dishes await your taste buds.


Experience the New York mixology scene


signature cocktails


It simply wouldn’t be a foodie trip to New York if you didn’t get a taste of the city’s vibrant nightlife scene and all the culinary and mixology delights that make a New York night out an experience to remember. Dotting the expansive cityscape are some of the most creative minds in mixology in NYC, with cocktail professionals shaking and making everything from traditional New York drinks to innovative beverages that are bound to tease your palate.

New York has something to offer to the most unique of tastes and preferences, and you can find a bar or a club tailored to your taste in music, ambiance, food, and cocktail menu. The key is to research the hidden spots in every borough in order to find those little gems where nuanced audiences come together. Alternatively, just hit the luxury 5th Avenue nightclubs and have yourself an upscale party worthy of the wealthiest celebrities.


Venture outside of the city limits


wine and cheese holiday


When people think of visiting New York, they tend to think about the activities in the city, and rarely consider the amazing foodie and culinary opportunities that await outside of the city limits. Some of the most popular culinary vacations among foodie travelers include a trip up to Hudson Valley for a two-day cheese tasting event in a beautiful natural setting.

Hudson Valley is also the best place to experience the serene wonders of the farm lifestyle, and enjoy a long weekend herding sheep, soaking in the breathtaking natural surroundings, all with the help of friendly herding dogs. It’s a great way to escape the hectic nature of the city, and let yourself unwind with the tranquil sounds of the great outdoors.


Check out Manhattan’s food trucks


nyc food truck


If there is anything the NYC food scene is famous for, it must be the iconic food trucks dotting the city streets where the crowds are highest and even the people in fancy suits venture out of their offices for a taste of a mouth-watering doner kebab wrap or a couple of string-cheese quesadillas.

There is simply no end to the diversity and complexity of the street food offering in NYC, so be sure to devote a day or two just eating at the most popular food trucks around town. You’ll find the majority stationed downtown, of course, but you can also visit the East Village or Brooklyn’s Williamsburg for a taste of Belgian waffles, artisan ice cream, and a freshly-brewed cup of steaming java.




New York City is one of the most iconic urban wonders of the world, and it should hold one of the top spots in every foodie’s travel list. Follow the tastes and aromas of these extraordinary NYC dishes and beverages to make this trip to the Big Apple an unforgettable culinary adventure!


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