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Basic Travel Items You Should Always Have With You When You're Off On An Adventure

by Clara Decker

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They say that “Travel is the healthiest addiction”. Those of us who love to explore the world and are always on a quest for the next great adventure would likely to agree. Stepping out of our comfort zones to destinations that are unfamiliar allow us to be exposed to people of different cultures and varied backgrounds. Most of the time, this leads to a wonderful and mind-blowing experience that we can’t seem to get enough of!

Whether you are a first-time traveler or a seasoned traveler, there’s one crucial thing that we all need to know – the essential items that we will undoubtedly need while traveling. With that, I’m sharing my list of basic travel items that all travel lovers should own:


1. A Day Pack


back pack for traveling

Image credit: Flickr


When you’re out and about exploring the world, it’s always a good idea to be well prepared and have some essentials with you. Some of these items include a change of clothes (in case the clothes you’re wearing gets wet or dirty), maps, some healthy and nourishing food, a rain coat, and of course, a bottle of water. These items combined would be far too much to be carried in a conventional purse/ bag. Hence, you’ll need a practical way to carry all these items – I highly recommend a medium sized back pack suitable for traveling


2. An iPod/ Music Player &  Earphones


ipod with earphones


If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking advantage of long bus or train rides as the perfect time for naps, then you’ll need to take an iPod (or any music player of your choosing) as this will allow you to listen to music while snoozing without rapidly draining your cell phone battery.

If you prefer practicality and would like to use your phone as a music player, be sure to ‘stock’ it with lots of your favorite tunes. Don’t forget to bring your ear phones along. If you’re planning to travel for a long duration, I would recommend bringing a spare set with you as it can definitely come in handy should you happen to misplace or break it during your journey. 


3. A Great Hat


man wearing a hat


Whether you are heading off to an all year round sunny destination such as Mexico or a country renowned for its fickle weather like England, a nice hat is unquestionably an item you should have in your suitcase or travel bag. Rather than having to search high and low for a hat that you actually like while traveling abroad, wouldn’t it be wise to always have one that you already own and love with you? That said, don’t just bring any hat – pick one from your collection that is durable, tight fitting, and comfortable as they will help shield you from both brisk rain as well as scorching sun rays. 

Don’t already own a stylish yet practical hat? Get them (and a variety of travel-friendly items) at a great deal at couponsmonk.com!


4. Ziplock Bags


zip lock bags

Image credit: Lahorehouse.com


If you happen to be an avid traveler, chances are you already know that these clear resealable plastic bags definitely come in handy! In fact, if you’re traveling internationally, these bags are a must because should you want to bring along any liquids (e.g: contact solutions) or cream based items with you, they must be placed in these bags if you would like to pack them in your carry-on baggage or hand bag. 

It’s also a great idea to bring spare bags with you just in case you’d need them for other items that need sealing. They also keep things tidy, and easy to locate amongst your other travel items – this is especially true if you’re not particularly organized. 


5. A Tube of Super Glue


Yes, I am aware that this item may not be one that you’d expect to make it on this list but trust me – it can definitely come in handy especially if you’re traveling to a destination where you may not be able to get this as easily as you would at home! It may not ‘solve’ all the issues that you’ll likely to encounter while traveling but for instances where you need a quick repair of your shoe sole, super glue is definitely something that you’d be glad to have in hand!


6. A Sewing Kit


Planning to go backpacking for the first time? Then you should really bring a pocket sewing kit along. As you will likely be bringing a limited amount of clothes with you, you’d need to make the most of every single one you can throughout your trip. Most backpacker hostels or motels do not offer amenities that would be commonly found in hotels – such as a sewing kit. So, pack one from home as it will allow you to easily repair minor tears and re-apply your clothing’s buttons.


7. A Money belt


money belt

Image credit: Jack Wolfskin


Not a fan of the fanny packs? I don’t blame you – neither am I. Money belts, though somewhat resemble a fanny pack, are slimmer and are much more discreet as they are worn underneath your clothes and they will make you feel more secure when traveling. 

Why –  you ask? As you probably know, tourists often become ‘prey’ to local pick pocketers and you never know when you’d end up being one of them! By wearing a money belt, you won’t feel completely helpless when your purse or wallet gets stolen or unknowingly taken away from you. Ideally, I would advise to always leave your passport as well as your valuable belongings (e.g: jewelry) in your room’s safety deposit box, however, if you are backpacking or staying at a place where a safety deposit box is not available, I recommend to put them in your money belt along with some money so they will remain safe and sound. 


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