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Tips to Have a Memorable Easter Get-Together at Home

by Cris Puscas

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It might feel that, in the past year, not much has changed. But let’s face it, we need any reason to celebrate life and the arrival of spring. 

While countries across the globe have started to learn how to live with Covid-19 and have reopened for travel – albeit with restrictions – the majority of the population is still in various forms of lockdown or not able to venture too far away.

By now, we are quite used to making the most out of the time spent indoors. And that includes having a memorable Easter get-together.

So, if you are also planning to host an Easter get-together – virtual or in-person with your closest friends and family – and have no clue as to how to best prepare for it, you are in luck!

From making decorations to cooking scrumptious food and planning activities, here, you’ll find some helpful tips to help you have a memorable Easter celebration at home.


Throw a Scrumptious Easter Feast

Colomba (Easter Dove) - traditional Italian Easter Pastry

Enjoying a traditional Easter meal will help keep a normal routine. The number of guests at the table may be smaller this year, too, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go above and beyond with the preparations.

If you feel your cooking techniques need some work or you are on the lookout for new dishes to cook, join an online cooking course. You’ll get a chance to sharpen your skills, learn new techniques, and discover scrumptious ingredients and foods.

To give a unique angle to your Easter get-together, you can choose various themes for your feast, such as:

  • Local traditional Easter food: focus on what grandma used to cook when you were little;
  • A tour of a region through food: if you love Mediterranean fare, cook an Italian or Greek feast;
  • A country’s Easter food: if you’ve ever dreamed of indulging in Mexican food, start cooking!


Bake Some Special Treats


Easter nests


Dessert completes a meal, and you can have a lot of fun with the choices.

Whether you want to go the traditional way or, why not, bake some favorite cookies, everyone will be delighted.

If you have children, make them part of the preparations, and decorate the treats together. From bunny-shaped cookies to Easter nest cupcakes and carrot cake, the possibilities are endless.


Color Easter Eggs

coloring eggs

Easter is more fun when colorful eggs cheer everyone up.

Coloring eggs is a fun activity for all ages and leaves a lot of room for creativity.

If you have a patch of yard, a park or a forest nearby, pick spring flowers and interesting leaves. Use them to create interesting patterns on the eggs. And while at it, pick some fresh grass to use for decorating the egg basket.

You can also turn the experience of coloring the eggs into an educational one and teach your children various techniques such as using wax to create patterns or coloring the eggs in onion leaves.

While there are quite a lot of egg-dye kits out there to purchase, you can use plants and fruits to get interesting colors (blueberries, red onions, red cabbage, turmeric, etc.).


Decorate Your House for the Occasion

easter decorations

To get the full Easter “vibe”, make sure to use decorations. They will make you and your family happy, as well as whoever is on the receiving end of the video call.

Best of all? You don’t have to break the bank to get the fanciest decorations. There are a lot of do-it-yourself options that may only require a quick trip to a store (or a short online shopping spree).

Pinterest has a wealth of ideas, too. All you need is some time.

Aside from coloring eggs, you can cut some colored paper into various Easter-inspired shapes, such as eggs or bunnies, to decorate the eggs basket or to create a banner. It’s very easy to make tissue paper flowers, too.

Some colorful balloons go a long way, whether they are in various shapes or just simple, colorful ones. Use them to decorate your dining area and/or the yard.

When you set up the table, choose a color palette or combine two colors. Get some spring flowers for the centerpiece and include the colored eggs, too. Use a paper cut in a bunny shape for a placeholder.

And don’t forget those bunny hats! All you need is some white and pink construction paper for the ears, a headband, some glue, and a stapler.


Plan Some Activities (On & Off Camera)

backyard picnic

The most-popular Easter-themed activity is the egg hunt. If you happen to have a yard, it’s not much of an issue to put it together. If you are confined indoors, it will take a bit of preparation to make sure no one but you knows where the eggs are hidden.

And yes, organizing a virtual egg hunt is also possible. Take photos of the areas where you’ve hidden the treasures and share them during the video call. The participants just need to point to where they think the eggs are placed.

Also on camera, you can organize an egg decorating contest. You will have to let your virtual guests know about it in advance as you’d have to set up an area suitable for the (messy) activity.

If your virtual pals are all adults, why not play a game of Would you Rather or even Truth or Dare.

Should you have a backyard and the weather permits it, take the video call outside and enjoy a virtual picnic with your friends and family.


Start a New Tradition


Rather than focusing on what you can’t do this year, use this special time as an excuse to try something new.

Whether it’s trying a new way to decorate eggs, cooking a special Easter brunch, or watching a concert or a movie together on Easter Sunday, you’ll create fuzzy memories to last a lifetime.


(Video) Call Others in the Family

video call


If it’s not possible to visit the close family, make sure to set aside time for a (video) call.

Thankfully, thanks to a wealth of smartphone applications, it’s now easy for the elderly to use video calls. Or at the very least, it doesn’t take too much explaining to get them set up. And if that fails to work, just hearing your loved one’s voice will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

It’s precious moments like these that make isolation bearable for everyone.


Travel Virtually to Your Favorite Country (or Discover a New Destination)

a European museum

Maybe you hoped you’d be able to spend Easter in a country you love. Or maybe you’ve dreamed of finally enjoying the traditional foods and celebrations on a stunning Greek island.

Since that may not be possible, do the next best thing: travel virtually.

There are a lot of virtual tours available, allowing you to discover incredible destinations from the comfort of your home. Whether you decide to visit an Italian museum, explore a national park, see a city, or tour the Great Wall of China, the world is at your fingertips.

Can’t wait to explore the world again? Immerse in the culture, discover stunning historical sites, taste, and learn how to cook local dishes during a culinary and cultural holiday.

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