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BBQ Tutorial: How to Properly Inject Meats to Achieve the Perfect BBQ Flavors

by Kristy Warren

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Did you know that the term “How to inject meat for smoking” has over 12 million search results on Google? Well, if you didn’t, know you do. This is definitely a clear sign that many people are really interested in how they can boost the flavor of their BBQ meats. 

After all, isn’t that why you decided to check out this post? 

Without a doubt, marinating your BBQ meat with all sorts of spices is one of the best ways to produce delicious BBQ flavors. That said, you can’t underestimate the impact of injecting marinating fluid to effectively achieve the same thing!

The advantage of injecting your BBQ meats instead of marinading is that it will take you less time and effort. And quite frankly, I find it a lot easier especially once you have all the ingredients and tools needed on hand.

Below are my step-by-step guide on how you can properly inject meats to create an awesome tasting barbecue that will delight your friends and family. Enjoy!


Choosing the appropriate needle

needles for injecting and raw meat


There are two different types of needles. Both types of the needle have a specific purpose of use:

  • The needle with a thinner opening can disperse the content in the syringe evenly throughout the meat. This type of injection isn’t ideal for recipes that have chunks or ground up spices. 
  • The needle with a thicker opening can also disperse the liquid in the syringe all through the meat. It is the ideal needle to handle liquid with ground up spices or chunks. 


Preparing the Injection Solution


Once you selected the appropriate injection needle (along with your preferred cut of meat), you need to prepare the injection solution

It is advisable that you mix the solution very well before extracting the liquid into the syringe. 

If you are not an expert in meat injecting, you can use a meat injector gun to reduce the hassle. This will help you injecting the meat for smoking more efficiently. This type of meat injectors is more popular for home or personal use than commercial use.


Determining Where to Inject the Solution


injecting BBQ meat solution


Now that you have prepared the solution, you would need to find the right place to inject your meat. In order to get the ideal results, I recommend that you aim at the muscle and not directly on the surface of the meat.

Ensure that you insert the needle deep enough in the meat before you press down the plunger of the syringe. This will help you to maximize the fluid without losing much of it. In order to get the hang of it, I would suggest doing a practice run of injections first. 


Spread the Fluid Evenly Throughout the Meat


To get the desired result, you must also ensure that the fluid is evenly distributed. Do inject the needle in different spots to spread the fluid thoroughly into the meat. By doing so, you will likely get every part of the meat ‘soaked’ with the fluid. 

You should also keep in mind of a good solution to meat ratio when you spread the fluid on the meat. Basically, if you add little spice solution to the meat, you are likely to get a bland flavor but it you add too much solution; the meat will become too flavorful.


Be Patient


BBQ party


Don’t rush the process. Wait at least an hour after injecting the fluid on the meat before you start to smoke or grill it. This allows the solution to fully spread and ‘marinade’ evenly and definitely helps to get that perfect BBQ flavor.


Some Additional Tips

  • Make sure the injector is cleaned thoroughly before you use it
  • Use warm water to wash the needle to keep it germ-free
  • Use proper needle depending on meat type
  • Only use fresh (recently prepared) injecting sauces or fluid
  • Use a little vegetable oil on your injector for smoother application
  • When preparing the fluid, use a coffee filter to strain out the solids




BBQ meats

Image credit: Fast-n-delicious.com


Though the injection process is not exactly rocket science, it’s understandable that it can create some confusion. 

I hope that the steps I’ve shared above make it a bit clearer and easier for you to inject BBQ solutions to your meats for your next BBQ party. If you follow the guide and tips I shared above, I can guarantee that you will get mouthwatering results!

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