So how exactly does a chef become famous around the world without having to whip up dishes and eating what he cooks? Well, we believe what makes Bourdain ‘tick’ is his deep love and passion for food and his ability to ‘transmit’ it to his audience. For Bourdain, it’s also about being totally honest with a dark, dry sense of humor, and having the ability to connect with a new destination through its food. 

As he explained in a interview: ‘I see aspects of these countries that regular journalists don't.’ Thanks to this unique quality, Bourdain is up to try just about anything and everything as he makes his way around the globe.

During his trips for several TV shows, Bourdain has eaten all sorts of ‘uncommon’ delicacies such as ‘balut’ (a boiled fertilized duck egg) commonly found in the Philippines, the Icelandic ‘hákarl’ (heavily ammoniated fermented shark meat) and Stinky Tofu in China, just to name a few. 

No matter how undesirable some dishes may appear, this American chef will never reject them as he has a golden rule that any traveler should never forget: “Food offered as a gesture of hospitality is always gracefully accepted, ALWAYS. Because no matter how weird or even how horrible it may seem to you, for someone else it’s their mean of subsistence, it’s their favorite meal, it’s their gesture of generosity”.  

Suffice to say that we’re more than fascinated by Chef Bourdain that we, at, decided to whip up an infographic that summarizes his awesome life and career thus far. Curious to know as to what we found out? Read on!


Bourdain, infographic


As you can see, Anthony Bourdain is definitely not a run-of-the-mill chef. For a long time, he has declared to be ‘hungry’ for more, and this is reflected in his many achievements. If you want to follow his current culinary adventures, be sure to catch his CNN Travel show: Parts Unknown. This season, he will be traveling to Manila, Philippines; Chicago, USA; the Greek Islands; Montana, USA; Tbilisi, Georgia; Senegal; Cologne, Germany; and Buenos Aires, Argentina

We hope you enjoyed this infographic as much as we did on putting it together! May it inspire you to keep on traveling and discover plenty of new and exciting flavors the world has to offer.


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