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7 Effective Ways to Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear and Lose Weight

by Julie Ferguson

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If you’ve been making serious attempts to lose weight and still struggling to lose those extra lbs, it just might be that your metabolism is to blame!

Our metabolism rate is the rate at which the body burns the calories consumed and then converts it into fuel to provide us with the energy we need. Even though it’s largely dependent on variables such as age, gender, and genetics, there are some ‘tricks’ that can give our metabolism a boost!

To help you out, I’m sharing seven practical ways to kick your metabolism into gear. Don’t worry, there are no ‘weird’ supplements or anything like that on this list. Everything you’re about to read is natural and easy to apply to your diet and daily routine:


1. Be Smart About Combining Foods


combination skewers


Instead of throwing together whatever you have in your kitchen to create a meal, it’s better to be strategic about what you eat. It’s recommended to eat lean protein, plenty of plant-based dishes, and complex carbohydrates at every meal. The combination of these two can help your metabolism, while also keeping insulin levels in check.

You can pair lean protein-rich foods like fish, chicken, or turkey with a complex carbohydrate such as sweet potatoes or some sort of whole grains. This provides you with a balanced, filling meal that does your body good.


2. Make Cooking Easier


If the thought of planning out well-rounded meals like I’ve mentioned above have you feeling stressed, you can use a meal delivery service to help. These days, there are a variety of meal delivery services you can sign-up for to make dinner time much easier. You can choose between a service that sends you pre-made meals that simply need to be heated up or one that delivers a recipe and fresh ingredients to get you cooking.

The best advice is to do your research and find the meal delivery service that works best for you. Decide whether you’d like pre-made meals or if you’d prefer to cook your dinners and go from there. You can choose a service based on your own dietary needs and preferences to ensure you’re giving your body what it needs. A personal favorite of mine is Sun Basket, which is also very well-reviewed. They deliver a variety of diet-friendly meals on a regular basis (e.g. paleo and gluten-free).

With meals planned out for you, there’s no need to stress over the meal planning or grocery shopping.


3. Stay Hydrated


infused water


You probably already know the importance of keeping your body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. But did you know it can actually help boost your metabolism? Well, it's true! When your body is dehydrated, you experience a plethora of negative side effects like headaches and a decrease in mental performance.

You may also notice that when you’re dehydrated, you experience an increase in hunger and low energy levels. What you don’t realize is that your metabolism also slows as a result of a lack of hydration. To avoid this, keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day. It’ll serve as a reminder to give your body the hydration it needs and will ward off any side effects of dehydration such as dry skin and chapped lips. 


4. Cut Down on Stress


These days, we all deal with so many different stressors in our lives. And when those feelings occur, you likely find yourself in the kitchen snacking on something unhealthy. That’s not doing your body any favors! It’s only going to trigger weight gain as you’ll wind up eating more calories in one day than you should be consuming.

But even if you aren’t someone who binge eats when you’re stressed, it’s still problematic for your metabolism. When you’re feeling stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol has already been shown to decrease metabolism, which is not what you want. Instead, take those first indicators of stressed out vibes and do something about it. Try doing some yoga, meditation, or even going for a quick and brisk walk outdoors.


5. Get Plenty of Sleep




Getting a good night’s sleep is important for a variety of reasons, including kicking your metabolism into gear. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep has led to a slower metabolism for both men and women. It’s not just about getting those eight hours in though because it also has to do with the quality of sleep you receive.

To help you get a better rest every night, there are a few tips you can implement. First, put yourself on a regular sleep schedule. Determine how much sleep you need to function at your best and figure out what time you need to go to bed each night. Make it a habit to stick to that schedule for a better sleep pattern overall.

Make sure the room you sleep in is dark, as this is conducive to helping you fall asleep and get quality rest. You can even use essential oils like lavender, which can be calming and help to relax your mind and body.


6. Incorporate Exercise Into Your Schedule


Another effective way to boost your metabolism is to get in some sort of physical activity on a regular basis. Now, you may be thinking you don’t have time to work out, but even just 30 minutes can make a huge difference. And the best part is that you don’t even need to have a gym membership to get in a little exercise.

You can block off time in your day to get outside and go for a brisk 30-minute walk. This gets you up and away from your desk, which is what’s most important here. Too many people spend their entire days sitting down, which isn’t healthy. Alternatively, you can head to YouTube and find free workout or yoga videos to get your body moving.

Physical activity is going to speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories. However, one of the best things you can do for your body is strength training because it also builds muscle mass. You can get into the habit of lifting weights at home or if you’d prefer to hit the gym, you can certainly do that too!


7. Eat Something Spicy


spices and chilies


Do you have friends who give you a hard time for putting hot sauce or chili on everything? Well, they might want to join you when they hear this news!

The molecule that’s found in spicy chiles, capsaicin, increases your body’s temperature as well as fat loss. Although this is only a temporary effect and fat loss is only increased by a small percentage, it’s still something to keep in mind when planning your next meal. You can try adding a dash of cayenne for an extra kick and a little heat!


Final thoughts


Above are just some of the ways that you can help to increase your metabolism rate and finally kick that extra weight you’ve been carrying around to the curb! Now that I’ve shared tips that I’ve personally found to be effective, which one(s) will you be incorporating into your daily routine? 


Did you know that switching to a Vegan diet, when done right, is one of the most effective ways to lose weight? Curious on how Vegan cuisine can help you to become healthier and fitter? Book yourself a spot on a delectable Vegan cooking vacation!

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