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Cooking Tips: How to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthier

by Tiffany Watts

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There are a lot of things you can do in order to stay healthy. Daily exercises, for example, is an important aspect of keeping your body in great shape. However, one should note that exercise alone is not enough. In order to establish and maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul, a healthy diet is key. That said, I happen to believe that it is best to keep your tummy full while watching your diet at the same time. 

So how can we make this possible? The good news is that many ‘hacks’ have been devised to make our favorite foods healthier. Here are some of the simple ways you can learn to cook your favorite foods at home while still keeping yourself healthy! 


1. Cook with less oil


Use less oil when cooking


Remember that grilled food is usually healthier than those that are fried. This is the reason why some societies don’t resort too much to frying foods but often prefer steaming or grilling them. These are two of the common options to reduce the use of oil every time you cook. That said, if you hankering for something fried, there sure are healthy vegetable oils that are highly recommended by experts to use as a substitute for the common sources of cooking oil we use, but nothing could be healthier than eliminating oil from the equation. So, the next time you hit your kitchen, start steaming and grilling your favorite meat and veggies. This will not only make them tastier, but this will also keep your health in good shape. 


2. Use whole grains in baked goods


Baked goods made from whole grains


In line with a healthy diet, most bakers and enthusiasts nowadays are already migrating to replacing the regular flour used for baking to that of whole grains. Sure enough, one has the option of substituting only half of the total flour needed to bake goods so as to produce desirable results but methods have been developed nowadays to fill the gap. Using whole grains instead of the regular flour for baking is just plain sweet and delightful. Just think about having a bite of your favorite pastry without the worries of health issues!

If you’re interested in learning how to make healthier versions of your favorite baked goods, why not go on a pastry and baking vacation


3. Add vegetables and grains to meat dishes


add leafy greens to your meaty meals


There was an article published about cholesterol being ‘animal’s revenge tactics’ towards humans. This seems to be true. Nowadays, quite a few deaths have been related to high cholesterol which naturally comes from animal sources. 

Hence, I recommend adding grains or healthy veggies to your meat dishes make a more balanced and healthier meal. This will help you reduce the intake of cholesterol and is an excellent way to transition from being a meat lover to a vegetarian or a vegan!


4. Make creamy dishes without the cream


pasta without cream


It is undeniable that any dish, when mixed with cream, miraculously becomes extraordinary. The presentation, texture and the taste alone is so sophisticated that most people fall for creamy dishes. However, it is also known to be a good source of calories and saturated fats which are actually something bad. So, aside from picking the type of cookware for the glass top stove you’d use to make such creamy goodness, consider replacing the actual cream with healthy alternatives. You may use a combination of low-fat milk mixed with flour or opt for a low-fat sauce to still get the same creamy sensation without the worries of acquiring those bad calories for your health.


5. Switch up your dressings


Use healthier salad dressings


There are various food and salad dressings out in the market today that often turn your favorite grab into secret fat grenades. If you’re diet conscious and settles to mostly salad to get rid of unhealthy cholesterol you get from meat sources, you’re often caught unguarded due to the salad dressing you use. For the most part, most of these dressings packed with a high amount of calories and fats which are obviously bad for your health. So, if you’re into losing some of those fats in your belly, avoid these bottled dressings as much as possible and start working with those that you can make at home. With these, you are assured that you are using a low-fat base like Greek yogurt and you are assured you’re not inflicting harm to your diet!


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