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5 Tips for When You’re in a Culinary Rut

by Cristina Costea

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Are you tired of cooking the same old dishes? Are you bored of eating at the same restaurants? Maybe you’re simply not in the mood to cook at home, or you just don’t feel like having anything in particular. 

I sure go through this periodically! I’m hungry, but I’m so out of ideas, that I end up eating cereal. If this is you right now, it sounds like you’re in a culinary rut! Worry not, BookCulinaryVacations.com is here to give you 5 tips on how to deal with culinary ruts!


Use YouTube for Inspiration 

how to get out of a culinary rut

To be honest, YouTube is my primary inspiration source. I don’t even have to get up from my desk! When hunger strikes and I’ve got no idea what to cook for lunch or dinner, I just browse YouTube channels of popular chefs, such as Jamie Oliver, and in 10 minutes tops, I get my ideas! There’s just something cool and inspiring about watching passionate people cook delicious food, don’t you think?


Have a Culinary Party

how to get out of a culinary rut

How about you call all your foodie friends and have a culinary party to spice things up?! Ask everyone to bring one signature dish and buy as much wine as you feel necessary and things will sure get interesting. Boredom has no place at a culinary party and you will soon find that inspiration that you’re yearning for! To make things even more interesting, you can have a themed culinary party; try Mexican if you’re in the mood for some heat, or Greek, if you’re feeling feta and olives. How about some Japanese or even Ethiopian? The sky’s the limit!


Go On a Culinary Vacation

how to get out of a culinary rut

When you feel like nothing in your house or around your house can save you from your culinary rut, I highly recommend a culinary vacation in a place where that’s famous for its food. There is nothing better for your culinary pleasures than a trip to Italy, France or Morocco! You get to sample amazing food, meet awesome foodies, see gorgeous places and even get to learn how to cook some of the great food you get to eat there. What’s great about a culinary vacation is the fact that it’s for everybody’s budgets! You can go on one for as little as €200 or as much as € 4,000! It all depends on your budget, your preferences, and your availability.


Leaf Through Cookbooks

how to get out of a culinary rut

Whenever I feel uninspired in the kitchen, I pull out my favorite cookbooks and I leaf through it until something catches my eye. I’m not too keen on following recipes because I feel this limits my culinary creativity, but there’s always something that inspires me. After all, that’s all we want, when we’re bored, something to catch our eye; something to make us feel that hunger again. If that book doesn’t do it, I’ve got a couple more and they are sure to provide me with what I need every single time!


Go Back to the Basics

how to get out of a culinary rut

When all else fails and I simply cannot be inspired to cook anything, I always go back to my favorite food: vegetable risotto. I can eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for the rest of my life and never get bored by it. And it is a lifesaver in times when I have no idea what to cook. Even when I’m not in the mood for it, I know that if I cook it, I will enjoy it and not regret having it. Everyone has a favorite dish or a signature food that can save you when you’re in a culinary rut!

Do you feel like you’re in a culinary rut? How about you go on a culinary vacation in Italy?! Take it from us, there are few things in life that cannot be solved with a food tour in Italy! 

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