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5 Delicious High-Protein Vegetarian Dishes You Need to Try [Recipes]

by Helen Bradford

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Proteins are our basic building block, so taking in the right amounts of them is of the essence, even more so if you want to build some muscle and maintain a good level of energy throughout the day.

With eliminating meat out of your daily food intake, as a vegetarian, you will definitely need other great sources of protein.

Below are five vegetarian-friendly recipes to try that are high in protein and are extremely delicious. Give them a try and maybe you won’t even miss meat at all! 


Black Bean Salad

black bean salad

Image credit: Foodnetwork.com


Here is an extremely easy and quick recipe that will only take a quarter of an hour to prepare: a healthy black bean salad. As mentioned prior, beans are a good choice when it comes to protein for vegetarians, and combined with avocado, cherry tomatoes, corn, etc. and a tasty dressing made of garlic, salt, olive oil, chili powder, and lime juice.

It is a simple and healthy but definitely yummy dish. In addition, you can even make it in advance and pack it as your lunch at work.


Vegetarian Chili


vegetarian chili

Image credit: Marthastewart.com


A perfect dish for the fall season, it is enriched with various kinds of beans, sweet potato, lentils and vegetables, chili is a staple that has all the right nutrients, and it will warm you up on chilly evenings.

While it is easy to make, the only drawback of preparing this dish is that it does take a bit of time.  Using a handy slow cooker, you have to leave it from three to up to six hours, depending on your setting! However, if you plan ahead, this shouldn’t interfere with your schedule too much.


Egg Casserole

veggie egg casserole

Image credit: kimshealthyeats.com


What’s a better breakfast than a warm, delicious casserole? It is also rich in protein thanks to its ingredients including eggs and mushrooms and boasts lots of veggies such as spinach, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and onions. You can prepare this dish the night before and just bake it in the morning – your whole family will love it too!

You have to sauté the vegetables and put them in the casserole dish, then make the egg mixture and pour it over the vegetables. Sprinkle the top with cheese and bake the dish for about 40 minutes with foil on top, and about 10 minutes without it to let the top become golden.


Mexican Quinoa


quinoa salad


Quinoa is a popular ingredient and a perfect choice for vegetarians (as well as meat eaters) for a variety of reasons. Not only is it low in calories and gluten-free, but it’s also high in protein, which makes it an ideal food to boost your protein intake. So, another slow cooker dish is this sweet potato Mexican quinoa, which is very affordable to make.

You can even save some time throughout the week if you make a big batch and put it in the freezer for later. Similar to chili, you have to place all the ingredients in your slow cooker and stir them occasionally throughout the cooking time.

If you don’t have much time to cook, you can also opt to find meal delivery companies that can provide you with a delicious vegetable stew with quinoa, as well as other tasty vegetarian dishes.


Apple pancakes


apple pancakes


If you thought there is nothing better than traditional pancakes, think again! These vegan apple pancakes set the bar high, and are also a healthier option on top of all, which makes them a perfect breakfast the whole family can enjoy. Made with soy milk and tofu, they are dairy-free and egg-free, while the apples, the nutmeg, the chopped pecans, and the cinnamon make them absolutely delicious!

All you have to do is put everything (except the pecans) in a food processor which will do the heavy lifting for you, and then add the chopped pecans and fry the pancakes. Bon appetite!


Paying attention to having an adequate protein intake as a vegetarian is not as difficult as it sounds. Combining these protein-rich ingredients into your usual dishes is also a possible step, but make sure you give these recipes a try because some of them might become your new favorites.

Want to learn how to cook more tasty vegetarian-friendly foods without burning a serious hole in your wallet? Be sure to check out our awesome budget vegetarian culinary vacations!

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