Though the topics of articles found on Foodsite Magazine vary greatly, they all have been alphabetized and cleverly organized into three main sections to make it hassle free for readers to find the food information they are looking for. The categories are as follows:

1. Food Article Index - By checking out this category, both new and returning visitors can easily look up a vast selection (over 300 to choose from) of recipes and articles starting from "Acorn Squash" to "Zucchini".If you have some apprehensions about following recipes due to its often complicated nature, fear not, when it comes to recipes, Foodsite Magazine concentrates on sharing quick breakfasts, portable lunches and “good-4-u” night meals recipes that are easy to follow. We think that these recipes will have you whipping up more homemade meals than ever before!

2.Cookbook Reviews - This category includes a wonderful collection of Marty's own reviews of the cookbooks she had read. We particularly loved her review of "The Appetizer Atlas: A World of Small Bites" where authors Arthur L. Meyer and Jon M. Vann offer a decadent collection of 400 recipes of appetizers in their 624 page book. It's definitely worth a read.

3. Culinary Historians - Foodsite Magazine encourages food lovers alike to find out more about the background and history of food by considering a membership Culinary Historian Organizations. The list predominantly includes organizations within the United States however; Marty noted that even if we do not reside in the country/state/ city where the organization is located, we can always opt to subscribe to their newsletters.

As much as we enjoyed all the different types of content available on the site, what we believe makes Foodsite Magazine truly stand out is how it provides interesting snapshots of historical information on worldwide cuisine in each of its food posts such as what we've read on "A Mustard for Everyone!".

If you happen to be a food lover who has an insatiable hunger for recipes, food history and knowledge that'll help you to become a more confident cook, we highly recommend that you head on over to Foodsite Magazine. There, you are bound to find a plethora of great content that will whet your appetite and feed your curiosity. Be sure to bookmark the site because it'll undoubtedly leave you wanting more!


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