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5 Awesome Culinary Experiences Ideal for Families

by Karin Lehnardt

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Food not only feeds the body, but it is also an exciting gateway to other cultures, peoples, and history. Learning about food, then, is learning what it means to be human in a particular space and time. And, because food is a universal experience, the culinary world is an adventure ideal for everyone, particularly families. 

It’s a perfect way to introduce even the tiniest eater to the world and to the spirit of adventure. So toss out the bland tater tots and get ready to explore these 5 awesome culinary experiences for families that are sure to satisfy the palates of even the smallest adventurer by Karin from FactRetriever.com


Go on a Culinary Tour


Capitol Hill Food Tour

Image credit: Washington Athletic Club


What better way to get your kids to sink their teeth into both local foods and history than by booking a culinary vacation? Not only do tours help maximize your tiny tourists’ exposure to local foods and diverse flavors, but they also minimize the leg-work and planning for parents.



The options for family culinary tours are almost endless, and they are offered around the world. In the United States, for example, one of the most interesting (and delicious) culinary tours is offered by the “Capitol Hill Food Tour” in Washington D.C. Perfect for families with children, this tour allows families to eat their way through D.C. by visiting the many local restaurants that represent both long-standing and newly established D.C. families.

During this exciting culinary excursion, adults and kids alike will learn about the dynamic history of D.C. while enjoying the 18th century-inspired Anglo-Indian cuisine, traditional Salvadorian and Greek dishes, and handmade Italian desserts. All dishes are served “sitting down” to allow families time to enjoy the ambiance of each restaurant, to savor each restaurant’s specialties, and to hear each restaurant’s story. 


Cook With a Professional Chef


If you’re looking for a fun culinary adventure that the entire family would love, cooking with a chef is sure to delight. Cooking with a chef offers one-on-one cooking expertise, promotes healthy eating, and intimate knowledge of local cooking techniques.

One of the most exciting places to cook with a chef is at Azul Hotels in Mexico. These hotels have “Mini Mayan Programs” that offer a unique blend of food, activities, and culture. Kids and adults alike learn to use Mayan cooking utensils and traditional ingredients to create an authentic Mayan meal that connects the art of food to the local culture.  Of course, any traditional Mayan meal would be incomplete without tortillas and chocolate milk made with native cocoa. 


Forage for Food


truffle hunting

Image credit: Les Pastras


Food foraging is one of the hottest culinary experiences available today, and luxury hotels around the world are starting to add food foraging to their list of upscale options. Whether you book your foraging adventure with a hotel or strike out on your own, gourmands--both old and young alike--will love creating a deeper connection to local landscapes while searching for their own food.

It’s important to note that if you choose to forage on your own, make sure you go with someone who knows which plants, etc are edible and that you have permission to forage in that area.

Done safely, food foraging helps the entire family understand the seasons in an entirely new way, helps them connect food with environmental health, and offers a level of freshness that you don’t always find in the grocery store. Additionally, kids will feel empowered by providing for themselves using the plants around them.  



Disney’s Family Culinary Adventure


Does your family love all things Disney as much as they love food? For hours of culinary fun, try the Disney Family Culinary Adventure! Spend time with the Disney chefs, experience hands-on-cooking, and a five-course dinner. In this fun kitchen, guests learn how to make farmer cheese, butter, sushi and sashimi, noodles, and other sweet treats.

At the end of the meal, guests receive a chef’s hat to take home, along with a Disney cookbook signed by the Disney chefs to boot!


Take a Stroll in an Open-Air Market


Chatuchak market food stalls

Image credit: Tarts-and-pies.blogspot.com


To experience food as a microcosm of a local culture’s smells, tastes, touch, and rhythms, take your family on a stroll through a market or night market. One of the best (and tastiest) ways to get to know a culture is through digging into local cuisine! Open-air markets across the globe offer unique insights into a nation’s culture in an immediate and visceral way.

One of the most famous open markets is in Chatuchak, Bangkok. The weekend market at Chatuchak is one of the most intense shopping experiences your family will ever experience. Over 15,000 vendors cover over 35 acres, and they sell not only food but also handbags, traditional handicrafts and many more.

Make sure you go hungry because there is a myriad of food stalls that offer a kaleidoscope of unique food, from deep-fried insects, coconut ice cream, chocoana (chocolate covered bananas) and pad thai. Here, you and your family will literally experience what it means to “shop until you drop.”


While it’s true that food feeds the body, it’s good to keep in mind that it also feeds the soul. Exploring its nuance, history, and diversity can whet the appetite of even the tiniest tourist.

The world is an exciting place, and there is no better way to explore its splendor than with its culinary treasures!


Looking to sample the tastiest dishes the world has to offer with your family? Why not book a scrumptious food tour for your next family vacation?

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