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10 Thrilling Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

by Iliana Aguilar

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Ask travelers what their ideal holiday looks like and you get an array of answers. Some may enjoy the day at a beach on a tropical island, others may love to explore bustling cities, or cycle through incredible scenery. Romantics may want to ride horses on a deserted beach and foodies love going on a street four tour.

If your definition of the perfect culinary holiday also includes being active in nature while munching on plenty of delicious food, BookCulinaryVacations.com has 10 thrilling culinary ideas that are right up your alley! 


6 Days Culinary Holiday in Costa Rica


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.riderscr.com

During this culinary adventure, you will discover how fresh, regional ingredients, paired with guided treks, can spice up a vacation getaway! Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot in the heart of Central America.

Its natural wonders are the best spots for exciting adventure activities, such as hiking in a cloud forest jungle, exploring the Miravalles Volcano National Park, and taking an ATV expedition on Cinco Beaches. The cooking classes are given by Chef Ina Lejins, who will happily introduce you to the Latin and Caribbean cuisines.

Place: Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus. It is one of the world's most popular destinations for eco-tourists thanks to its biodiversity. Nearly 25% of the national territory is protected by SINAC (the National System of Conservation Areas). Costa Rica's beaches are surrounded by forests. The waters have great coral reefs, where you can dive and explore.

Food: You will learn to prepare signature dishes of Costa Rica, Tico-style, and the spicy secrets of Latin and Caribbean cuisines. Full-course meals are prepared by all guests and one dinner will be enjoyed while overlooking the sparkling Potrero Bay.

Accommodation: Spend 5 nights at Villa Fiesta. This luxury location provides easy access to the beach, villages, and Tamarindo, a popular west-coast surf town, without the congestion of being right in town.

You cannot miss: Enjoy a margarita night at Las Brisas Beach Bar and Restaurant on Flamingo Bay, snorkel, take a  sunset cruise with dinner and cocktails, and don’t miss a village wood-fired lunch.


7 Days Conrad Algarve Culinary Holidays in Portugal


seafood in algarve, portugal

Image source: www.bookculinaryvacations.com


This culinary adventure is ideal for any foodie who loves fishing and seafood. The highlight of the trip will be a clam picking adventure in which fishermen will show you the skills and talk about clam picking secrets. You will also explore the Loule market with a chef and learn about the history of ingredients.

Place: Algarve is the southernmost region of continental Portugal, located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the country’s most popular holiday destination, rich in culture and diversity. The amazing beaches and great weather are a magnet for travelers from around the world.  

Availability:  all year round.  

Food: While this trip focuses on the amazing seafood available in the area, you should know that Algarve is famous for the Piri Piri Chicken – which is a spicy dish with roots both in Portugal and Africa.  

Accommodation: You will stay for 6 nights at Conrad Algarve Hotel & Resort, one of the most modern 5-star hotels in the Algarve. 

You cannot miss: The clam picking experience is the highlight of the trip and should not be missed. Learning to make sushi is another interesting thing to do.


8 Days Surf, Yoga, Culinary Holidays in Bali


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.roxy.com


If you’re looking for a getaway that allows you to fully enjoy the wonders of the sea, this Bali surf and yoga retreat is a good way to start!

Learn how to a lead a healthier life with an organic cooking class, live an authentic surfing adventure on the Canggu coast of Bali and find a space to relax your body and release your mind of stress with daily yoga sessions. The surfing schedule is flexible, so anyone can join, from beginners to professionals. Surfing equipment is included!

Place: On the island of Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods, life revolves around a concept that includes the spiritual relationship between human, God, and the environment. Bali’s landscape includes hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces, and barren volcanic hillsides. It is an authentic paradise on earth!

Food: Food will be prepared by handy chefs who cook with the best locally grown organic ingredients and is aimed to satisfy the cravings of the hungry, yet sophisticated palate of the tired surfer. The food looks and tastes great and it will not only delight your taste buds but also nourish your body!

Accommodation: The Sedasa boutique resort, offers comfort and simplicity to freely explore natural and cultural riches of Bali. It is perched above rice fields in a quiet village just around the corner from the Berawa Beach.

You cannot miss: Try the ultra-healthy choices to hydrate yourself, from organic juices to an awesome selection of beers, and take surfing lessons with professional surfers.


7 Days Sailing & Wine Tour in Dalmatia, Croatia


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.bookculinaryvacations.com


Dalmatia is the southern coastal region of Croatia, made up of both islands and the mainland. Mostly known for the amazing beaches and weather, the area is a paradise for sailors. But Dalmatia is also one of the most important Croatian wine regions.

Several wineries produce award-winning wines in this area. The adventure starts by sailing to the front door of these wineries and tasting some of the best wines in the world. It continues by visiting the phenomenal Blue and Green caves and the Srebrna (Silver) beach.

Place: Dalmatia is one of the four historical regions of Croatia. The Adriatic Sea's high water quality, the large number of coves, islands, and channels, recommends Dalmatia as the perfect destination for travelers who love to mix the sea, sand, history, and wine. The history of Dalmatia stretches back to the Paleolithic era, offering plenty of great architecture.

Food: Although Croatian wines are the highlight of this sailing holiday, you will also have the chance to taste delicious fresh fish, prut, cheese kept in olive oil and served with freshly baked bread, as well as the local lamb and octopus.

Accommodation: You will spend the nights in comfortable sailboats with 3-5 double bed cabins. The bed cabins size depends on the boat type: Bavaria 39 Cruiser; Bavaria 45 Cruiser; Bavaria 46 Cruiser; Bavaria 50 Cruiser.

You cannot miss: Enjoy an olive oil pairing course, sail to the fisherman town of Komia where lobster and anchovy cakes are Dalmatian culinary trademarks, walk within a well preserved third century Roman Emperor’s palace.


8 Days Sicily Cooking Adventure in Italy


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.solemar-sicilia.it

This amazing adventure starts on the tiny Sicilian island of Favignana. The cooking classes focus on Sicilian home cooking.

The excursions will take you to wineries in Marsala, the Salt Flats of Trapani and Erice. Some of the activities you will experience include: fishing with the local fishermen, harvesting salt, and cheese making with a local shepherd.  

Place: Sicily has a long history of foreign domination, which has influenced its culture and cuisine. Natives speak Sicilian, which is different than Italy and has about 30% of the words from Arabic. Of course, they also speak Italian. Still not very organized or overrun by travelers, the national parks offer excellent hiking. The tiny island of Favignana is famous for the tuna fisheries and lately has become an important travel destination.

Food: Sicilian cuisine is totally different than the Italian cuisine found in the Northern part of the country. Here, it is exotic and uses many spices. Even the olive oil is different as a different type of olive tree is grown here (called saracena). The cuisine is mostly Mediterranean but with Arabic and Spanish influences. Enjoy many pasta dishes, as well as seafood and excellent local wines. 

Accommodation: For the first six nights you will be staying at the Nido del Pellegrino, a restored Italian World War II military base turned into luxury mini-apartments. During your final night, you will be staying at La Pineta, a rustic little hotel in the town of Erice.

You cannot miss: Enjoy a wine tour and wine tasting at the Genna winery in Marsala, take a tuna cannery visit, experience an Italian seaside picnic and Italian BBQ on a cliff, and makes sure to explore grottoes or ancient caves by boat.


7 Days Vietnam Culinary and Cycling Tours


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.bookculinaryvacations.com


The northern region of Vietnam has numerous remarkable landscapes. Most of the ethnic population lives in the mountains along the Chinese border. In these mountains, you are treated to fascinating sights of rice terraces, the beautiful mountain valleys, and mountain ridges.

So why not cycle through these scenic landscapes? Additionally, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the unique culinary culture of Vietnam, including the incredibly flavorful Vietnamese street food!

Place: Locals know Halong Bay in Vietnam as the place ‘where the dragon descends’ due to the history of the ancient Vietnamese civilization. This is a unique destination where you can see the incredible marks from the period of Earth’s layers forming combined with thousands of rock islands as well as amazing caves.

Food: During your street food tour in Hanoi you will taste seasonal fruits, various meats, vegetables, and bread specialties. You will also sample tasty French-inspired snacks from a street cart. Your taste buds will be tempted with banh cuon, a Hanoi traditional dish. You will stop at outdoor barbecue stalls. And in a hard-to-find café, you can try Vietnamese rice wine, egg coffee, or cold beer.

Accommodation: You can choose between a 3 or 4-star hotels in Hanoi Bay. One night will be spent aboard a boat cruise and one night will be spent at one traditional house-on-stilt.

You cannot miss: Enjoy the bay cruise with authentic Vietnamese lunch, take a boat trip along the Nang River to the Ba Be Lake, and visit the Ban Gioc Waterfall.


2 Days Fishing and Foodie Holidays in Provence


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.bookculinaryvacations.com


Fancy spending a beautiful morning fishing in Provence, France? Whether you have experience fishing or are interested in trying out this watersport, this is the holiday you’ve been looking for!

Throughout this special fishing trip, you will use a rod and reel with different types of bait to catch pike, perch, and other freshwater white fish.

Place: Provence has both typical villages, perched on hills, and busy cities with international airports (Nice and Marseilles). It is about olive groves and lavender, colorful markets, and of course, famous vineyards, all in the heart of Provence, located on the hills that bind the sea to the Alps. During winter, you’ll get to bask in the sunshine while skiing, and during summer, this French region is best explored on horseback, on foot or by bike.

Food: The aperitif of the day includes fresh bread, sausage, pat, tapenade, and red wine. After your fishing experience, the last glass of wine will be poured to toast new friendships.

Accommodation: You will stay at the closest B&B or hotel available.

You cannot miss: Learn how to assemble the rod and use the various lures and cast, marvel at the natural beauty of the French countryside.


10 Days Experience It Tours Cooking Holiday in Morrocco


spices in marocco

Image source: www.bookculinaryvacations.com


This amazing culinary tour takes place in exotic Morocco, where you will be visiting Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Essaouira.

The entire culinary vacation focuses on experiencing the sounds, tastes, and feel of this country. You get a chance to visit the amazing Fez medina – an impressive Old City bustling with life. The highlight of the trip is, without a doubt, the visit to a Berber village where you will learn to cook local dishes.  

Place: Morocco is located in North America and has two coastlines: on the Atlantic Ocean and on the Mediterranean sea.

The capital of Rabat is a very relaxed and hassle-free city, with a lot of sights to check out. Fez is the former capital and home to one of the oldest and largest medieval cities in the world, while Marrakesh is the perfect combination of old and new. Essaouira is an ancient sea-side city which has started to be rediscovered by travelers.  

Food: Moroccan cuisine is rich in spices. Meals often start with a variety of delicious dipping salads such as eggplant dip. The mouth-watering tagine – a stew made from chicken or fish covered with vegetables – follows. Couscous -steamed semolina grains - and basteeya – a pastry which includes chicken but is served with sugar and cinnamon on top – are two other traditional dishes.

Accommodation: You will be spending two nights in Hotel Novotel Casablanca City Center (in Casablanca), three nights in Riad Jaouhara or Riad Myra (in Fez), three nights in Riad Moucharabiah (in Marrakesh), and one night in Riad Mimouna (in Essaouira).

You cannot miss: While visiting the Old Town of Fez, make sure to explore the tanneries. Visiting Berber village is interesting and should not be missed. 


8 Days Culinary and Walking Holidays in Greece


Culinary Adventures for Food Lovers

Image source: www.bookculinaryvacations.com


This culinary adventure is ideal for travelers who want to mix the joys of discovering the Cretan gastronomy with incredible hiking on Crete. You will have a chance to discover the authentic cuisine and local culture of this unique place in Greece.

The adventure part takes you on the international hiking trail located to the south of the island, exploring the White Mountains and their beautiful caves.  

Place: Crete is the largest and most famous of the Greek islands. It has always been at a cultural crossroad, with Venetian, Arabic, and Turkish influences making it a culinary paradise for food lovers! This magnificent Greek island, which is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, has dramatic scenery and thousands of years of history.

Food: Greek cuisine is based on Italian cuisine and has a lot of Arabic influences. Locals still eat what their ancestors did, making for a very healthy diet. They get greens from nature, don’t shy away from eating snails, prefer local cheeses and make kalitsounia (little pies made with dough rather than filo pastry).

The diet is based on pulses, vegetables, and fruits, while red meat is eaten occasionally. The excellent olive oil is a staple in the kitchen.  

Accommodation: You will get to stay in traditional cottages or luxury villas, depending on your choice of accommodation.

You cannot miss: Take part in an olive oil soap workshop, where you will have the chance to make your own handmade soap, using fresh olive oil. Also, take a cycling trip to the local apiary, and learn about the local flora combinations and the types of locally produced honey.


Thanks for reading this post! Want to experience a truly unique culinary holiday? Be sure to check out dozens of amazing culinary escapades that BookCulinaryVacations.com has on offer! 

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