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Craving for Something Sweet? Try These Drool-Worthy Thai Desserts!

by Iliana Aguilar

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Admittedly, we at BookCulinaryVacations.com would salivate over the mere thought of Thai food! We adore the myriad of exciting flavors harmonized within each Thai dish. Afterall, who could ever say “no” to the experience of having sweet, salty, spicy, and sour flavors all on a single plate?

As strong as our devotion is to the well-known savory Thai dishes such as the delicious Pad Thai, the spicy Tom Yum Goong, and the incredibly fresh and sour Som Tum salad, our love for sweet and tropical Thai desserts is equally as strong. 

With that in mind, if you are on the hunt for new sweet treats to delight your taste buds, we have handpicked a list of five delicious Thai desserts from 5 experienced food bloggers who know more than a thing or two about Thai food! Follow these recipes to whip up mouthwatering, authentic Thai desserts right in your own kitchen. Trust us, you’ll be hooked!


Grilled Bananas by Rachel of ‘Rachel Cooks Thai’ & hubby


As big fans of Rachel Cooks Thai, we vouch that Rachel truly knows her stuff when it comes to Thai food.  Her passion for Thai food is the result of her true love for food, cooking, and her Thai husband, who first introduced Rachel to Thai cuisine.

Even though Rachel is a food lover, it’s safe to say that ‘the hubby’, as Rachel lovingly calls him, makes great contributions to Rachel’s Thai recipes found on her blog. They are the perfect foodie couple: ‘the hubby’ has the knowledge of authentic Thai flavors while Rachel is blessed with exceptional talents in the kitchen. She often opt to add her personal touch to authentic recipes that makes them truly unique!

We believe that being able to create your own flavors is essential to improve your cooking skills and Rachel’s ability to experiment with traditional recipes is what inspires us the most about her blog! If you think that one of your most beloved Thai recipes can taste even better by adding or skipping an ingredient, follow Rachel’s footsteps and go for it!

If you are looking for scrumptious recipes that use bananas as its main ingredient, Rachel’s Grilled Bananas recipe will make your day! This sweet, addictive dessert is the perfect complement dish for an afternoon BBQ with friends and family. Give it a try and skip your usual banana bread recipe- at least for a while. 

Thai dessert, Thai food, grilled bananas

Image source: www.rachelcooksthai.com


Thai Mixed Fruit Salad with Dragon Fruit by Pranee of ‘Pranees Thai Kitchen’


Chef Pranee Khruasanit Halvorsen is the mastermind behind Pranees Thai Kitchen blog and without thinking twice, we can tell you that she was born to cook!

She started to have fun in the kitchen since the early age of 12 and while most of us at that age were playing and doodling around, Chef Pranee was already discovering the secrets of Thai cuisine all on her own!

We’ve got something to confess: every week, we can’t wait to read Pranee’s new post, not only because of her delicious recipes but also for the beautiful story that she that she shares with every recipe.  

Though Pranee’s site is about food, it’s also about how food perfectly connects people to their origins and their family’s past. Among all the decadent recipes on Pranee’s site, you will also find some traditional and family recipes that have been handed down to her from past generations.

If you happen to live in or find yourself traveling to Seattle U.S, you’d be happy to know that you can join Pranee’s cooking classes! If not, then no worries, you can always check out Pranee’s website and learn all you’ve always wanted to know about Thai cuisine but were afraid to ask! 

From chef Pranee’s vast selection of Thai desserts, we strongly recommend Thai Mixed Fruit Salad with Dragon Fruit. If you are on a diet or just don’t want to add too many calories to your meal, why not try a light yet sweet dessert? We all deserve to sweeten our life from time to time, right? We cannot think of a better dessert option for celiac, vegan, or vegetarian people, than this super tasty fruit salad. It is also a great way to try Dragon fruit (also known as Pitaya) just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of trying out this creamy fruit.

Thai dessert, Thai Mixed Fruit Salad with Dragon Fruit

Image source: www.praneesthaikitchen.com


Corn-Coconut Dessert by Leela of ‘She Simmers’


Leela is the fantastic blogger behind She Simmers and the skilled cook who makes our mouth water whenever we visit her blog. With her recommendations and tons of simple, yet exquisite recipes, Leela’s page will definitely inspire you to create Thai flavors in your very own kitchen.

If this is the first Thai cuisine adventure you will embark on, Leela’s page is the perfect spot to start. Her unpretentious recipes are easy-peasy and very clear. For those who already have a love of Thai food, Leela has plenty of delectable recipes that will make you love it even more! Go ahead and follow Leela’s blog!

It was not easy to select just one recipe, however, since coconut is an essential ingredient in Thai gastronomy, the Corn-Coconut Dessert is a dessert recipe you simply HAVE to try! Keep this sweet dessert in mind as one healthy option for you and your guests. We bet they’ll ask for seconds.

Thai desserts, Corn-Coconut Dessert

Image source: shesimmers.com



Authentic Sticky Rice with Mango by Miranti ‘The High Heel Gourmet’


Miranti of The High Heel Gourmet has captivated our foodie hearts and palates from the very first moment we visited her blog. When it comes to real Thai food, she is THE real deal. Though Miranti is more than happy to share the richness of Thai gastronomy and culture, she is extremely committed to keeping the traditional Thai flavors as authentic as possible. And we certainly love her for it.

Another thing to adore about Miranti’s blog is her passion for healthy food, which is why she includes plenty of organic ingredients in her recipes. It really doesn’t get any better than this. When you visit The High Heel Gourmet, be sure to have your favorite apron close to you, because after checking out her recipes you will immediately want to start a ‘mess’ in your kitchen!

If you’re a Thai food enthusiast you may already know that Sticky Rice with Mango is widely consumed in many Eastern and Western countries. People relates it to Thai food culture just as they do with pasta and Italian food. If you think about it in depth, this could be a good thing, but at the same time it could be a problem because once a local dish becomes popular around the globe, the original, authentic flavor becomes ‘lost’ as and new, adapted versions of it appear. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, wouldn’t it be wonderful to at least try whipping up dishes the way they intended to taste?

So, we warmly invite you to take a chance on Miranti’s Authentic Sticky Rice with Mango recipe. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you for it! We already have a big bag of juicy mangoes waiting for this recipe, don’t wait too long before you try it for yourself!

thai dessers, sticky-rice-with-mango

Image source: coolcathotfood.com


Thai Iced Tea Pops by Alissa of ‘Oh My Veggies’


Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Lucky for you, the wonderful bloggers at as Oh My Veggies, a vegetarian focused blog, have adapted various recipes so they are vegetarian-friendly! That said, even if you don’t follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, their recipes are worth a try as they are not only healthy but also tasty!

So, if you decide (and you should) to try one of the flavorful meatless recipes from Oh My Veggies, why not start by whipping up their Thai-style recipes?

In our opinion, one of the best desserts you can have on hot summer days is their Thai iced tea pops. Thai iced tea is a popular beverage and Oh My Veggies had the brilliant idea of turning them into delicious ice pops! These Thai iced tea pops are a sweet, yet creamy, full of spice revelation for your taste buds and will definitely keep you cool. Be sure to buy plenty of its ingredients because you’ll want to prepare these ice pops throughout the entire summer!

thai dessert, thai_iced_tea_pops

Image source: ohmyveggies.com


Thanks for checking out this post! Dying to try more traditional food from Thailand? Be sure to check out the vast collection of awesome culinary escapades on offer at BookCulinaryVacations.com! 

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