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Eggs & Beans: 10 Countries With Unique Coffee Orders

by Dennies John

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There's much more to coffee than cheap filters and sell-by beans one can easily pick up at their neighborhood grocery store. In fact, some countries have gone above and beyond when it comes to their java.

On this post, I’m sharing with you some interesting facts on 10 destinations located around the globe where coffee is not merely an indulgence but rather, an exciting adventure!

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1. India


Kaapi is made with an unusual two-cylinder machine where the grounds are dripped or "pulled" from the top cylinder to the bottom. You can also add frothed or boiled milk and a variety of sugars, spices, and creams. The result is a delicious filtered coffee drink unlike any that you've had in the Western world. If you’re interested in trying out an authentic cup, you’ll be sure to enjoy some on a culinary vacation in India!


2. Malaysia


Malaysian White Coffee


While not always consumed in the morning, coffee is a popular drink in Malaysia, especially Ipoh "white" coffee. Its beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine and served with milk, so the end result is a creamy, velvety and ultimately very tasty drink. It's not actually white, but then again, who's judging?


3. Italy


Coffee is a celebrated staple in Italian cuisine – one of them being affogato. That said, debates rage about whether it is a beverage or a dessert, but regardless of how it's presented on menus, it's definitely a concoction worth trying. Translated as "drowned," the affogato consists of a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato with a hot espresso shot poured on top. Eat it with a spoon or drink it after it melts; the choice is up to you.


4. South Africa


South Africa is home to the "red" espresso, a brightly-colored drink that has all of the hallmarks of a regular cup. Instead of caffeine shots, however, it's actually made with pulverized Rooibos roots! As long as they're ground well enough, they can be put into any regular coffee-making appliance just like your normal ingredients.


5. Germany


German Coffee


Rudesheim am Rhein is a town in Germany that's known primarily for its wines and vineyards, but it's also branched into the coffee business with the creation of Rudesheimer kaffee. Brandy and sugar cubes are flambéed together in a special cup; then it's mixed with strong coffee until everything is smooth and dissolved. Whipped cream and chocolate flakes can be added for extra sweetness.


6. Morocco


If you're a serious coffee junkie, you've probably heard of nous-nous as one of the raved drinks of Morocco. But did you know that it's actually quite simple to make? Nous-nous translates to "half-half" and combines coffee with hot milk. That's it. You can make it at home with your own coffee and milk frother. Have fun!


7. Indonesia


There's nothing like a cup of kopi tubruk to get your heart started in the morning. Consisting of black coffee boiled with pure sugar, it'll serve as a source of pure energy on sluggish workdays. This might be why it's often translated as "collision coffee" even though the actual definition is somewhere closer to "instant coffee."


8. Vietnam


Vietnamese coffee


Do you lack the time for a traditional sit-down breakfast? Have you ever considered just adding your eggs to your morning cup of joe? Called ca phe trung in Vietnam, this rich blend is made by filtering coffee through a mixture of milk, egg yolks, and sometimes sugar. You’d be interested to know that even CNN likes it.


9. Hong Kong


Hong Kong is home to yuenyeung, a popular drink served everywhere from street stalls to fancy restaurants. It's made with coffee and milk tea blended together as a sweet pick-me-up full of flavor. The name comes from yin-and-yang ducks that love each other despite their differences, much like the coffee and tea mixture of the drink.


10. Turkey


Turkish coffee


Turkish coffee is one of the highlights of the international coffee scene. Roasted and simmered in a brass cezve pot, it can be served as a bitter coffee drink with no additives or a rich coffee blend with milk and sugar. When it's the former, it's usually accompanied by a small sweet or candy.


If you're ready to expand your coffee horizons, try one of these exotic blends from around the world. They'll broaden your palette and maybe even teach you a thing or two about creativity!


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