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BBQ Tips: Simple Barbecue Related Tips that Can Save You Money

Outdoor BBQ’s, especially in the summertime, makes a wonderful get-together with your closest friends and family. That said, it definitely has the potential to burn quite a big hole in your pocket. If you don’t pay close attention, the costs related to this activity can really add up. 

Spanish Cuisine: 10 Essential Ingredients You’ll Need to Cook Authentic Spanish Meals

Spanish cuisine, like most other cuisines, varies depending on the region and the season. However, a few patterns remain clearly noticeable: the ingredients, which are mostly herbs and spices that seem to remain essential for anyone who’s looking to achieve authentic Spanish flavors in the comfort of their own kitchen. 

5 Easy yet Tasty Dishes You Can Prepare in Your Dorm Room [Recipes]

College years may be one of the most entertaining and the most challenging times of anyone’s life. In this never-ending cycle of lectures, dates, and quizzes, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet. 

10 Tips to Help You Break Out of Your Food Rut

I love cooking! It’s one of my biggest joys in life, and so is eating. But there are those days when, food-wise, it seems that nothing goes your way. The food tastes bland, you’re not in the mood to cook and when you do, you don’t like it. 

10 Cheap & Easy Breakfast Recipes for Those Who Are Always on the Go

Let’s face it, most of us have had mornings where we find ourselves running against time and can only manage to grab a handful of cereal as we rush our way out of the door. When you have a full plate of tasks & responsibilities, truth be told, this can easily be something that you face every (working) day. 

10 Smart Ways to Save Money When Cooking on a Tight Budget

The cost of food has risen greatly ever since the 2008 recession. In fact, one study revealed that an average family spends around 13% of their annual expenditures for food! It placed third on overall shares of household expenditures after housing and transport.

Summer Time Barbecue: How to Make Mouthwatering Pork Burnt Ends [Recipe]

In Texas, where brisket is king, burnt ends are made when they smoke a whole brisket. Many people think they are the best part of a brisket smoke. Well, I have great news, you don’t have to go to Texas to get great burnt ends and you don’t have to buy a whole brisket, you can make it with a pork shoulder or pork parts and prepare a delicious roast! 

Here's How You Can Perfectly Pair Wine with Your Meals

There is an old adage that goes something like, "Cooking is not only about making the perfect balance and combination of fat, acid, sweet and salt together, but it is an art that brings soul to the food." And what is more exciting and brings some ‘soul’ to food than perfectly pairing wine with your meal? 

3 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Taste Buds When You're Craving for Junk Food [Recipes]

Given current society’s love for instant food, it’s not surprising why most of the population is living unhealthy lifestyles. Eating healthy can be a huge challenge especially if you experience food cravings. But if snacks are the problem, there’s a quick solution – change the way you snack. 

10 Essential Recycling Tips For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any home or restaurants. With this busyness come a number of items and appliances which are almost recyclable and which should not fill landmines or be disposed of aimlessly.

10 Easy Cocktail Recipes for Your New Year’s Eve Party

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party, you will want to have some easy cocktail recipes handy to entertain your guests.  

10 Useful Tips and Tricks to be More Efficient in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. It appears that being busy is the ‘plague’ of the 21st century. So, it’s no wonder that many of us are constantly looking for ways to speed up various tasks – including cooking. But alas, speeding up the cooking process in the kitchen isn’t always an easy task. That said, just because you can’t really cut down vegetable cooking times, or decrease the time it takes to bake a pie doesn’t mean that you can’t become more efficient in the kitchen! 

10 Essential Kitchen Tips Every Cook Should Know

A kitchen is a magical place where all the amazing and delicious food we love were created. It is also a place where all great chefs got their start. It is where they first discovered their gift and passion for cooking which changed their lives forever.

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should be Cooking More

If you’ve been considering of making the shift from eating out and purchasing fast or processed food to preparing more of your own meals, you are in luck! We at BookCulinaryVacations.com are avid fans of the culinary arts. 

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