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What Desserts do People Like Around the World? [Here Are the Answers]

I don’t know about you but my favorite part of any meal is the desserts. For me, there’s nothing quite a great dessert to make a meal a memorable one. 

Indian Cuisine: Scrumptious Popular Indian Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

If you were to paint India on a canvas, the result would be a vibrant splash of colors – and this diversity is present especially in its cuisine. Known for their use of an infinite range of spices, Indian food is anything but bland and boring. 

Vietnam Travel: 7 Great Reasons You Should Book a Trip to Vietnam

This gem of Southeast Asia has built a mighty reputation as one of the most diverse countries to visit, worthy of every avid traveler’s bucket list. If you’re familiar with some of its culture and history, you know that you can expect an educational itinerary no matter which parts of the country you decide to visit.

5 Awesome Culinary Experiences Ideal for Families

Food not only feeds the body, but it is also an exciting gateway to other cultures, peoples, and history. Learning about food, then, is learning what it means to be human in a particular space and time. And, because food is a universal experience, the culinary world is an adventure ideal for everyone, particularly families. 

Australian Cuisine 101: A Guide to Traditional Australian Dishes

Every country and every culture has its own set of meals that represent the staples and the core of the cuisine of that particular country. Like burgers for the US, pizza for Italy and escargots for France, Australia has its own delicacies that, even though they might sound strange to someone who grew up in a different culture, are absolutely delicious and actually quite simple to prepare at home.

What are the World's Most Popular Types of Coffees?

Coffee is a staple breakfast beverage for many people the world over but where you come from might well have an influence on what type of coffee you prefer. 

What Are the 'Phantom Aromas' in Food?

Think of your favorite food. Can you tell exactly why you like it more than others? Do you like this dish because of its taste, aroma, or texture?

A Sneak Peek into Anthony Bourdain’s Life [Infographic]

For many food lovers, Anthony Bourdain may just have had one of the coolest jobs ever. He got to explore different countries, learn about their culture, meet interesting people, and constantly enjoy tons of scrumptious food. 

The 10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

Restaurants are our first choice for most occasions. Even when it’s just because you want to grab a bite, restaurant dining is a small celebrating experience on its own. 

Useful Food Photography Tips to Stand Out on Instagram

Food is actually one of the hardest subjects to photograph well, but most people think it’s as easy as pointing your camera or phone at your meal and snapping away. For every good food photograph that you’ll see on Instagram, I bet you’ll see ten more murky, badly lit, and strangely colored images of food. 

The Vietnamese Cuisine at a Glance

Food is an inseparable part of any culture. A country’s cuisine doesn’t only show you what and how the locals eat but also reflects a country’s long history. For example, when mentioning Vietnamese cuisine, we can’t help but talk about the harmony in ingredients, cooking style, and the eating customs.

How Dietary Restrictions Are Forcing Pastry Chefs to be More Creative (+ 2 Recipes)

When we think of a good meal, we all have our own personal preferences, but pastries are commonly found on our dinner tables. The 21st century didn’t just bring a technological boom; it also brought some medical conditions that keep many people away from their favorite activities or foods.

The Craft Beer Revolution: What Exactly is it All About?

I just spent $32 on a single bottle of beer! Ouch!! That’s a big deal for a cheapskate like me. A message from Allview Liquors in Ellicott City, Maryland led up to my purchase. It said “Founders Brewing Co. CBS is here! Extremely rare, 1 per person, first come, first serve!”.

6 Countries Known for Manufacturing the Finest Wines in The World

Consider yourself a lover of fine wine? Are you also always on the lookout for new types and brands of wines to delight your taste buds with? If so, do you know where you can find the most delectable and highest quality wines in the world? 

Food Related Trends All Food Lovers Should Be Looking Out For in 2018

Food trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Last year’s predictions have either stuck with us – think about the many food bowls, plant-based recipes, matcha coffee, or matcha ice-cream popping in our Instagram feeds – while others have vanished without too much impact. 

How to Pair Wine with Chocolate to Bring Out Their Full Flavors!

Some will tell you that wine and chocolate don’t go together, but they’re wrong. And they’re missing out on some amazing tastes! When you learn how to pair chocolate and wine, you can bring out the flavors in both and enjoy wine and chocolate in a whole new way. 

Romanian Cuisine: Traditional Romanian Dishes to Add to Your Food Bucket List

Romanian cuisine is hearty, flavorful, and heavily influenced by the peoples that the area has come into contact with. Major influences have come by way of the Ottoman Empire as well as the Greeks. For example, the Turks brought meatballs and meat filled cabbage rolls (“sarmale”) with them; whereas the Greeks came with the moussaka (“musaca”). 

Filipino Cuisine: A Symphony of 5 Tasty Filipino Foods You Need To Try

With today’s fast-evolving society making travel more accessible than ever, it’s hard not to see another side of the world. A great part of that advantage is discovering different types of food from other countries. 

Wine Tasting: 7 Tips from The Experts You Need to Know

Wine tasting is a delightful journey that can take you around the globe experiencing the wonderful varieties of wines and their links to their natural and cultural heritage.

Travel Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Go on a Culinary Vacation in Greece

My love for Greece dates back to my first years as a freelance writer and was a direct result of my years working in a travel agency. My job used to involve meeting and talking to service providers in Greece. It didn’t take very long for me to fall in love with the country and, once I set foot there myself, my love became even deeper.

A Delightfully Unexpected Culinary Adventure in Bali

They say that the best experiences are those that catch you by surprise. Well, on my recent visit to Bali, the breathtaking destination dubbed as ‘the Island of the Gods’, I was treated to an unexpected yet unforgettable culinary adventure. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Culinary Vacation

Are you looking for awesome ideas to help you plan your next great adventure? In order to truly make the most of your travels, keep in mind that you can only grow and enrich your life by doing something you have yet to try. So instead of setting yourself up for yet another touristy sight-seeing trip, why not try something different for a change?

Travel Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Go on a Culinary Vacation in Italy

Having just spent five marvelous weeks in Italy enjoying (a bit too much) cheese, learning to make pizza, and spending (a whole lot of) money on olives at the farmers’ market, it comes to no surprise that I talk about visiting the country every chance I get. 

10 Scrumptious Comfort Foods That Soothe the Soul [+ Recipes]

Having a bad day? Whatever it is that ails you, sometimes, there’s nothing that will soothe your soul quite like comfort foods.

5 Instagram Personalities All Food Lovers Need to Follow

In this digital era, posting and sharing photos of food on the web and/or social media platforms is considered the norm. Whether it is sharing their own food creations or dining out at a hip and happening restaurant, self-proclaimed food lovers always make the time to update and share their food posts to their friends, families and even strangers!

Top Destinations for Scrumptious Budget Culinary Vacations

Affordable culinary destinations are an excellent choice for travelers that don’t really enjoy luxury travel. But, on the other hand, they want to get the most out of their vacation and experience interesting things to do while not burning holes in their pockets. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again!

8 Top Delectable Destinations for Culinary Experiences

Gone are the days when travelers were looking only to tick off sights from a travel guide. Now it’s all about experiences, and in particular, culinary experiences.

7 Reasons Why Bulgaria Should Be Your Next Wine Tour Destination

If you’re a wine and travel enthusiast, chances are, you’ve already made your way to France, Spain and/or Italy on a wine-themed holiday. If you be looking for a new destination that offers excellent wine, why not consider Bulgaria? Here are 7 great reasons that ought to convince you! 

The Benefits of Eating Raw Meat: Carpaccio by The Nourished Caveman

Two years ago I had a very rude awakening. The first time I measured my glucose levels, I found out I was pre-diabetic. I was age 45, had been a nutritionist for 5 years and was eating what I thought was the healthiest diet on the planet: all organic, local, home cooked and Paleo foods. But something was not right. I was gaining weight. I was always hungry. I also had joint and lower back pain.

Top 10 Exciting Winter Culinary Destinations

It’s finally that special time of the year again; the familiar Christmas tunes and holiday jingles playing on your favorite radio stations, and for the much of western hemisphere, gone are the warmth of the sun as the chilly breeze starts to kick in. With the increasingly dreary and cold weather, it becomes harder to resist the temptation of staying at home - only to come out of “hiding” when the season ends.

Embracing the Vegan Way of Life: An interview with Kristin Lajeunesse of WTF Vegan Food

Though many people still perceive veganism as a type of diet, those who had chosen to become a vegan insist that it is far beyond that – it is a way of life. The reasons for people to adopt the vegan lifestyle greatly vary – from an effort to improve their health and wellness, to contributing to the end of exploitation of animals, to helping to protect the environment and many more.

The Top Ten Most Popular Food Hashtags You Should Be Using on Social Media

In today’s digital age, it comes to no surprise that posting food photos across social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and even Pinterest has become an all out trend. Many food lovers around the world seek to share their gastronomic experiences to their family and friends. Whether they are cooking, eating, or dining at a newly opened or popular restaurant, they want to savor the experience and tell share their experience to their network, with emphasis on “you should try it out too!”.

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should be Cooking More

If you’ve been considering of making the shift from eating out and purchasing fast or processed food to preparing more of your own meals, you are in luck! We at BookCulinaryVacations.com are avid fans of the culinary arts. 

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