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What are the Best Wines Ever Made?

If you are a wine lover, you will likely agree when I say that wine is a very intimate and personal drink. It is best enjoyed to end a scrumptious dinner with your loved ones or simply as an indulgent nightcap. Wine gets better with age, they say, but did you know that according to wine experts, only 1% of the wine produced worldwide meant to be aged in a cellar or a commercial wine vault? 

What are the World's Most Popular Types of Coffees?

Coffee is a staple breakfast beverage for many people the world over but where you come from might well have an influence on what type of coffee you prefer. 

What Makes Your Drink a Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch Or Rye? [Infographic]

Whiskey, we know, is mainly produced in grain cultivating regions. From malt to grain, blended and barrel proof, the production process typically defines different types of whiskeys. The finished product accordingly varies in terms of taste, base flavor and quality. 

The Craft Beer Revolution: What Exactly is it All About?

I just spent $32 on a single bottle of beer! Ouch!! That’s a big deal for a cheapskate like me. A message from Allview Liquors in Ellicott City, Maryland led up to my purchase. It said “Founders Brewing Co. CBS is here! Extremely rare, 1 per person, first come, first serve!”.

6 Countries Known for Manufacturing the Finest Wines in The World

Consider yourself a lover of fine wine? Are you also always on the lookout for new types and brands of wines to delight your taste buds with? If so, do you know where you can find the most delectable and highest quality wines in the world? 

How to Pair Food and Alcohol to Achieve the Perfect Combination

Is there anything more blissful than achieving the perfect balance of your favorite alcoholic beverage with an amazing meal? Well, as an alcohol and food lover, I too can vouch that pairing these two is one of the most heavenly combinations ever!

Food Related Trends All Food Lovers Should Be Looking Out For in 2018

Food trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Last year’s predictions have either stuck with us – think about the many food bowls, plant-based recipes, matcha coffee, or matcha ice-cream popping in our Instagram feeds – while others have vanished without too much impact. 

How to Pair Wine with Chocolate to Bring Out Their Full Flavors!

Some will tell you that wine and chocolate don’t go together, but they’re wrong. And they’re missing out on some amazing tastes! When you learn how to pair chocolate and wine, you can bring out the flavors in both and enjoy wine and chocolate in a whole new way. 

Cape Winelands: Where Spices and Wine Collide

South Africa is the motherland of melktert, malva pudding, and koeksisters, smoked snoek and sosaties, chutney and chakalaka, waterblommetjie bredie and bobotie, potjiekos as well as the birthplace of biltong and droëwors.

Wine Tasting: 7 Tips from The Experts You Need to Know

Wine tasting is a delightful journey that can take you around the globe experiencing the wonderful varieties of wines and their links to their natural and cultural heritage.

Here's How You Can Perfectly Pair Wine with Your Meals

There is an old adage that goes something like, "Cooking is not only about making the perfect balance and combination of fat, acid, sweet and salt together, but it is an art that brings soul to the food." And what is more exciting and brings some ‘soul’ to food than perfectly pairing wine with your meal? 

10 Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Wine Tasting Tour

There are few things in life more refreshing than luxury wine tours of picturesque wineries offering quality wine. However, if you haven’t been on wine tasting tours before, you need to know a couple of things before you plan one.

10 Easy Cocktail Recipes for Your New Year’s Eve Party

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party, you will want to have some easy cocktail recipes handy to entertain your guests.  

7 Reasons Why Bulgaria Should Be Your Next Wine Tour Destination

If you’re a wine and travel enthusiast, chances are, you’ve already made your way to France, Spain and/or Italy on a wine-themed holiday. If you be looking for a new destination that offers excellent wine, why not consider Bulgaria? Here are 7 great reasons that ought to convince you! 

Top 10 Wine Holiday Destinations Around The World

After a long and stressful week, nothing spells out relaxation like a fine glass of wine. As the say “wine a bit and you’ll feel better” – indulging in a couple of glasses of wine at a lounge or at the comfort of your living room is one thing, but to enjoy them where they are made is an experience that will spark your senses to life!

10 Shocking Foods & Beverages We Dare You To Try!

Do you consider yourself a food enthusiast?

If you do, what if we were to ask you to help yourself to a hearty serving of haggis, muk tuk, and/or Balut as a part of your meals today? Are you brave enough to take up the challenge?

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