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Weight Loss: Foods You Should Be Eating If You're Looking to Burn More Calories

by Scott Murphy

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When trying to lose weight, two things go together to produce the best results: diet and exercise. In order to get the results you desire, you ought to give both equally intense focus.

There are many variations to what constitutes physical activity that is effective for burning off fat, from minimal intensity workouts like yoga for muscle toning and flexibility, to exercise on a rowing machine for weight loss. Other examples range from cardio training such as marathon running, or training regimens that mix up different types of exercises such as cross fit to develop multiple physical capabilities, all of which boils down to engaging in a form of regular physical activity.

Diet also comes in many forms, and we have seen plenty of diet systems the past decades, like the South Beach diet, gluten free diet, Atkins diet, or DASH diet, all of which point to the same idea: that we ought to eat healthily and consume foods within regulated portions.

If you are currently trying to lose weight and would like to increase your level of fitness, I highly suggest that you engage in regular physical exercise. Start off with simple activities such as walking and move to something more intense as you develop your stamina.

When it comes to dieting, I advise to simply start off with opting to replace junk food or process meals for fresh and healthy food as well as implementing portion control.  To start you off on the right track, here are 6 foods (and beverage) that are helpful in burning your calories:


1. Green tea


a cup of hot green tea


The green tea is a fairly common beverage all over the world. A lot of health benefits have been attributed to this wonderful drink. Some say that having four cups of green tea can help you lose more than 6 pounds within two months! The compound ECGC is credited for this weight loss as it increases metabolism. The great news is that green tea is as delicious when served hot or cold. 


2. Oats


a bowl of oats with berries


Oats contain plenty of fiber that aids the digestion process. They also help you feel fuller for longer periods thus you wouldn’t end up eating too much. They also help in decreasing your body’s cholesterol levels. Admittedly, oats had gotten some bad reputation as of late because of its carbohydrate content, but research suggests that having three or more servings of whole grains such as oats can lead to 10 percent less fat belly compared to those who consumed the same amount of calories in the form of white carbs.


3. Apples


Stacks of green apples


They say that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctors away’. Well, what you may not know is that apples can assist you in your weight loss! This is because they are high in pectin, a compound which limits the amount of fat that your cells can absorb. As with oats, apples are high in fiber, so is filling, leaving you feeling full faster than if you were to consume foods that lack fiber. It is best to eat a serving of apples within an hour before your regular meals to aid cutting down on calories.


4. Dark chocolate 


blocks of dark chocolate


Chocolate is often frowned upon when dieting, but that should not be the case with dark chocolate. It is advised for dieting as it can curb cravings for fatty and salty foods. As with apple and oats, dark chocolate helps you maintain the feeling of being full. 


5. Cottage cheese


Did you know that cottage cheese can help in the breakdown of body fat? Added to salads and soups, it can reduce the amount of fat producing enzymes. This cheese is particularly suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. Cottage cheese is rich in vitamin D and calcium that preserves and builds muscles which are essential in maintaining a good metabolism.


6. Eggs


boiled eggs


Eggs are as versatile as they are delicious and they can be made into a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You can even use it for snacks in between meals.

They are packed with protein, and their fat content is not as much as that of meat. They can be mixed together with chopped vegetables to make a filling omelet. A serving of eggs for breakfast is recommended if you’re looking to lose twice as much weight when compared to only consuming carbohydrates in the morning.


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