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Best Places in Jaipur to Have Breakfast like a King

by Vipul Jain

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Breakfast is indeed one meal you should not skip, as it can set the mood for your entire day! Jaipur, one of the cities with the richest heritage in India, is not only renowned for the wonderful landscape it owns but also for the cuisine it offers. 

Traditional Indian cuisine and savory Rajasthan breakfasts will leave you begging for more! But, you should also consider your budget before you opt. There are selective stores for the different cuisines present within the city of Jaipur. So, here are the best places to have breakfast in Jaipur:


Samrat's Samosa and Namkeen




Samosa and Namkeen are probably the most die-hard foods for the people residing here. Most of the people do opt to offer samosa and Namkeen to their guests when they are at home. For anyone, a plate full of Namkeen and samosa would just be enough to make the entire day better. Samrat Kachoriwala is one of the most delicious places where you may find Samosa and Namkeen at the same time. 


Indore Pohe-wala’s Poha




Poha is certainly an interesting dish for breakfast. It more like a meal, and one plate of Poha can feed your hunger for hours. Steamed Poha along with roasted nuts makes it a mouthwatering dish for everyone. Poha is available all over Jaipur, but the best can be found at Indore Pohe-wala


Rawat Misthan Bhandar’s Jalebi




Jalebi is more than just a dessert; it's a unique type of sweet food that everyone must try in Jaipur. Undoubtedly, these delicious twisted rings will make for a wonderful breakfast. Jalebis are easily available all over the city at a very low cost. Rawat Misthan Bhandar is an exceptional Jalebi store in the city, which serves the dessert with roasted dry fruits on top.


Sodhani Sweets’ Khaman




Khaman is actually another form of the Gujarati Dhokla. In fact, Khaman is just a little different in taste. Khaman served with chutney at Sodhani Sweets makes for an extremely mouth-watering and enjoyable breakfast. 


Chole Kulche




Chole Kulche is definitely a favorite choice for most people in India for breakfast. But in the city of Jaipur, there is no better place to have it than across the street from the Rajasthan University. One bite of the spicy Chole and the fresh Kulche will urge you to have more. 



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