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Top 5 Blogs To Find Easy and Delicious Italian Recipes

by Chung Jia Chyi

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With the myriad of cuisines around the world, hands down, Italian food has been a favorite to many. Hence, it’s no surprise that you probably can find Italian dishes being served on the dining table in nearly every household.

That said, it appears that there’s still some out there who have the misconception that Italian food is complicated to whip up. As a result, they became reluctant to give it a try. If you happen to fall under that category, we are here to help you change that mindset! We’ve compiled some delicious yet easy to make Italian recipes from 5 of our favorite bloggers for you to give a go.



Who knows? These recipes may just get you hooked on whipping your own scrumptious Italian dishes!


Emiko Davies 


delicious italian recipes: emiko davies

Photo credit: Emiko Davies


Emiko is half Japanese and half Australian. She lives in Tuscany with her Italian husband and focuses the recipes on Tuscany. But she also ventures into regional cuisines, with all their beautiful ingredients and tastes. Her recipes are very easy to follow, with clear instructions and great photos. If you are looking for simple Italian recipes, Emiko’s blog is a great resource.

If you want to prepare an Italian feast for your loved ones, we suggest to replace pizza with the more rustic Foccacia Pugliese, which features a simple bread dough with cherry tomatoes on top, sprinkled with oregano.  



Proud Italian Cook


Image credit: Proud Italian Cook


Like the name of her blog suggests, Marie, the blogger behind ‘Proud Italian Cook’, is far from shy in expressing her passion for cooking Italian food. Raised by Italian and American parents, she draws inspirations from both her heritages and combines them into her own creations.

If you’re looking to prepare flavorful Italian and American fusion dishes such as her Chicago style Italian beef pizza, Cioppino (an Italian-American fish stew originated in San Francisco, California) and so much more, then it’s right about time you head over to Proud Italian Cook.


Divina Cucina


Pretto Prosciuterria

Image credit: Divina Cucina


Blogger Judy of ‘Divina Cucina’ has always known that her calling in life is cooking. On her blog, you will be able to find her recipes that reflect her Italian background and culture. There, she also shares her exciting culinary experiences where she writes about going on food and market tours all throughout Italy.

Head on over to this lovely blog and see and taste Italy through Judy’s eyes. More importantly – be sure to pick an Italian dish recipe or two from her ‘vault’ of recipes and whip it up for tonight’s dinner! One of her personal favorite recipes you can impress your family and friends with is her Gnudi or what she calls her Naked Ravioli, which is a classic spinach and ricotta filling made into gnocchi like a dumpling. Now doesn’t that sound oh so tantalizing?


An Italian in My Kitchen



Image credit: An Italian in My Kitchen


Originally from Canada, blogger Rose of ‘An Italian in My Kitchen’ had moved to Rome after marrying an Italian. The move has completely changed her life as it helped her to  discover her true passion: cooking, more specifically - cooking Italian food.

On her blog, she shares her delectable collection of easy to follow authentic recipes accompanied with great looking photographs where she proves that anyone can whip up Italian dishes in 30 minutes or less, which includes her tomato bruschetta, stuffed fresh mozzarella Caprese and Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Peperoncino. Don’t just take our word for it, head on over to her blog and find out for yourself!


Italian Food Forever


Amatriciana sauce

Image credit: Italian Food Forever


Growing up in an Italian household, blogger Deborah uses her blog, ‘Italian Food Forever’ to express her love for Italian cooking and to inspire her readers. With an impressive list of recipes, you’d be sure to find some that you won’t want to wait to make and share with your loved ones.

If you feel, as you don’t know where to begin, Deborah also graciously shares her essential kitchen tips and helpful information on the ingredients she uses in her recipes. Her blog offers a comforting reassurance that you can always start from the basics like her basic Italian bread, polenta or her roasted applesauce, while you learn your way up to whipping up incredible Italian dishes.


If you’re looking to become an expert at preparing classic Italian dishes, why not check out one or more of our cooking holidays in Italy? Browse through the vast choices of culinary vacations in Italy!

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