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Discover the Wonders of Amalfi Coast, Italy, Like a Local

by Iliana Aguilar

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The wonders of Italy are no secret to the world: mouthwatering food, astonishing art, avant-garde fashion, selected wines, and spectacular landscapes… the list seems to be endless! But you may not know what the Italians truly have to say about their beautiful country and its gastronomic treasures. The foodie team of BookCulinaryVacations.com chatted with Casa Laura, a culinary travel organizer based in the Amalfi Coast about the highlights of a culinary experience in Italy. Get ready to discover the local perspective of an authentically stunning destination!

If you’ve been looking to have a taste the very best of Italy but don’t know where to start, you should know that the Amalfi Coast is one of the most enchanting places in the world and the wonderful people at Casa Laura certainly know it well. This area combines stunning scenery with colorful villages, the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, ancient history, and world-famous sights. Here is where you can find the island of Capri, the villages of Sorento, Positano, and Amalfi, as well as the archeological site of Pompeii, with Mt. Vesuvius looming above it.

This region is justifiably famous all around the world - it’s a must-see! And at Casa Laura, guests are treated to the freshest, highest quality, and nutritious meals. They are given the opportunity to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine and fresh sea air, get inspired by the beauty of the area and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.


 Image source: Casa Laura


Casa Laura is located in the center of Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, a picturesque little village that still preserves the beauty and warmth of past and simpler life. It is nestled between Sorrento and Positano on the hills over the Amalfi Coast.

In Italian, the name means ‘Saint Agatha on the two bays’, because, from its heights, you can see both the Bay of Naples (with Mt. Vesuvius towering in the background) and the Bay of Salerno (the home of the Amalfi Coast). Its history dates back to the ancient Greeks, who built a temple and necropolis in the Il Deserto area, only a ten-minute walk away from Casa Laura. 

Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, in the Amalfi Coast region, is very lucky to have a beautiful range of fresh produce, and according to the team at Casa Laura, this is very important. In order to get the best culinary results, you have to pay maximum attention to the ingredients by using only the highest quality, freshest vegetables in season, freshly caught fish, carefully sourced meats, poultry and eggs, finest quality olive oils, and so on.

Casa Laura’s staff knows all their local market vendors and talks to them every day to make sure they get the best local products available.


Image source: Casa Laura


When attending cooking classes (especially if they will take place during a culinary holiday) it’s very important to learn from the experts, so the time you invested won’t be wasted and useful cooking techniques can be learned properly. Chef Fabrizio is the culinary expert who leads the cooking classes at Casa Laura. He speaks perfect English and has had many years of experience teaching not only at Casa Laura but also at several luxury hotels and exclusive villas.

Naturally cheerful and outgoing, he is renowned for his patience and willingness to explain and demonstrate in the best possible way how to prepare delicious dishes of the Italian cuisine.

The social atmosphere of friendship and laughter is a key element to success in all of Chef Fabrizio’s classes, as guests cook together in a warm and fun environment while learning the real secrets of the Italian cuisine.

Everything starts with a discussion, chatting not only about the cooking class but also getting to know each other over a glass of local wine or a hot cup of coffee. Classes are tailored according to the guests’ preferences, but they usually consist of the preparation of a starter, a first course, a main course, and finally, a dessert.


Image source: Casa Laura


Among the most popular ‘primi’ or first course dishes are the typical Sorrento-style gnocchi, or other home-made kinds of pasta. Guests learn to make the dough from scratch, kneading, and shaping it, before creating the perfect sauce. Main courses may be prepared with meat, chicken or fish; and desserts might be the luscious tiramisu, pannacotta, and much more. 

Given the Amalfi Coast's proximity to Naples, the birthplace of pizza, it almost goes without saying that at Casa Laura guests will be treated to a pizza-making class, where they learn how to make this classic Italian dish in an authentic way.

Make no mistake, a culinary holiday isn’t just about learning to cook, it’s also about enjoying some of the best home-cooked delicacies. As far as authentic Italian dishes go, Casa Laura always tries to cater to the tastes and preferences of their guests. They use bountiful fresh produce in their kitchen and in their cooking classes, and these ingredients play the starring role: from springtime vegetables to those of summer and autumn – the choices are plenty!

Tomatoes are particularly delicious in Casa Laura’s area, and eggplant parmigiana is a local favorite. And then there’s the fish! Fresh seafood is in abundance and features wonderfully in many local dishes, far more than the meat dishes that you would find in other parts of Italy. Finally, their wonderful local extra virgin olive oil is the basis of a huge number of their dishes. Olive oil is used in place of other fats like butter, which makes their cuisine lighter and healthier.

Casa Laura is aware that good food tastes better when enjoyed with good company, which is why they focus on enjoying their meals with friends and family, lingering over the delicious food they have prepared and taken the time to share it and create special moments.

Of course, a glass of Italian red wine will always pair perfectly with delicious meals. Plus, as Chef Fabrizio says: “red wine is good for the heart and soul!”


Image source: Casa Laura


Another culinary star of the Amalfi Coast region is the famous mozzarella cheese, an important ingredient in numerous traditional dishes, and the secret of the perfect Caprese salad! Just in case all these gourmet attractions are not enough to make you visit Casa Laura, the world-renowned Amalfi lemons will surely suffice!

They’re appreciated not only in their own right but also because they create delicious desserts and limoncello, a light, fragrant and delicious after-dinner liqueur that leaves a lasting impression on your palate. 

You might have heard of wine tastings but what about cheese tastings? The Amalfi Coast inhabitants can proudly say that among them there are local cheese producers who are true experts. Casa Laura’s guests will meet a very special cheese producer; he is one of only nine people in the whole world who is certified to make Provolone del Monaco DOP.

Cheese producers will take guests around their farm and then host a live demonstration of cheese making, where they explain how to make local specialties including mozzarella, cacciotina, ricotta, and more, with plenty of tastings along the way!


Image source: Casa Laura

All in all, joining a Casa Laura culinary holiday gives you the unique opportunity to live the harmonious lifestyle of the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The house is a short stroll away from several family-run restaurants, gelaterias (gelato shops), fresh pasta shops, fruit and vegetable stores, mini-markets, bakeries, butchers and fish shops, coffee shops, bars, pubs and other small shops for all needs.

Prices are still reasonable, much lower than those of Sorrento, Capri or Positano. Its hilltop location, 400 meters above sea level with a pleasant summer climate, is ideal for a good rest after a day spent at the beach or exploring the area. The locals have grown up here, and while they all know each other, they are always ready to make new friends! Without a doubt, you will find a warm welcome and a relaxed pace of life in this charming village oasis.

Ready to experience ‘la dolce vita’? Book a culinary adventure at Casa Laura and delight your senses with genuine Italian traditions! 


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