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5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

by Chung Jia Chyi

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With Cupid’s favorite day fast approaching, you probably end up finding yourselves buying the usual flower bouquet or a heart-shaped box of chocolates for your loved ones. Don’t get us wrong, though we agree that it’s the thought that counts most, perhaps this time around, we can be a little less predictable and give our loved ones a gift that is a bit more unique.

They say that the best way to one’s heart is through the stomach. And here at BookCulinaryVacations.com, we happen to agree! The best thing about food is that it is a love language that speaks not only to our romantic partner but to all of our loved ones. After all, nothing brings people together quite like great food. Whether you are single or attached, it’s always good to keep in mind that food is a great way to express our love!

With that, here are 5 lovely (and delicious) food ideas you can whip up for your dear ones in celebration of the day of love.


A hearty breakfast in bed

To have a good day, you must start right. This applies to Valentine’s Day too! If you have never gotten up early to prepare a surprise breakfast for your better half and/or your family members and serve them in bed, it’s time to do so! We’re not asking you to go overboard and cook a super fancy breakfast because even a simple hearty breakfast would do the trick. Remember that it’s the thought and effort that counts!

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative and uncomplicated, then we’d like to introduce you to the recipes of Pinch of Yum. A husband and wife team, Lindsay and Bjork, are food enthusiasts and they showcase their love for healthy food (especially noodles) through their blog. Scour through their own version of must-have breakfast recipes like muffins, toasts, granola, smoothies, crepes and so much more, whip them up and we are sure that you would be deeply appreciated. A healthier relationship with one another can certainly blossom over a scrumptious breakfast!


All sweet desserts

Sweeten your Valentine’s Day this year with decadent and mouthwatering desserts. Whether it is glazed Valentine’s Day cookies or sweet berry pies, love is definitely in the air with all these sweet, sweet treats! If your idea of saying, “I love you” is through desserts, then we’d like to introduce Sugar & Cloth to gather inspirations from.

Ashley Rose, from Houston expresses her passion and creativity for baking and crafting on her blog. While going through her blog, you’ll notice that her recipes and crafts reflect her bubbly and joyful personality. We simply love her series of colorful looking cakes and sweet treats (lollipops, macaroons, cocktails, cupcakes, etc.) and we believe you’d too! Not only that, she offers tips on how to do fancy DIY cards, cupcake toppers and other accessories that would make fun ‘bonus’ gifts!


Homemade chocolate treats!

Instead of the conventional way of getting your loved one (who also happens to be a chocoholic) a box of chocolate, how about going all out and creating unique homemade chocolate treats for them? We’re not just talking about desserts sprinkled with a couple of chocolate bits. We’re talking about bringing them to experience of what chocolate ‘heaven’ is. Don’t know where to start? No worries, we know the perfect blog for you to turn to!

Maja Vase, a self-acclaimed Danish chocolate blogger believes that chocolate is happiness. She develops and shares all of her recipes with the use of (yes, you’ve guessed it) chocolates! From cakes, mousses, macaroons, cookies and ice cream, her recipes surely ties in perfectly to the occasion resulting you to contemplate on which would be the best chocolate treat to whip up. If you can’t make up your mind, how about going that extra mile in creating all of these decadent chocolate goodness, making Valentine’s Day extra sweet and special!


Adorable bentos

Not a fan of sweet treats? If your better half has a more savory tooth, then how about surprising them with a bento (a home-packed meal filled with plain rice, fish or meat and pickled or cooked vegetable)? You may be skeptical as to how a bento box would be an ideal Valentine’s day gift, but that’s just because you’re not thinking out of the box. If you are looking for a gift that is out of the ordinary, this gift is as unique as it gets!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Then, check out ‘Bento Monsters’ and be on your way in creating a mouthwatering masterpiece in a box?

With her hobby of transforming humble food ingredients into adorable cartoon-like dishes, Ming, a mother from Singapore finds joy in creating and making cute looking bentos for her two boys. From noodles, chicken, pork, cakes, etc. you have a variety of recipes to choose from or to suit this special occasion, you can try her ‘Mickey Loves Minnie Valentines Bento’. The food artist has also graciously shared tutorials on her blog, so there is no excuse for you not to give it a try. This particular gift makes the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your little ones. Though it may seem like a daunting task to do, we can guarantee that it all will be worthwhile when you see a big smile on their faces!


Presence over presents

Though the four gifts we mentioned above are certainly unique, we are impartial to gifts that have an extra dose of meaning to its recipients. We wholeheartedly believe that presence trumps presents. Hence, if you happen to have a special dish or a favorite family recipe which has been passed down for generations, why not take the day of love as an opportunity to share and enjoy it with your loved ones?  Better yet, use it as a chance to spend more quality time with each other by whipping up the dish together. Let them know how just much they mean to you by sharing some stories and a whole lot of laughter in the kitchen. Create priceless memories and make this Valentine’s day, one that you all won’t soon forget!


Looking to dazzle your loved ones with savory and sweet homemade treats? Sharpen your cooking and/or baking skills by going on one of our exciting culinary holidays! Check out the vast choices here! To read more great food and wine content, please visit our blog section

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