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On & Beyond Culinary Delights

Discover the flavors of the world and learn how to make food that will feed your soul. Mouthwatering recipes and cooking tips & tricks from experienced chefs and food buffs worldwide will pamper your taste buds.

Top Culinary Destinations in Asia for a Flavorsome Experience

Deciding to embark on a scrumptious culinary adventure in Asia can be exciting. At the same time, planning everything is quite daunting.

Culinary Destinations to Visit in 2022 for a Scrumptious Adventure

As we are drawing close to the end of 2021, we can’t but get excited about the culinary adventures that await in the year ahead.

How to Pair Food and Alcohol to Achieve the Perfect Combination

Is there anything more blissful than achieving the perfect balance of your favorite alcoholic beverage with an amazing meal? Well, as an alcohol and food lover, I too can vouch that pairing these two is one of the most heavenly combinations ever!

Christmas Markets: Amazing Holiday Themed Markets From All Over The World

Dating back to the European Middle Ages, Christmas Markets are now a common occurrence in most European cities. The tradition also moved to North America and Asia, so Christmas fairs open each year in USA, Canada, Japan, and China.

Top 5 Must Have Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

As the weather starts to get colder, all we can think about is the upcoming holiday season and we are simply riddled with excitement. 

All-inclusive Culinary Vacations Across the Globe

Imagine you are on a dream vacation, free to indulge, sample, taste, and experience whatever your heart desires!

Hungry in Greece? Delicious Foods to Try When You’re Visiting!

Contemporary Greek cuisine makes use mostly of vegetables, olive oil, fish, grains, and some meat. Rabbit and beef are popular occurrences, while pork is not used as much. The local cheeses and olives also make up a big part of the diet, as well as yogurt, greens (horta), and herbs (oregano, rosemary).

Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Wine Tasting Tour

There are few things in life more refreshing than going on a wine tour, vising the picturesque wineries, and tasting quality wines.

Top Foodie Vacations in the US: Culinary Destinations & Foods to Try While Visiting

Any food lover would agree that one of the best ways to learn more about a new city or country is through its cuisine! 

Culinary Journeys at Their Finest: Luxury Vacations to Savor Around the World

There’s a story behind every ingredient and dish. Crafted with love, cooking becomes an art.

Travel Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Go on a Culinary Vacation in Greece

My love for Greece dates back to my first years as a freelance writer and was a direct result of my years working in a travel agency. My job used to involve meeting and talking to service providers in Greece. It didn’t take very long for me to fall in love with the country and, once I set foot there myself, my love became even deeper.

Famous Italian Destinations And Their Traditional Dishes

When visiting Italy, there are never enough days and meals to try all the traditional dishes. From regional specialties to seasonal dishes, you certainly need multiple trips (or maybe multiple lives) to sample all those scrumptious Italian foods.

Travel Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Go on a Culinary Vacation in France

Did you know that in 2015, France had the most international tourist arrivals in the world? A year later, it still ranked as the most visited European country, with 81 million foreign visitors traveling to this magnificent country. 

Travel Cheat Sheet: Why You Should Go on a Culinary Vacation in Italy

Having  spent five marvelous weeks in Italy (back in 2016) enjoying (a bit too much) cheese, learning how to make pizza, and spending money on olives at the farmers’ market, it comes to no surprise that I talk about visiting the country every chance I get. 

Sizzling Hot Summer Culinary Destinations

Think of summer and, no doubt, endless sunny days, azure waters, sandy beaches, and outdoor meals will come to your mind.

10 Essential Recycling Tips For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any home or restaurants. With this busyness come a number of items and appliances which are almost recyclable and which should not fill landmines or be disposed of aimlessly.

Delicious Organic Recipes To Celebrate Earth Day

On Earth Day we celebrate and thank our planet for providing us with all life’s necessities – and this certainly includes food! This day also acts as a reminder for all of us to be kinder and gentler to this beautiful planet we call home. 

Tips to Have a Memorable Easter Get-Together at Home

It might feel that, in the past year, not much has changed. But let’s face it, we need any reason to celebrate life and the arrival of spring. 

Cheese 101: How Does the Aging Process Affect Different Cheese Flavors?

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating foods created by humans. It requires only one primary raw material, milk. Yet, out of that simplicity arises a mind-boggling range of variety and diversity. 

Make the Most of Your Spring With These Yummy Recipes

There truly is nothing more refreshing than the spring season. Flowers are blooming, the entire nature is waking up, and above all else, the temperature is just right! 

Best Spring Destinations for Culinary Vacations

The snow is melting, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the farmer markets are bursting with fresh produce.

Top Delectable Destinations for Culinary Experiences (in 2021)

Perhaps 2020 was the year you’ve planned for an epic culinary trip.

Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Culinary Travel Adventure

Food and travel go together like two peas in a pod. 

Top Romantic Destinations for an Unforgettable Culinary Vacation

"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate." – A lan D. Wolfelt

Romantic Things You Can Do During a Culinary Vacation (That Don't Include Cooking)

Whether you plan to travel with your loved one for your honeymoon, a special anniversary or Valentine’s Day, why not mix your affinity for food and love for travel in a culinary vacation for couples?

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Include Plenty of Fruits & Vegetables in Your Diet

When you were young, did you ever find your parents consistently reminding you to eat your fruits and vegetables? Did your snack time revolve around baby carrots or celery with peanut butter in the middle?

Christmas Traditions: Mouthwatering Food from all over the World

All over the world, Christmas traditions of a country often reflect its culture. While there are similarities between countries located within the same region, there’s always something unique to each destination and this usually includes food.

Traditional Recipe: How to Make Mouthwatering Homemade American Pie

Do you crave the smells of divine, mouthwatering deliciousness of the childhood dishes that your gradma or mother would cook? Then you should try whipping up some homemade baked goods right in your very own kitchen! 

10 Scrumptious Comfort Foods That Soothe the Soul [+ Recipes]

Having a bad day? Whatever it is that ails you, sometimes, there’s nothing that will soothe your soul quite like comfort foods.

Flavorful Vegan Foods to Keep You Warm this Winter

Winters tend to be quite feisty, hitting Northern Hemisphere countries with days on end of below-freezing temps during the day. It’s certainly not a pleasure to have to go out.  

Top Culinary Destinations to Escape the Winter Season

As soon as the warm summer nights are gone and the first golden leaves fall to the ground, we can’t help but already think of golden beaches and blue oceans.

Top Culinary Destinations to Embrace the Winter Season

Ah, winter! Gone are the hot days of summer and even the cozy fall seems so far away.

A Foodie’s Guide to Bergamo

Nested between Milan and Lake Como, Bergamo is, without a doubt, one of Italy’s most underrated cities.

Spanish Culinary Delights: A Guide to Southern Spain & Its Delectable Traditional Dishes

Famous for its sun-kissed beaches, great hospitality, and vibrant cities, Spain is also well-known for its mouthwatering cuisine.

French Food 101: A List of Foods You Must Try During Your Trip

Known for its flavor and finesse, the French cuisine constantly ranks in the top three food cultures in the world.

10 Countries With Unique Coffee Orders

Many people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee, whether it’s a shot of espresso, creamy cappuccino, or some other variety.

Great Reasons Why Food Is the Best Way to Get to Know a Culture

Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, food is part of your daily routine.

Practical Tips to Break Out of Your Culinary Rut

Are you tired of cooking the same old dishes? Are you bored of eating at the same restaurants?

Top Fine Wine Manufacturing Countries in The World

Are you a fine wine lover always on the lookout for new types of wines to delight your taste buds?

Useful Tips and Tricks to be More Efficient in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be magical place where all the delicious food we love is created.

Online Cooking Courses: Elevate Your Culinary Skills in Your Own Kitchen

Have you been thinking of stepping up your culinary skills? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of going on a scrumptious gastronomic adventure?

BookCulinaryVacations.com’s Extended Glossary of Herbs, Spices, Kitchen Terms & Measurements

Have you always wondered what ingredients are included in curry powder? Or what the most expensive spice in the world is? And what exactly is the difference between chopping and dicing? If you answered a resounding “Yes!” to any (or all) of these questions, you’re in for a treat! 

Authentic Indian Cuisine: Indian Spices You Need to Add to Your Spice Rack

Spicy Indian dishes and cuisines have long made their presence felt all across the globe. Indian food lovers would agree that its distinctive character lies in the use of various kinds of herbs and spices for its unbeatable tantalizing flavors.

8 Organic Foods That Can Boost Your Metabolism

The combined effects of the biochemical processes that occur in your body on a cellular level are called metabolism. They make it possible for you to digest food, think, move and perform all the functions of a living being. 

Top 20 Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating on a Regular Basis

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are good for our health, but knowing the exact benefits of each food we consume enables us to be more aware of how we are nourishing our body (even our brain) and giving it what it needs. As hard as it is to believe, it is possible to take care of your health and well-being while enjoying delicious foods that you can easily find anywhere around the globe.

Romanian Cuisine: Traditional Romanian Dishes to Add to Your Food Bucket List

Romanian cuisine is hearty, flavorful, and heavily influenced by the peoples that the area has come into contact with. Major influences have come by way of the Ottoman Empire as well as the Greeks. For example, the Turks brought meatballs and meat filled cabbage rolls (“sarmale”) with them; whereas the Greeks came with the moussaka (“musaca”). 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Culinary Vacation

Are you looking for awesome ideas to help you plan your next great adventure? In order to truly make the most of your travels, keep in mind that you can only grow and enrich your life by doing something you have yet to try. 

Top Wine Tour Destinations Around The World

"Where there is no wine there is no love " - Euripides.

Top Destinations for Scrumptious Budget Culinary Vacations

Affordable culinary destinations are an excellent choice for travelers that don’t really enjoy luxury travel. But, on the other hand, they want to get the most out of their vacation and experience interesting things to do while not burning holes in their pockets. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again!

5 Italian Deep Fried Snacks You Simply Won't Be Able to Resist [Recipes]

I don’t know about you but I have never encountered anyone who doesn’t like Italian food. And I found that, more often than not, even those who follow a strict healthy diet wouldn’t be able to resist the occasional platter of deep-fried food.

7 of the Most Mouthwatering Tacos in Mexico You Simply Can't Miss Out On

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more mouthwatering dish than the taco. It's cheap, it's portable, it can comprise a wide range of ingredients—meats, veggies, cheese, salsas—and textures (if you've never had crunchy chicharrón atop your taco, drop everything and go find some). I love the tacos I’ve found all across the U.S., but admittedly, nothing beats the motherland. 

Easy & Practical Backpacker Meals That are Not Instant Noodles [Recipes]

It can be hard figuring out what to eat when you’re backpacking. You never know what food is available or what the hostel kitchen will be like (if it has one) until you get there. Add that to not wanting to carry a ton of food around, plus it may be your first time without parents cooking for you, not to mention you’re most likely to be on a tight budget! With all of this put together, you can easily end up with a poor diet. 

Perfect Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Let's face it, it's highly unlikely that Father's Day will be as hyped up as Mother's Day. In our opinion, it's definitely one of the most understated holidays of the year. 

Wine 101: What are the Benefits of Drinking Red Wine?

You may probably already heard that regular consumption of red wine has numerous benefits for the health. But do you know what these benefits are and why red wine is considered so advantageous?

BookCulinaryVacations.com’s Favorite Food Blogs to Follow in 2017

Did you know that there are more than 200 million food blogs out there? And a lot of them are pretty amazing. If you haven’t figured out by now, we love to scour the world wide web to find food blogs that make us drool onto our keyboards (rhetorically AND literally). Afterall, somebody has to do the ‘grunt’ work, right?. Lucky for you, we decided to put our heads together to come up with a list of our top 50 favorite food blogs! 

Find YOUR Antipasto: A Geographic Guide to Authentic Italian Appetizers

From the beginning to the end, an authentic Italian meal is a culinary specialty, enabling it to become one of the world’s most popular cuisines. Everyone you meet most certainly has had their due share of pizza, tiramisu, pasta and risotto in their lifetime. These foods are so common everywhere you go, that you might miss some of the subtler intricacies of the traditional Italian meal, the antipasto for instance.

BookCulinaryVacations.com’s Favorite Food Blogs

With countless choices of great culinary and wine blogs available on the web, the team at BookCulinaryVacations.com had recently put our heads together to narrow down a collective list of the top 50 of our favorites.

Australian Cuisine 101: A Guide to Traditional Australian Dishes

Every country and every culture has its own set of meals that represent the staples and the core of the cuisine of that particular country. Like burgers for the US, pizza for Italy and escargots for France, Australia has its own delicacies that, even though they might sound strange to someone who grew up in a different culture, are absolutely delicious and actually quite simple to prepare at home.

8 Easy & Practical Cooking Related Tips for College Students Who are Always on the Go

Being a student in college can be tough especially when you consider all the things you have to juggle around within the limited hours of the day. Apart from the academic responsibilities that can be nerve-wracking on its own, college students usually have a very tight budget to get by.

Mouthwatering Pakistani Dishes to Impress Guests at Your Next Dinner Party [Recipes]

Looking for ideas on what to cook and serve at your upcoming dinner party? Well, if you happen to be a fan of Pakistani cuisine, why not treat your guests to scrumptious Pakistani dishes? 

Cook with the Locals: Discover French Country Cooking in Normandy

Cooking as a passion or cooking for fun? Most people would say both, but for Sinead, the chef in charge of Wilde Kitchen, it is more of a lifestyle. Irish-born, multitalented and loaded with enthusiasm, she managed to combine sunny beaches and French home cooking with a pinch of history.

The 6 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Europe

The number of people opting for a vegan lifestyle has dramatically increased over the last decade. To keep up with the influx of vegan food demand, restaurants are now adapting their menus to cater to more people with special dietary requirements. 

A Sneak Peek into Anthony Bourdain’s Life [Infographic]

For many food lovers, Anthony Bourdain may just have had one of the coolest jobs ever. He got to explore different countries, learn about their culture, meet interesting people, and constantly enjoy tons of scrumptious food. 

The 10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

Restaurants are our first choice for most occasions. Even when it’s just because you want to grab a bite, restaurant dining is a small celebrating experience on its own. 

5 Insanely Tasty Japanese Foods to Feast On

Japan isn't only known for its fascinating history and culture but also for its delicious dishes. The country's food is notoriously nutritious and packed with flavor, making for a unique cuisine that continues to develop over time. 

3 Delicious Vegan Summer Recipes

Summer has finally arrived, and along with it, all the things that I’ve missed so much in my diet! Fresh fruit, such as cherries and strawberries, and yummy veggies, like asparagus and green onions and many more. 

Top 10 Delicious Gift Ideas Moms Will Love

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you have yet to get your mom and/or the mother of your children a gift, you’re in for a treat because we have delicious ideas to share with you! 

Useful Food Photography Tips to Stand Out on Instagram

Food is actually one of the hardest subjects to photograph well, but most people think it’s as easy as pointing your camera or phone at your meal and snapping away. For every good food photograph that you’ll see on Instagram, I bet you’ll see ten more murky, badly lit, and strangely colored images of food. 

The Vietnamese Cuisine at a Glance

Food is an inseparable part of any culture. A country’s cuisine doesn’t only show you what and how the locals eat but also reflects a country’s long history. For example, when mentioning Vietnamese cuisine, we can’t help but talk about the harmony in ingredients, cooking style, and the eating customs.

BookCulinaryVacation’s Ultimate Vegan Grocery List [Infographic]

Have you ever gone shopping and felt lost among the aisles? Have you ever come home from a shopping spree only to see that you’ve forgotten to buy the very thing you actually wanted out to get? Worry not, fellow vegan and vegetarian shoppers, we have the solution!

Best Places in Jaipur to Have Breakfast like a King

Breakfast is indeed one meal you should not skip, as it can set the mood for your entire day! Jaipur, one of the cities with the richest heritage in India, is not only renowned for the wonderful landscape it owns but also for the cuisine it offers. 

Vietnam Travel Tips: 10 Local Snacks to Keep You Warm and Toasty During Winter in Hanoi

Considering that Vietnam is located in South East Asia, you may think that there is no such thing as winter here. Well, there is definitely such a thing! In fact, in Hanoi, temperatures may even drop to below 10 degrees between late December to late February!


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Properly De-shell a Lobster

The seafood industry is a powerful one because it’s widespread across the globe and enjoyed by many nations. People rely on it for everything from jobs to food. It keeps the lights on in communities and creates wonderful dinner atmospheres for loved ones to enjoy together.

Planning a Birthday Celebration? Useful Tips to Make it Extra Special

Birthdays are some of the most important dates in our lives – and because of it, we need to treat them in a special way! 

Great Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Meal Kit Delivery Service

Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes. Ever since I can remember, cooking was always an adventure for me. However, over the years food preparation became a little tedious. Preparing meals day in, day out started to lose its appeal.

20+ Healthy Foods You Should Always Include in Your Grocery Shopping List!

Food is an integral part of life, and it plays a vital role in good health. Our cells, tissues and all organs work appropriately only with nourishing food which we eat. All body functions whether metabolic, hormonal, mental, physical or chemical cannot be performed without wholesome and nutritious food.

How to Create an Herb Garden: The Tools and Steps to Get You Started

Have you always wanted to have an herb garden? Well, it takes a few steps and tools to construct the garden and plant your favorite herbs, and you don’t need to have any previous experience either. 

The Craft Beer Revolution: What Exactly is it All About?

I just spent $32 on a single bottle of beer! Ouch!! That’s a big deal for a cheapskate like me. A message from Allview Liquors in Ellicott City, Maryland led up to my purchase. It said “Founders Brewing Co. CBS is here! Extremely rare, 1 per person, first come, first serve!”.

6 Cheeses from Transylvania You Simply Must Try in Your Lifetime

Transylvania is a spectacular place to visit. It is a true magnet for travelers all over the world, with its picturesque little towns, medieval castles, mineral waters, breath-taking mountain views, and fascinating wildlife. 

The Art of Smoking Meat: Whipping Up The Perfect Brisket

Using a smoker to cook the perfect brisket can be a challenge. A whole beef brisket can look blackened coming off the smoker, but you have to trust that underneath the crust is a deliciously juicy, tender cut of meat. 

Did You Know? 7 Interesting Facts about The Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Celebrated among the savviest of travelers, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are well-known for the beautiful beaches, gorgeous marine life as well as its pristine and secluded location. An ideal place for a getaway, this archipelago has more than 550 islands out of which only 36 are accessible to tourists.

Delicious Protein Rich Foods Vegans Should Be Eating on a Regular Basis

With the increasing emphasis and popularity of healthy eating, it’s not a surprise that the benefits of the plant-based diet are now well known. For the past two years, in particular, there has been a surge of people from all over the world making the switch to the vegan lifestyle.

Travel Bloggers Share The Best Foods They Had While Traveling

Food. Oh, Glorious Food! Like many other travel bloggers, I plan much of my trip around finding and tasting interesting local foods. And with each trip, I’ve found at least one dish to “fall in love” with.

Food Related Trends All Food Lovers Should Be Looking Out For in 2018

Food trends come and go in the blink of an eye. Last year’s predictions have either stuck with us – think about the many food bowls, plant-based recipes, matcha coffee, or matcha ice-cream popping in our Instagram feeds – while others have vanished without too much impact. 

10 Cheap & Easy Breakfast Recipes for Those Who Are Always on the Go

Let’s face it, most of us have had mornings where we find ourselves running against time and can only manage to grab a handful of cereal as we rush our way out of the door. When you have a full plate of tasks & responsibilities, truth be told, this can easily be something that you face every (working) day. 

5 Easy & Practical Healthy Eating Tips for Busy College Students

Going away to college can be both an exciting, and a very busy time for the new student. However, all that time burning in the midnight oil in the library – not to mention attending daily lectures and the need to blow off a little steam in the student bar every now and then can seriously take its toll. 

Filipino Cuisine: A Symphony of 5 Tasty Filipino Foods You Need To Try

With today’s fast-evolving society making travel more accessible than ever, it’s hard not to see another side of the world. A great part of that advantage is discovering different types of food from other countries. 

7 Effective Ways to Kick Your Metabolism Into Gear and Lose Weight

If you’ve been making serious attempts to lose weight and still struggling to lose those extra lbs, it just might be that your metabolism is to blame!

Traveling While Vegan: How to Eat Around the World on a Vegan Diet

Ever since I went vegan almost 9 years ago, the hardest challenge wasn’t missing the taste of meat, cheese, or even eggs. It wasn’t facing the avalanche of questions about my dietary choices from colleagues, friends, and even strangers. It wasn’t finding vegan options in the local supermarket. And it wasn’t the get-togethers I had with my friends and the parties I went to. It was traveling – and it still is.

Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet: Here's What You'll Need to Expect!

What exactly is a healthy diet? There’s a lot of misleading and often contradictory information about what constitutes a so-called “healthy diet”. We’ve all tried a few fad diets in our day, but they never seem to stick. We either find ourselves feeling worse than when we started, or that it’s impossible to make a long-term commitment to the prescribed restrictions. 

How to Make Carrot Juices That Actually Taste Good [Recipes]

Carrot is one of the healthiest foods that is almost available in groceries worldwide and making a carrot juice can be very easy in the comfort of your own home. This healthy beverage can be a great source of nutritional benefits that will boost your body’s immune system and improve your wellbeing. 

5 Wonderful Reasons Why You Must Add Herbal Teas to Your Diet

It’s no secret that people across the globe, especially Asia, have been enjoying herbal teas for their soothing properties and great taste. They are characterized by their rich fragrance but the lesser known fact about herbal teas is their beneficial effects on the immune system. In fact, herbal teas can help to treat many health-related issues – from a minor cold or a more serious infection. 

Add a South African Twist to Your Next Dinner Party: 3 Must-Try Recipes

When it comes to adding a South African twist to your next dinner party, you may be thinking of adding plenty of wild game meat and Cape wines in order to make it a unique experience; in which case you will be on the right track. However, there are many other varieties of South African twists that you can add to the table in order to create a unique dinner party experience as well as a night to remember with tantalizing tastes and flavourful dishes!

10 Smart Ways to Save Money When Cooking on a Tight Budget

The cost of food has risen greatly ever since the 2008 recession. In fact, one study revealed that an average family spends around 13% of their annual expenditures for food! It placed third on overall shares of household expenditures after housing and transport.

Why You Should Be Eating Mushrooms: Their Many Powerful Health Benefits

From lowering cholesterol levels to weight management, the health benefits of mushrooms are abundant. Classified under the Kingdom Fungi (and therefore are not plants) aside from being delectable, mushrooms can also deliver a tremendous boost to your immune system!

12 Delicious Breakfast Ideas: What You Should Eat to Become Fit & Stay Healthy

There is an old saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, which we should all live by in order to stay healthy. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s also a crucial part of a healthy diet and comes in handy when it comes to improving our metabolism and to help us lose weight!

Zakynthos: A Stunning Greek Island Worthy of Your Bucket List

One of the most beautiful and culturally rich European countries,Greece has always charmed us. The birthplace of democracy, the capital of Athens is a mix of old and new, with a heavy sprinkle of Greek hospitality. Pristine beaches, rugged mountains, monasteries which seem to float in the sky, and mouth-watering dishes, all come together to create the Greece we love to explore.

Eating Out in Sapa, Vietnam: 5 Places You Can't Miss Out On

The town of Sapa in Vietnam is a popular stop for most tourists who arrive from Hanoi on the overnight trains. 

Summer Time Barbecue: How to Make Mouthwatering Pork Burnt Ends [Recipe]

In Texas, where brisket is king, burnt ends are made when they smoke a whole brisket. Many people think they are the best part of a brisket smoke. Well, I have great news, you don’t have to go to Texas to get great burnt ends and you don’t have to buy a whole brisket, you can make it with a pork shoulder or pork parts and prepare a delicious roast! 

30 Practical Tips to Make You a Better Cook!

Cooking is an activity that is often viewed as fun and relaxing so it’s no surprise that many food lovers around the globe consider it as one of their favorite hobbies! That said, others may prefer to cook for a variety of reasons such as: to maintain a healthier lifestyle, to lose some weight, or to save money by preparing their own fresh meals at home instead of dining out.

How to Tell Whether Fish & Other Seafood are No Longer Fresh

Fish and other seafood are highly perishable commodities. In order to maximize their value, the freshness quality must be maintained. It is not uncommon to find fish at the point of sale exhibiting off odors and flavors.

6 Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Diet While You Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, maintaining a healthy diet while on the road can be a challenge. Travelers, especially those traveling for the first time, tend to underestimate the detrimental effects poor dietary choices can have on one's health.

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should be Cooking More

If you’ve been considering of making the shift from eating out and purchasing fast or processed food to preparing more of your own meals, you are in luck! We at BookCulinaryVacations.com are avid fans of the culinary arts. 

6 Game-Changing & Delicious Vegan Substitutes

This year, I celebrated my ninth year of veganism. It’s been a wild ride, filled with yummy food, from, salads, soups, and stews, to delicious veggies, awesome fruits, but also greasy vegan burgers, French fries and candy. 

The Joy of Coffee: 10 Awesome Reasons You Should Start Your Day with a Cup of Joe

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a coffee fanatic. It’s the first thing I need when getting up in the morning and it’s also my go-to in the afternoon when I need a bit of a boost. But, it’s not just the caffeine content that I love. Talk to any barista that has dedicated years of their life to coffee, and you’ll start to understand how this humble bean can root itself in your memories, relationships and your creative pursuits. I say this not to pontificate, but to draw attention to the fact that coffee is much more than just a quick buzz.

A Delightfully Unexpected Culinary Adventure in Bali

They say that the best experiences are those that catch you by surprise. Well, on my recent visit to Bali, the breathtaking destination dubbed as ‘the Island of the Gods’, I was treated to an unexpected yet unforgettable culinary adventure. 

5 Great Reasons Why Coffee Is The Best Drink For Travelers

Did you know that about 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day?

Most of us ‘geek out’ on coffee daily but never realized the reasons behind it. People all over the world enjoy coffee, and for many, it is their ‘go-to’ drink. Sometimes, there’s simply nothing as amazing as enjoying cup coffee accompanied by good music, especially on a first date. That said, sipping coffee in a café or a restaurant is not the only way one can enjoy the full taste of this incredible drink.

I Practiced Intermittent Fasting for a Month. Here's What Happened

Confession time: I have never been a fan of breakfast. In the best case, “breakfast” to me meant a cup of black coffee before heading out to classes or, later, before I start to write. Sometimes, “breakfast” actually ended up being “lunch” because I would end up eating my first meal after the clock strikes noon. That’s basically how my eating habits have been since my University years. 

5 Easy Healthy Recipes to Boost Immunity

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ―Hippocrates

Did you know that the immune system’s army is in the stomach? And to keep the army healthy, you need to feed it good nourishment.

5 Instagram Personalities All Food Lovers Need to Follow

In this digital era, posting and sharing photos of food on the web and/or social media platforms is considered the norm. Whether it is sharing their own food creations or dining out at a hip and happening restaurant, self-proclaimed food lovers always make the time to update and share their food posts to their friends, families and even strangers!

BookCulinaryVacations.com's Most Popular Culinary Articles in 2016

Another year has come and gone, leaving quite a lot of useful lessons for everyone. And we, at BookCulinaryVacations.com, learned – more than ever before – that it’s important to find joy in the simplest of things – especially when it comes to food. Whether it’s whipping out our favorite dishes, discovering a new recipe or exploring a charming farmers’ market, as food lovers, we adore it all.

10 Shocking Foods & Beverages We Dare You To Try!

Do you consider yourself a food enthusiast?

If you do, what if we were to ask you to help yourself to a hearty serving of haggis, muk tuk, and/or Balut as a part of your meals today? Are you brave enough to take up the challenge?

12 Practical Tips to Be Healthier and Fitter

Between accepting invitations to parties, planning visits to relatives, and deciding what to prepare for the Holiday meals, that little nagging voice comes to the surface and reminds us that unless we are careful, Santa may also bring us some unwanted pounds.

Barbados Street Food

One of the things I love about the Caribbean is enjoying the exotic authentic flavors of the local street food vendors. And Barbados is queen of the crop when its comes to authentic local street food or as we say in the Caribbean "food made pon de road side". These foods are made by local cooks all over the islands who sell their scrumptious delights on the local beaches, street corners, rum shops, and farmers markets. 

Vegan Diet: Why It Is Good For You

Though it’s not exactly a new trend, the vegan diet has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Veganism has been practiced for centuries as part of religious fasting. Followers eat a plant-based diet, avoiding all animal products.

The Top Ten Most Popular Food Hashtags You Should Be Using on Social Media

In today’s digital age, it comes to no surprise that posting food photos across social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest has become an all-out trend. Many food lovers around the world seek to share their gastronomic experiences with their family and friends. 

6 Cave Restaurants That Let You Dine in Stone-Age Style

Cave Dining is all the rage these days, however any initial search for global locales to channel your inner Flintstone is likely to turn up the same handful of restaurants. Because there’s a big, juicy world out there just begging to be tasted, let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we? The following establishments may not be as ubiquitous as a select few have become, but the restaurants listed here offer up ambiance and menu selections that seem destined to change that soon enough. 

Five Skewered Street Foods Around the World to Add to Your Bucket List Right Now

If there's one thing to be learned from a lifetime spent traveling and enjoying good food from all cultures and countries, it's that foods cooked on a stick hold universal appeal no matter where you roam. There's hardly an inhabited place to be found on this planet that doesn't count some sort of skewered delight among the hallmarks of its cuisine. Aside from the fact that bite-sized food just tastes better, expediency and convenience are usually the main draws with edibles of this nature. They can be eaten quickly, don't require table setting or flatware in order to enjoy them, and are so easy to transport that one can even eat while walking! 

Craving for Something Sweet? Try These Drool-Worthy Thai Desserts!

Admittedly, we at BookCulinaryVacations.com would salivate over the mere thought of Thai food! We adore the myriad of exciting flavors harmonized within each Thai dish. Afterall, who could ever say “no” to the experience of having sweet, salty, spicy, and sour flavors all on a single plate?

An Epicurean Food Tour in Slovenia and Croatia: An Interview with Savor The Experience Tours

If you’re planning to go on a holiday in Europe, we highly suggest for you to consider heading to these two European hidden gems: Slovenia and Croatia! These two wonderful destinations are famous for their breathtaking landscapes, fine wines and delicious world-class cuisines. The great news is you can enjoy them all in just 11 days!

What A Balanced & Healthy Meal Actually Looks Like [Infographic]

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial for us to eat right. When it comes to a healthy meal, the key to getting it right is all about balance. In other words, we should be consuming a large variety of foods with the right proportions for each meal as different foods provide different types of key nutrients that are required for your body. 

The Benefits of Eating Raw Meat: Carpaccio by The Nourished Caveman

Two years ago I had a very rude awakening. The first time I measured my glucose levels, I found out I was pre-diabetic. I was age 45, had been a nutritionist for 5 years and was eating what I thought was the healthiest diet on the planet: all organic, local, home cooked and Paleo foods. But something was not right. I was gaining weight. I was always hungry. I also had joint and lower back pain.

Top 5 Blogs To Find Easy and Delicious Italian Recipes

With the myriad of cuisines around the world, hands down, Italian food has been a favorite to many. Hence, it’s no surprise that you probably can find Italian dishes being served on the dining table in nearly every household.

3 London Markets You Need to Visit

There’s no better way to experience a city’s beating heart than by visiting the local markets. 

An Inspiring Culinary Journey with Christine Ha, MasterChef Winner Season 3

If you too are a big fan of “MasterChef”, one of the most popular cooking shows on television, chances are you’d remember its first and only blind contestant, the formidable Ms. Christine Ha. You may also recall that this lovely Vietnamese American chef, had defied all odds when she was named the reigning champion of season 3.  

5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

With Cupid’s favorite day fast approaching, you probably end up finding yourselves buying the usual flower bouquet or a heart-shaped box of chocolates for your loved ones. Don’t get us wrong, though we agree that it’s the thought that counts most, perhaps this time around, we can be a little less predictable and give our loved ones a gift that is a bit more unique.

More Than Just Resolutions: 5 Steps To A Healthier & Happier You!

With the brand new year, we are given another opportunity to turn over a new leaf. It’s a fresh and clean slate for us to kick our bad habits to the curb and replace them with habits that will take us closer to the best and happiest version of ourselves. For many, this most likely includes shedding excess weight, becoming healthier and getting in a fitter shape.

The Increasing Popularity of Culinary Travel

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands - Travellers today demand more. They want more than the usual run of the mill sightseeing tours and heritage walks. They want to be involved not only with the location, but also with the people who built it, to experience the culture through the eyes of the locals. What better way to be immersed in a foreign culture than to learn the secrets of its cuisine and taste the food that the locals pride themselves for.

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