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La Oliva, Western Europe, Spain

The New Day Instituto offers organized tours, conferences, training and courses, as well as individual stays and business meetings, adjusted to your needs and preferences.

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  • Annemarie Postma Netherlands

    New Day Instituto

    Ray inspires to careful living and eating, living in attention and love. Coaching and education to feed oneself with the most pure nutrients and beneficial foods available on the planet: raw vegan, unprocessed and organic foods, and super foods. His interesting walk of life makes his coaching for others extra valuable. What he can transmit as none other, is the strength of respect and love for oneself, as an absolute base of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • Cécile

    New Day Instituto

    Dear Ray, hope you are well. I am writing to you from Rio, where Misha and I have moved and will be having our baby in less than three months. I want to thank you! Although we never got to get you to come to Italy as I had hoped, meeting you that day and tasting your raw food and super foods cuisine has been a very positive thing. First, we started to go much more raw ourselves. Second, we gave the video you recommended, Healing cancer from inside out, to Misha's parents, who both had cancer. They got really into it and started your advice for this lifestyle, and they began the program immediately. This is wild because Misha's dad is now retired, but has worked in the pharmaceutical industry all his life. At the time (last summer), they had given Misha's mom 4 months to live. Well, his dad had his tests done 2 weeks ago, and they show the lowest cholesterol in his life (he is 72), without taking any of his medicines. His mom just had a scan, her tumor is gone in the lungs, and in the lymph glands, and the one in the liver is so small, they would have overlooked it, if they were not looking for it! As you can imagine, this is really fantastic news for all of us and Misha's parents are planning to stick with the diet! So, I wanted to thank you for your advice, and all the beautiful consequences it has had, life works in funny mysterious ways sometimes. I hope we will get to see you again, but until then, all our thanks and gratitude. Much love, Cécile.

  • Ciara Italy

    New Day Instituto website

    We stayed a week in this villa. Many congratulations to the hosts (most helpful and very nice), and many compliments for the villa! Gorgeous!

  • A traveler Europe

    New Day Instituto website

    Beautiful place, house in super condition and amazing space around the house. If you are looking for peace and relax, go there. A goat farm, for your fresh goat cheese, are neighbors and there is a wonderful swimming pool with salt water. Thank you. You will really enjoy it here!

  • Shefira

    New Day Instituto website

    Every week, one hour and relaxation has brought me a lot. Besides a terrible agility (which I had not thought possible), the yoga brought me more peace and balance into my life. Once that piece of reality steps, you focus on yourself and on the 'nothing'. The lessons are very accessible. It is not about what you can, but pushing your own limits in the exercises, through concentration and breathing. In addition, the lessons are just very cozy!

  • Monique

    New Day Instituto website

    When I started yoga at Diana, it was a feeling of coming home. I learned that yoga is a way of life, a way of life and philosophy, but not one that you learn from a book. You have to practice yoga, you have to think about it. Yoga is short, but a perfect way to get closer to yourself, in order to penetrate the nucleus, where you always have something stuck in the external. Yoga opens your eyes to what you really want, who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. Take that chance!

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