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Nami Namaste

Namaste is an old fisherman’s cottage on the islands’ southern shore. We offer cooking workshops and amazing dining experience in Muhu, Estonia.

Testimonials 2

Matias V. Finland

TripAdvisor website

This is a great place to just be and enjoy food or, as we did, take a cooking course. Every meal is three course and the food is excellent. Sikke, the owner of Nami Namaste, makes always desserts and Albert makes other courses. All guests sit and dine in the same table so you get to know a bit of them as well. The feeling is the thing. Just go and experience it. Once you go there, you'll want to come back again.

Pia Finland

TripAdvisor website

I have never heard of Nami Namaste before my friends, for my 40th birthday, presented me with a gift voucher to spend a night and enjoy a cooking class there together with my husband. But I got to understand that Nami Namaste is a place that they all felt I needed, as a contrast to my routined life filled with to-do's and work. I was a bit skeptic when reading that the rooms do not have showers and only one room has its own toilet. As a Finn, I am quite used to rustic amenities, so I quickly got over that "hesitation". My husband and I decided to spend a whole weekend in Muhu, given that it takes a good part of the day to get there from Helsinki. The drive from Tallinn to Virtsu went quickly and the road was in a better condition that many roads in Finland. It took as a while, without WIFI, to find Nami Namaste, but once found we immediately got immersed into a sense of forest magic. We were greeted by Sikke (owner and keeper) and Heidi and immediately felt welcome. We got the room with the toilet, luckily since my Dutch/Peruvian husband is not so keen on going out in the middle of the night. Although we had not ordered any lunch, the chef Albert fixed us two plates with some food since we had not eaten all day. We relaxed immediately, bottles of wine, helped of course, good Portuguese red wine. Two other guests also resided at Nami Namaste this weekend. Together with them we had dinner both on Friday and Saturday and the phenomenal cooking class with Albert also took place in their company. Even tough it was interesting to meet new people, this was the only thing I would perhaps like to do different next time. Either to go with a group of friends or then to do a cooking class with just the two of us. Breakfasts at Nami Namaste are wonderful, a good variety of healthy and good stuff. Cozy atmosphere. I enjoyed the best manicure and pedicure by a "called-in" beautician in their super cozy living room, it was rainy day and a perfect day to spend doing absolutely nothing. I would love to go back in the autumn with a group of friends, its one of those places that you go to and you just enjoy the place and each other. Of course, there are things to do in the surroundings if you want to, but you can also feel totally ok with doing absolutely nothing but enjoy and rest. Its worth a visit! P.S. Our room did not have a TV (which was fine, we did not go for the TV) and the Wi-Fi was quite bad except for a few places (which was also fine, since its good to detox every now and then).

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