Mocking Bird Hill

Hotel Mocking Bird Hill is a 10-room sanctuary offering a wonderful combination of the warmest of welcomes, sustainable luxury, attention to detail, and world class cuisine.

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First of all, you definitely have to spend some time there. Even if it is just for one night but it is an experience itself. You are welcomed with a cool and well smelled chill towel and a fresh welcome drink in the bar enjoying the first impressions; what a view! You get a folder with lots of information about the hotel and the area.

When you are escorted to your room, your luggage is already there. The bed is big and so comfortable and framed with a mosquito net. As you can also see at the website, each room is different. They are huge and offer enough space to relax. Some got an inside and outside balcony, some got a hang mat inside. You also find some nice amenities like coconut lotion and shampoo in the bathroom, as well as chocolate tea balls and homemade jams and liqueurs.

Sleeping time also means the beginning of a good night concert, so to say, of frogs and crickets. This is amazing and it absolutely does not bother to fall asleep. That brings me to the next point, the garden. What I can say: welcome to the jungle! But in a positive way. So many different flowers, birds, lizards, whatever. I have never seen these tropical flowers before. Also, it is such a huge area, there are lots of paths to walk till you reach the bottom pond.

You can also have a massage in the middle of this wellness garden, as they call it. I had it once and this is unbelievable. You are massaged between the flowers and bushes, hearing the sound of the breeze and the birds. An experience for life!

The restaurant is highly recommended. Everything is fresh and homemade, even the pasta, the breads, ice-cream, everything and no use of convenience. You can taste the difference and that makes it worth to spend a little bit more money. Wether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I have always been impressed and amazed of its lovely taste. The decoration is unique and special, as an eco-boutique hotel they make use of everything, such as bottles as lamps. You can have a seat on the terrace or, if there is a special occasion, also on the perch at the top. What a view up here: the ocean, Port Antonio, the Blue Mountains; awesome.

The staff is very lovely, helpful, attentive. and friendly. Equally, the owners are very considerate. They share information you would never have expected about the culture or activities in the area. They arrange tours and transfers so that you experience the real Jamaica instead of touristic places. This hotel is a welcoming home and it is the little details that make it so special and fantastic. There is no want for anything.

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