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Milagro Living

Vancouver Island, Canada

Milagro Living was founded in 2002 with the vision of inspiring personal growth and unity with nature. They believe in creating a sacred space that encourages healing and transformation.

Testimonials 5

  • T. Murphy

    Milagro Living website

    My journey of staying in the now is truly moving forward after this weekend.

  • E. Reimer

    Milagro Living website

    The yoga and feeling of community was a life changing and inspirational experience.

  • K. Bryson

    Milagro Living website

    Truly felt like I had plenty of both learning and relaxing time.

  • D. McFarlane

    Milagro Living website

    Come as you are and leave nourished, inspired and with a renewed curiosity for life.

  • M. Macmillan

    Milagro Living website

    I loved the Retreat and would highly recommend it to others who want an amazing weekend of Yoga, incredible food and community!

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