Mexican Home Cooking

Participants explore the influences of Spanish and French cuisines on the Mexican cuisine. Cooking classes include lodging and meals.

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a traveler

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My Mexican traveling partner and I spent two days and three lovely evenings here with hosts Estela, a fabulously versed chef, and her delightful American husband, Jon. The half-day cooking class gives one the chance to explore the delightful town of Tlaxcala just fifteen minutes away. The authenticity of the setting in true México allows one the delight of observing a typical day of a Tlaxcalan, whether it's dancing in the town square on Friday afternoon or attending Mass with their family at a lovely colonial church in their neighborhood. To return to the lovely accommodations and feast on one's own-prepared authentic Mexican delights is sensational travel in a sensational country.

Sid W. United States

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We spent 3 nights and 4 days with Jon and Estela and were treated like warm friends learning about Mexican cooking and the local culture. The food was amazing and often unexpected in type of ingredients used to produce the rich flavors. Each day we prepared about a half dozen dishes with Jon and Estella leading the team of the two of us. Jon did a great job in teaching us in the various techniques they used and suggested ways to incorporate them into our kitchen at home. Jon was also very helpful in helping us through the rest of our trip (up to Cuezalan) by arranging transportation and working out the reservation at the hotel (our Spanish at times is a bit sparse). Be prepared to stay in a rural environment where the two dogs, cat and bird are part of the family and the neighbors like to play music and set off fireworks most of the - to remind you that you are in Mexico!

a traveler United States

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My husband and I attended the school in last part of May. The food was very healthy and tasty. I think our favorite part of the day was having the best coffee ever outside on a beautiful patio with flowers everywhere, and fountains and birds singing. Then being served an amazing breakfast every day. Now that is my idea of heaven. John and Estela were so much fun, the classes are very detailed and they show you how to do everything. Alsom John makes a mean Margarita! The food and ingredients were very authentic, not Americanized, lots of great recipes you can make at home. We highly recommend John and Estela for a truly warm, welcoming Mexican experience.

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