Menica Marta is a rural Italian, self-catering bed and breakfast that offers culinary and art lessons.

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Cinthia Angelini

Reviews (7)

Madhulika Raghunath

from India, February 2019

"My stay at Menica Marta! "

My stay at Menica Marta was wonderful. My host Cinthia and her husband Enrico are by far the best hosts i’ve had. They are so loving and caring. The culinary vacations was bery good and I learnt a lot of things. Cinthia is a very good cook and she knows all the recipes so well. I would love to go back and stay with couple.

Cathleen Dinubilo

from United States, October 2018

"Cooking holiday"

This was an immersion into an Italian family as we were made part of the family. The cooking lessons were amazing as was their home. Beautiful grounds and garden and loved their small village. Mostly, the hosts Cinthia and Enrico are warm, friendly and entertaining! This was the highlight of our visit to Italy.

Cathy O'connor

from Ireland, October 2018

"Home from home"

From the minute we arrived, Cinthia and Enrico could not have been more welcome and accommadating. The food was authentic and local. The instruction was clear and straightforward. We will return.

Martina Mcmanus

from Ireland, September 2018

"A Truly wonderful experience"

Cinthia and Enrico were just the epitome of warmth and comfort. I know we have all read reviews that rave about the hosts but I can honestly say this was the most indulgent time I ever had as Cinthia and Enrico were so friendly and attentive to our every request. They went out of their way to guide us when we took wrong train ( to long to tell full story), they went above and beyond the requirements of a host, we felt truly relaxed and at ease . Cinthia was so willing to share her cooking and gardening skills that it was like being whisked away from the real world, she is a fount of informantion and is great fun which was an added bonus . We will be back 😁

Delma Waywell

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Absolutely superb! "

Everything. From the moment we arrived we were thoroughly spoilt. Nothing was too much trouble for Cinthia. We were given truly wonderful food and drink. Our accommodation was lovely, we were taken to great places and immersed in the local culture. Just wonderful.

Serge Yurovsky

from Vietnam, August 2018

"An escape from Life's stress to embrace Italian countryside."

The place is charm personified. The rooms are clean, fun, and friendly. The grounds are beautiful. We needed an escape from the grind of life and Menica Marta was the perfect answer.

Only thing better than the place was the couple hosting us. I did not feel like a customer (though I was treated better than I have been in 5-star hotels). From over-abundance at breakfast, to the amazing dinner watching blood moon eclipse, and of course to the time in the kitchen, sharing lunches, and time out with their friends, there was not single negative spot. We got plenty of rest, learned a lot (looking forward to making home made fettuccine soon at our place) and more importantly feel like we made new friends for life!

Ella Tyler

from United States, April 2017

"Fantastic experience with Cinthia and Enrico - you must go!"

Cinthia and Enrico are lovely people and their home is amazing. Set in fantastic countryside, nothing is too much trouble for them. You really do feel like family.

The cookery lessons were amazing and the food was delicious.

I highly recommend the local thermal spas.

Testimonials (4)

Jiayi L

TripAdvisor website

Super impressing and wonderful cooking class with Cinthia and Enrico!

My friend Madhu and I spent 3 really impressing and pleasing days togther with Cinthia and Enrico. Both of us want to stay more with this cozy family. We learn not only Italian food of middle Italy, but also much about Italian culture!

During the free time of the class. Cinthia and Enrico took us to visit another village and we saw the yearly festival of that village. It brought us back to the middle age of Italy. Villagers provide pretty good performance, delicious food, fresh wine and various shops for all the visitors. We also visited the castle with a guide who speaks English! We saw the faith of the villagers and their love of the village. The most important thing is, it’s not a program for tourists! It’s totally held by the villagers and not commercial. We really like it.

During the cooking class, we had supper professional guide from Cinthia about pizza and pasta. Cinthia is a good teacher. She knows students and thus can choose a better way to teach us. We learned many ingredients and special cooking methods. Most of the ingredients we cooked are from the garden of Cinthia and Enrico.

The living at Menica Marta is also impressed. Menica Marta is village style and finely designed. You can see their care from many details. The cleaness is reliable and the appliances are all ready. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden as soon as you open the door. We also made friends with Cinthia and Enrico’s pets: two dogs and two cats. (There are actually four cats but we saw two of them.) they are also well friendly and cute. Besides, every meal we had with Cinthia and Enrico are well prepared and unforgottenable. We feel like at home, but at the same time, we are also well treated as guests by them.

All in all, we really enjoy this three days cooking lesson with Cinthia. I hope more and more people can find this lesson and share the happiness with us! At the same time, I also wish Cinthia, Enrico as well as our friends Monica and Ari happy everyday and meet more nice people like them in the future!

Debbie R United Kingdom



Beautiful countryside, surrounded by nature; relaxing, peaceful location yet ideally located to visit the many attractions of Tuscia.

It was easy to find (not always the case with remote properties in Italy!)

Good value for money with comfortable rooms, each having a nice patio seating area in front.

Breakfast is basic, but that suited us.

However, the best thing about Menica Marta are the wonderful hosts Cinthia and Enrico; they are genuinely lovely, friendly people; so knowledgeable and passionate about the area, taking time to suggest places to visit.

The highlight of our stay was having dinner with Enrico, Cinthia and their friends. Although we had only just met them they made us feel so welcome and included in the evening it was like dining with old friends.

Cinthia also runs cookery classes and judging by the meal we had, this is an experience not to miss. We hope to have the opportunity to visit again and participate.

Ella Tyler United Kingdom

TripAdvisor website

“Wonderful memories made” Stayed here for a long weekend (Thursday evening to Sunday morning) with a group of 5 close friends. Stunning rural location in the Tuscan hills amidst hazelnut and olive tree groves. Cinthia and Enrico welcomed us into their home and their B&B giving us a very real taste of Italy. What a wonderfully warm couple.

Our cookery course was fab - simple, gorgeous fare made with the best of local ingredients including their own olive oil that was the best I've tasted!

We are not an easy group to please but we had such an amazing time. Our hosts took us on 2 excursions - the highlight for me being to Terme dei Papi, the thermal pool which is a must if you come here.

We had so many laughs in this peaceful corner of Fabrica di Roma.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an immersive Italian experience. My first visit to Italy won't be my last.

Thank you Cinthia and Enrico - we will not forget you both and hope to see you again one day.

Alinea Stevens United States

TripAdvisor website

“Another "Home"” Recently, my wife and I found out that we are expecting our first child. This has elicited a great amount of joy in our family, as well as a bit of dread between the two of us. We came to the revelation that we would not be able to travel as easily as we once had. So, with four months remaining, we decided to take a trip. Fortunately, our schedules aligned for the first time in almost a half decade and we were able to take a trip to Italy for a culinary tour.

Our first stop was a different bed and breakfast about two hours (via treno) away. We both left impressed, thinking that the Menica Marta B & B would not even begin to compare. Much to our delight, we were wrong.

Aesthetically speaking, the Menica Marta B & B can most accurately be described as both strange and familiar. Strange not in an odd or weird fashion, no. Rather, it is strange because it does not quite seem real. How could it be? In a seemingly endless forest of hazelnut trees sits this idyllic cottage decorated with blooming flowers, countless strawberry bushes, and an earnest sense of familiarity. When you imagine Italy, you do not imagine this place. Instead, when you arrive you feel as if you have been here before. It is unreal to stand in the driveway, to look at the sprouting hazelnut bushes as the setting sun paints the sky in vibrant hues, and to feel as if you are at a home long lost to your family.

Much of this is due to Cinthia, the matron of the Menica Marta household. Upon first meeting her, much like the B & B itself, you are enraptured in a sense of familiarity. She appears as if she fell from a Disney movie, a fairy grandmother of sorts to grant with a fervent eagerness enough knowledge to traverse all of Italy should you decide to. Give her just an ounce of your interest and she'll turn it into a kilo of passion.

Rather than just leaving us to our own devices and hoping we find some level of enjoyment out of the beauty of the location alone, Cinthia took my wife and I on a three day journey, back and forth from her and her husband's home to the many differing sections of Viterbo. Whether it is hiking down the old Roman road or exploring the Palazzo in town, with Cinthia the whole of Viterbo seems to spring open.

In regards to the cooking lessons given to us by both Cinthia and her husband, whose love of cheese encouraged me to find my own love of cheese (Grazie, Enrico!), we found something truly unique. This is not a high end restaurant. The recipes are not something you'd find in a magazine or on a website. They were authentic. Some are shockingly old, while others incorporate newer ideas. All, of course, seem to include alcohol of some sort. Furthermore, all will remind you of how simply ingredients can make such complex, fascinating meals. Nothing is beyond learning when working with these two.

As we learned how to cook, Cinthia (who speaks English as well - which is good, because neither my wife nor I spoke Italian) helped us with learning the language. By the end of the three days, we actually able to understand her husband, who spoke very little English. In fact, as he was taking us to the train terminal, we were able to have, to a basic degree, a conversation with him. I'm not promising you that she'll also be your language professor since both my wife and I do speak Spanish, which is similar enough to Italian to make it a bit easier for us. Nevertheless, if you have patience and an earnest desire to learn, there is quite a bit you can garner from Cinthia, both within the realm of cooking and language.

To conclude, Cinthia and her husband do not simply run a bed and breakfast. No, they run a household. They are not simply the owners, they become family. Much as you might a relative you have not seen in so very long, both Cinthia and her husband will become familiar to you. When you leave, you will feel a profound sense of loss and a stronger desire to return.