Massimo Bruno

Toronto, Canada

Massimo Bruno is an Italian chef, teacher, tour guide, and media personality based in Toronto. He offers monthly supper clubs, cooking classes, event catering, and culinary tours to southern Italy.

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  • Karen

    Massimo Bruno website, edited

    The total experience from travel and sightseeing to accommodations and gatherings was beyond my expectations - it was flexible, professional, safe, and friendly. Every day had at least one major wow factor and we experienced things that would not be possible had we been touring independently. Sunday dinner with the Massimo's family was wonderful! It was fantastic and I will continue to recommend the experience to my friends. Thank you so much for a great, personalized tour of a wonderful piece of Italy.

  • Jane

    Massimo Bruno website, edited

    Thank you so much for the fabulous week the group had with you at the masseria and environments. Every day brought adventures, wonderful food, and great wine. You did a great job organizing the itinerary and the group. Thank you very much for including me in this unique and generous group of travelers who specialize in food and wine. I had a very good time.

  • Nina

    Massimo Bruno website, edited

    Massimo, thank you for a wonderful week. Your passion for Puglia and cooking comes through in all aspects. Your knowledge of the area coupled with the visits to the olive mill, cheese factory, winery, and so much more, along with the restaurants we ate at and the food we sampled was simply molto bene and incredibile.

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