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Masaniello Tourist is a tour company in Salerno, Italy. They offer excursions, boat rides, and wine and food holidays in the region of Cilento and the town of Castellabate in Italy.

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We took the Knowledge and Flavors tour, and especially enjoyed the local products and seeing places untouched by mass tourism. A hike that must have been until four or five in the afternoon was transformed into a unique experience full of surprises, which lasted until the evening. Everyone was excited, and so the best guide award goes to Nicola. In fact, he offered new ideas to prolong the experience. We tasted wine, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, and high-quality figs. Above everything else, it is the frame of mind when we tasted these products that made all the difference. I wouldn't include details on the different stages of the trip because other people should still remain surprised and enchanted by the places where we carried out the tasting. I can only say that between the sea, the mountains, and the hills, Cilento offers products and beauty, and even hidden structures that will probably become a destination for mass tourism someday. Thanks to Nicola for wanting to introduce these beauties' and flavors' preview.

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I booked this as an anniversary present for my husband. He loves Italian cooking and we got married in Castellabate the previous year. From the first contact, Nicola was brilliant. He asked me exactly what I wanted for the day and he didn't disappoint. He tailored this day to suit us and, oh, what a day it was! Nicola collected us at our hotel at 9:30 a.m. and we met the photographer whom Nicola had arranged with to capture the whole day. Our first stop was the fruit and vegetable market to get fresh, local produce, and then off we went to the butchers for the meat and bread. We then went to Nicola's parents' house and immediately were made so welcome. We were given aprons that we were made to keep as souvenirs of our special day. Nicola's mother showed us how to prepare and season the meat, and we even picked the herbs we used from her garden. Nicola was very interesting. He explained everything in detail and told us about the origins of Italian food. The most interesting and amazing part for us was watching Nicola's mother make homemade pasta in a traditional way using a metal rod. The best thing about this is that we didn't just watch - we were able to try to make everything ourselves. After this came pizza making and we're definitely going to try this at home. While we were waiting for the food to cook, Nicola's mother showed us a few photo albums of the family, which was lovely, and toured us around their house. Even though Nicola's parents didn't speak English and we don't speak Italian, they made us feel so welcome and we had great fun. Nicola's English, thankfully, is very good. We really felt like part of their family, especially when I was asked to dress the table. Then came the most important part - eating the food. It was a true Italian experience. We had the pizza, which was delicious, followed by the amazing pasta, then the meat and aubergine dishes. Throughout the meal, the wine and the conversation flowed. We were feeling quite full at this stage but bravely moved on to the fruit, which we dipped in red wine, and then to the cake and biscuits. Nicola had a lovely surprise for us too. It was our first wedding anniversary exactly that day and Nicola's mother brought out a cake and Prosecco. I could have cried. I was so touched, and we didn't want to leave. We hadn't expected to have such a warm welcome and to have so much fun. Nicola met us the next evening and gave us a disc with over 700 photos on it. It was an amazing gesture, and the photos are also of brilliant quality. I would thoroughly recommend this for anyone who wants to get to the heart of Italian food and be part of an Italian family for one day. This was no ordinary cookery lesson where you just watch. Here, we got to cook everything ourselves and get stuck in. Honestly, the smells and the flavors were second to none. We didn't eat anything as nice in any of the restaurants around that area. My husband really got stuck in, enjoyed it so much, and said it was the best present. We have made a friend in Nicola for life and we will be back again someday.

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