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Mallorca Vegan is a company devoted to making sure visiting tourists or locals know all about all the vegan options this island has to offer.

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  • Laura Velasco

    Happy Cow website

    For the second time this year I joined the vegan Culinary Academy Sabor and again I enjoyed the experience very much. I felt like going back home! This time I joined the V21 workshop, meaning in 4 days we will be cooking the "vegan" versions of the most popular dishes of each of the 21 countries touching the Mediterranean sea. The group of students was from all over the world, including a girl from Vietnam. Again, Manuel was amazing telling us all about the history of the recipe, the nutritional value of the ingredients, the way to cook things, to season them with the most exotics spices.The vibe was great, the food tasty and beautiful, even our partners, who were invited to taste our creations on the last session were delighted. Congratulations Manuel and Stephanie for the great contribution you do in leading and promoting the Vegan culture in our beautiful island.

  • Jane Browne

    Happy Cow website

    My introduction to the Sabor Culinary Academy was attending a workshop on raw food, presented by Mimi Kirk. I was impressed so enrolled for the V21 course, seeking inspiration on my journey into veganism. The V21 course was fun and it was inspiring. All I needed to attend were two knives and a positive attitude! Fellow students were from various parts of the globe and all together an interesting mix. The academy is well equipped with modern appliances in a good working space. Instruction is clear, concise, well paced and interesting with a dish from each of the 21 countries featured, which we all made. A convivial touch at the end of the course was for each student to invite a person to join us in the final meal. The variety displayed on the course has certainly inspired me to copy or fuse the dishes into my own cuisine.

  • Kerstin Eden

    Happy Cow website

    I signed up for the first vegan level 1 course of the academy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every week we had different subjects ranging from nuts, cheeses, root vegetables, legumes, wraps, grains to seafood substitutes and we also did an excursion to a cactus farm, a vegan bakery, a bio-shop and a great vegan restaurant. Every week we got homework for the following week which meant that we had to prepare a dish related to what we have learned in class and read up on a subject or watch a video. Next week’s class usually started with a quiz. I have to say that I have never enjoyed homework and quizzes as much as with the academy. A great experience was also a day of Master Chef. We were teamed up with another student and had to come up with a dish. We were given a certain amount of money to shop at the market and within a limited amount of time we had to make our dish which we then had to present to a small jury.

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