8 Days Taste of Peru Culinary Holidays

  • Lima - Cusco City - Machu Picchu - The Sacred Valley

Culinary Holidays in Peru

Taste of Peru program is one of the most popular itineraries as it is very unique and includes exclusive activities and classes specially designed for us. Magical Cuzco Tours was the pioneer providing culinary tours and therefore, they have developed in-depth knowledge of Peru's culinary wonders. This tour mixes a taste of native, criolla and traditional food with trendy fusion food through demonstrations, cooking classes, and tasting menus. All of this is wrapped up with a framework of history and culture that explains every part of the tour and helps you understand the origin of all these great tastes.


  • Hands-on cooking class learning how to prepare Peruvian Ceviche
  • Market visit where you will buy your ingredients for the cooking class
  • Take part in a demonstration of local vegetables and home-style cooking
  • Visits to Peruvian restaurants for cooking demonstartions and tasting menus
  • Learn how to make Pisco Sour and a Pisco Sour made with exotic fruits
  • Enjoy Lima and Cusco city tours and discover the pre-Inca cultures
  • Visit the Inca town of Ollantaytambo, still inhabited by the locals
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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Hotel El Ducado 3-star, Lima, Peru

Hotel El Ducado is located in the heart of Miraflores, a two minute walk away from the Pacific Ocean. Close to all main attractions. Our hotel offers spacious rooms and suites equipped with a kitchen, living room and separate bedroom. Your room has colour TV with cable, telephone, Internet connection in the room, private bathroom with 24-hour hot water. Also your room is equipped with a mini-fridge, to keep drinks and snacks cold.

In summer your room has a ventilator installed to keep yourself cool. Continental breakfast is included and can be enjoyed in our colonial style patio outside (07:00 to 10:00). Also american breakfast is served, just ask for the menu. Snacks and small dishes are available in the restaurant. Storage facility for luggage and safe-deposit box in the reception is available free of charge.

Hotel Los Portales 3-star, Cusco, Peru

Experience the residence-style elegance of LP Cusco Hotel along with the exceptional privacy and personalized service that an intimate 50 rooms and suites affords. Newly renovated, each of our 46 room and 4 suite accommodation is the essence of urban sophistication. As a quiet alternative to the more crowded Cusco hotels, LP Cusco Hotel is equally suited for business and holiday stays.

Allow us to be your boutique retreat in Cusco, a place where you can feel completely at ease. To ensure your comfort and convenience, room and suite accommodation at LP Cusco Hotel include the following standard amenities: 4 Junior Suites, 30 superior double rooms, 13 superior matrimonial rooms, 3 superior single rooms, Wi-Fi Internet Access, Electronic locks, Security box, Mini bar, Hair dryer, Laundry service, Room service, Business center, Transfer to airport.

Day 1: Arrival

Upon your arrival, one of Magical Cuzco Tours representatives will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel in Lima.

Day 2: Market visit, cooking class, city tour, restaurant trips

After breakfast at your hotel in Lima, one of Magical Cuzco Tours representatives will meet you in the lobby and escort you on your market visit and fruit festival.

You will begin your culinary adventure in Lima by visiting the main market. This market is informal and a great way to experience a little bit of the Peruvian culture in its daily life. In the main market, you can find the best variety of vegetables and fruits in the country, including exotic products from the Andes and the Jungle. In all Peruvian markets, el regateo is a common practice; it means asking for a discount and negotiating the price for the product with each vendor; people even ask for a Yapa something for free with your purchase, one extra lime or one extra potato. You will also have the chance to taste many of the exotic fruits that Peru has to offer.

On this market visit, you will also have the added chance to participate in a very special Ceviche Mission. More than an activity, this is your secret mission, which starts at the market; you will be given the recipe, ingredient list, and money, which you will use to buy all your supplies to make your Ceviche (dont worry; if you dont speak Spanish, this is part of the fun).

Immediately following, one of the chefs will lead you on this journey into the famous Peruvian dish, Ceviche. This class will give you the experience and knowledge needed to prepare the best Ceviche and all related dishes such as Tiradito and other classic fresh seafood combinations.

After lunch, you will be picked up at the restaurant, and taken on your city tour of Lima.

On the tour, you will see the Spanish city Square, get a snapshot of the most important city sites, and visit the popular and mysterious catacombs, where you will learn about pre-Inca cultures. Sites to be visited: Main Square, The Cathedral, Government Palace, City Hall, San Francisco Monastery (including catacombs), old streets with colonial houses, and a great driving tour through beautiful San Isidro and Miraflores.

At the conclusion of your city tour, you will be taken back to your hotel in order for you to relax and enjoy some down-time before dinner.

In the evening, you will once again be met at your hotel, and taken to Astrid y Gaston for a special, exclusive tasting menu at Astrid & Gaston; a 12-courses tasting menu dinner specially prepared by Gaston Acurio, arguably Perus most famous chef and restaurateur, at the best restaurant in Lima. This dinner will present the Peruvian Food in another dimension. You will taste traditional dishes presented into a creative and new form. Gastons dishes are prepared to perfection, which allows you to taste every ingredient. At the conclusion of dinner, you will be taken back to your hotel for the remainder of the evening.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 3: Cooking class, museum, restaurant trips

After breakfast at your hotel, you will be picked up for your introduction to the Peruvian cuisine class at one of the best restaurants of Criolla cuisine: The Senorio de Sulco; there, the head chef and owner, Flavio Solorzano, will teach you the quintessential basics of Peruvian cuisine. You will learn how to prepare Perus staple dishes, and afterwards you will enjoy a full tasting of these traditional Peruvian dishes. This specially-catered demonstration class and lunch will offer an opportunity to taste the many dishes you learned to prepare during this class, along with enjoying the very best of Peruvian ingredients.

After lunch, you will be picked up and taken on your museum tour. On this tour, you will appreciate a splendid private collection of ceramics, singularly from the Mochica culture. The Treasure Room keeps gold work pieces like the unique pure gold chest decoration of a Chimu chief. You will be able to find pieces from the pre-ceramic age (8000 - 2000 B.C.) till the imperial and conquest age (1532 A.D.).

At the conclusion of your tour, you will be taken back to your hotel in order to freshen up before dinner.

For dinner tonight, you will be picked up and taken on a special Authors Fusion Dinner at Rafael Restaurant. Executive chef and owner, Rafael Osterling, creates each and every dish as if he is creating a piece of art. His cuisine is not defined by any style and is only influenced by the quality of the product he finds in each place he has a restaurant. His dishes are incredibly creative but always respecting the ingredients as he always points out. The result is a mind- blowing taste and presentation that will make you experience new and creative ways to eat popular ingredients.

At the conclusion of this delicious dinner, you will be taken back to your hotel to rest for the evening.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 4: Internal flight, city tour, restaurant trip

After breakfast at your hotel in Lima, you will be met by one of Magical Cuzco Tours representatives and taken directly to the airport in Lima, in order to catch your short, one-hour flight to the capital city of the Incas: Cusco.

You will be met upon arrival and transferred to your hotel of choice.

You will have the remainder of the morning to rest and freshen up. Its best to take it easy this morning to let your body adjust to the altitude. Some find enjoying a cup of hot coca tea a real help in adjusting to the high elevation and that is what the locals traditionally use coca for.

Once you have had a chance to settle to the altitude, you will be met at your hotel and taken on a grand tour of the city of Cusco, the former capital of the once vast Incan Empire. The citys Spanish Colonial architecture both overlays and is interlaced with the earlier Incan architecture.

You will walk Cuscos impressive Plaza de Armas and visit both the Spanish cathedral and Incan temple of the sun, Qoricancha. The Spanish conquistadores destroyed significant portions of the Inca civilization while leaving their mark on Cusco. Ornate cathedrals, adobe walls, carved balconies, hidden courtyards and cobblestone streets add to the historic richness of the ancient Incan capital.

Next, you will set out to visit the ruins above the city that were considered an essential part of the ancient capital. You start with one of the most impressive of them all, Sacsayhuaman. This is where Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, is held during the summer solstice. Some of the stones used to build the site weigh up to 70 tons yet are fitted so precisely, without the use of mortar, that one cannot slide even the thinnest object between them. Some believe that the site forms the head of puma or jaguar and that the huge triangulated walls form its teeth, or symbolize lightening.

Tambomachay, the Temple of the Sacred Waters, is another site you will visit and is a marvel of hydraulic engineering. Its waters still flow today. At Qenqo, youll see the remains of a ceremonial site used for fertility rites and for celebrations of the solstice and equinox.

At the conclusion of your tour, you will be taken back to your hotel in order to freshen up before dinner.

In the evening, you will be picked up at your hotel and taken on your Novoandina dinner at MAP Caf. The MAP Caf is located at the Museo de Arte Precolombino (Museum of Pre-Inca art) in Cuzco. Specializing in Novoandino cuisine and presenting the use of native ingredients and rescued recipes with innovative dishes, this 7-course tasting-menu dinner will be sure to introduce your palete to tastes rarely experienced before.

At the conclusion of dinner, you will be taken back to your hotel in Cusco for the remainder of the evening.

Meal plan: Breakfast and dinner.

Day 5: Sightseeing trips, market visit, cooking class

After breakfast at your hotel in Cusco, you will set out into the Urubamba Valley, also known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, for a private tour.

Your first stop will be a visit to the the Pisac market. The Pisac market has a wide variety of artisan arts and crafts, and you will have the chance to see the many different products that the sacred valley produces. This is a great opportunity to for you to do some unique shopping and to purchase souvenirs for your family and friends.

After the market, you head deeper into the Sacred Valley and visit the Inca town of Ollantaytambo, still inhabited by the locals in much the same way as it was during the time of the Incas. The lodging area is formed by complex structures known as canchas or apartments. The Inca built a temple on a terraced site above the town. The impressive, standing stones they erected, conjure up images of Atlantis. This is the site where Manco Inca and his warriors staged a temporary victory over the Spanish Conquistadors, led by Francisco Pizarro. During this victory, the Inca warriors flooded the fields, while raining down spears and arrows from above, making it difficult for the Spanish horses to maneuver, ultimately forcing a rare retreat on the part of the Conquistadors.

At the conclusion of your tour, you will take part in a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience in the sacred valley, specially catered for you at the Huayoccari Hacienda. You will take part in a demonstration of local vegetables and home-style cooking. Owned by Jose Ignacio Lambarri, who will share with us his family art collection or colonial art gathered over half a century, you will have the opportunity to take part in a special lunch at the hacienda, which will be made from fresh produce from the actual plantation. The current inhabitant of the house, the Lambarri-Oriehuela family will be your host on this very special occasion. In this visit you will learn, touch and taste some of the main vegetables farmed in this area. You will then learn about the unique ways that the Chefs are using the great variety of special natural products including an endless variety of potatoes and other delicious vegetables.

After lunch, we head out to the bustling market-town of Chinchero, your final visit today. The town of Chinchero is the the Birthplace of the Rainbow, situated at over 11,500 feet. Its extensive agricultural terraces made it, in Incan times, the breadbasket of Cusco city. The main sight to see at this location is a catholic church, with fine paintings from the Cusquenian School. Modern Chinchero has a very active community of women weavers who create textiles on backstrap looms using only natural dyes. The weavers make fine, high quality mantas, table runners, pillows, bags, belts, and scarves in soft natural colors.

At the end of the day you will go back to Cusco.

Meal plan: Breakfast and lunch.

Day 6: Train ride and sightseeing tour

The day you have been waiting for! After breakfast at your hotel, you will catch the train to the town of Aquas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu.

You will then continue by bus for the short ride up switch backs to the Machu Picchu citadel overhead. We enter the ruins for a breathtaking view of the city in the sky. You will enjoy a full tour of the lost city and have lunch on your own after the tour.

In the afternoon, you say farewell to Machu Picchu as you set out by train heading to the station at Poroy and then back to your Cusco Hotel by car arriving at night.

Meal plan: Breakfast and snack.

Day 7: Internal flight, restaurant trips, Pisco tasting, free time

After breakfast at your hotel in Cusco, you will be picked up at your hotel and taken directly to the airport in order to catch your short, one-hour flight back to the capital city of Lima. Once you arrive in Lima, you will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel.

Once you have had a chance to check-in, you will then be met in the lobby, in order to be taken on your Japanese fusion lunch at one of Limas best Japanese-Peruvian restaurants.

After lunch, you will be taken back to your hotel in order to rest and enjoy the remainder of the afternoon, free at your leisure.

In the evening, you will once again be met at your hotel and taken on your Pisco Tasting and dinner at Malabar.

Pisco is Perus national drink and liquor so versatile that it can be enjoyed alone or mixed with fruits from which we make amazing Pisco Martinis. You will learn to prepare these new, trendy pisco-based drinks with exotic fruits in addition to the traditional Pisco Sour at one of Limas hottest spots: Malabar restaurant. Tasting good Pisco is like tasting wine, you will be able to learn about the different grapes and grape combinations that are used in the preparation of Pisco through a guided tasting by an expert sommelier. Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will present his new cuisine using jungle ingredients after tasting the most important varieties of Pisco. You will also learn how to make both the traditional Pisco Sour and a Pisco Sour made with Exotic fruits.

After your pisco experience, you will enjoy a delicious, yet exotic Amazon fusion dinner, made by the pioneer chef in this culinary field.

At the conclusion of dinner, you will be taken back to your hotel for the remainder of the evening.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 8: City trip, restaurant trips, free time, departure

After your final breakfast in Lima, you will be met at your hotel lobby and taken on your culinary shopping tour through the city of Lima.

You will shop for recipe books and ingredients for you to prepare at home the Peruvian dishes you learned to make during your trip.

At the conclusion of your shopping tour, you will be taken on your closed-door lunch at Sankuay Restaurant. This is the non-traditional stop at a Puerta Cerrada (Close door) restaurant so dont bother to look for a sign outside. We will just say the chefs name when the door cracks open. Here Chef Javier Wong will personally prepare you lunch at his 8-table Sankuay restaurant, located is his three-story home steps away from a wide avenue lined with tire and rim vendors in Limas industrial La Victoria district. Behind a spotless white counter, wearing his signature woven golf cap, Wong will start chopping with his $900-Victorinox knife and mixing fragrant ingredients with the freshest fish. There are no menus at Sankuay. Wong, who was born of Chinese ancestry, will determine your first and second courses with a quick glance at your party.

At the conclusion of lunch, you will be taken back to your hotel in order for you to enjoy the remainder of the afternoon, free at your leisure. Seeing how this is your last day in Peru, this free-time will allow you to prepare for your flight back home, or tie up any lose ends that have yet to be done.

In the evening, you will be picked up at your hotel, and after a quick check-out, be taken on your farewell Nikkei at Costanera 700 Restaurant, one of the premier restaurants in all of Peru. You will have an eye opening dinner at the restaurant of the chef who was the first to merge these two amazing food cultures in Peru. You will experience the Japanese and Asian influence in the Peruvian Cuisine. Japanese taught Peruvian how to eat fresh fish and the use of seafood and the next generation of Japanese adopted Peruvian ingredients and fusion them with their techniques. The result was a wonderful Cuisine that takes the best of both worlds.

At the conclusion of dinner, your trip to Peru winds to a close as we transport you back to Jorge Chavez airport, in order for you to catch your flight back home.

Meal plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Afternoon museum tour in Lima
  • Culinary shopping tour through the city of Lima
  • Enjoy a grand tour of the city of Cusco
  • Explore the main market in Lima
  • Lima guided tour
  • Travel to the Urubamba Valley also known as Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Visit Pisac market in Cusco
  • Visit the Inca town of Ollantaytambo

Astrid Y Gaston Restaurant, Lima

Astrid and Gaston discovered in themselves a mission to experiment with Peruvian ingredients, draw their inspiration from local traditions, and claim and value a style of gastronomy that every day unveiled itself before their amazed eyes. Today, Astrid and Gaston Acurio carry that same banner not just at Astrid & Gaston, but also in other Peruvian concept restaurants. Chef: Gaston Acurio. Culinary activity: Peruvian fusion.

Costanera 700 Restaurant, Lima

You will have an eye opening dinner at the restaurant of the chef who was the first to merge traditional Latin and Japanese cuisine and take the best from two amazing food cultures. This restaurant offers an excellent variety of traditional Peruvian Creole seafood dishes along with delicious Japanese specialties such as sushi and tempura. Chefs: Humberto Sato & Yaquir Sato. Culinary activity: Nikkei.

El Rincon Que No Conoces Restaurant, Lima

One of the best places in town to have the most authentic typical criolla lunch. Menu includes Peruvian staple dishes such as anticuchos, papa a la huancaina, humitas, among many other dishes that Teresa Izquierdo prepares in this wonderful hidden gem. Chef: Teresa Izquierdo. Culinary activity: Criolla lunch.

El Senorio De Sulco Restaurant, Lima

Owner Isabel lvarez and executive chef Flavio Solrzano, respectively mother and son, have brought into El Seoro de Sulco a long family tradition of fine cooking for more than 20 years. Their cuisine both recovers and preserves the authenticity of Peruvian dishes, and combines local flavours and tastes with modern culinary techniques to create original recipes that maintain a strong Peruvian stamp. Chef: Flavio Solorzano. Culinary activity: Introduction to Peruvian cuisine.

Hacienda Huayoccari Restaurant, Cusco

A blend of Spanish traditions with indigenous customs inherited since the dawn of time, this plantation manor is a perfect spot to sample life in the country, learn about typical locally harvested products and admire the colourful flora. This visit culminates with a superb meal prepared with fresh produce of the plantation. The current inhabitants of the house, the Lambarri-Orihuela family, will be your hosts. Chef: Ana Maria Lambarri. Culinary activity: Demonstration of local vegetables and home-style cooking.

La Bonbonniere Restaurant, Lima

La Bonbonniere was founded 53 years ago and it is considered a traditional culinary landmark. It was initially conceived to be a place for teatime founded by a French couple in 1953. Many years later Marissa Giulfo along with Chef Jorge Ossio Giulfo decided to remodelled it and renovate the menu keeping its roots. Now the Bonbonniere is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, keeping tea time as the highlight event of the day. Chef: Marisa Giulfo. Culinary activity: Peruvian lonche or tea time.

La Casa De Don Cucho Restaurant, Lima

The restaurant serves old traditional dishes cooked using the old traditional techniques. In the chef's words, in his restaurant "we don't play as being the Chef" so, be ready to have a big generous dish. Chef: Cucho La Rosa. Culinary activity: Ceviche festival.

La Cicciolina Restaurant, Cusco

This restaurant with Mediterranean influence is divided in three different areas. The "Bodega" (a store) where you can find the most exclusive ingredients you can find in Cusco such as prosciuttos and fine cheeses and jams. A tapas Bar, where you can enjoy a wine and appetizer in a very relaxed place. Chef: Luis Alberto Sacilotto. Culinary activity: Mediterranean-Novoandina.

La Gloria Restaurant, Lima

With a homely feel the restaurant provides exquisite dishes with a Mediterranean feel - the dishes are fused with a variety of delicious local cuisine. They use characteristic ingredients such as olive oil, basil, aubergines, peppers and fresh fishes, as well as the appropriate Mediterranean spices. Chef: Luis Alberto Sacilotto. Culinary activity: Mediterranean.

La Trattoria Di Mambrino Restaurant, Lima

This is considered the best Italian restaurant in Lima. It offers the best home made pastas served with exquisite traditional and non-traditional sauces made with typical Peruvian ingredients. Also, in our opinion the best Desserts selection in all of Peru. Their selection is so extensive and complete that is very difficult to decide. Chefs: Sandra Plevisani & Ugo Plevisani. Culinary activity: Dessert festival.

Le Cordon Bleu Peru Cooking School, Lima

The multi-cultural environments at the Le Cordon Bleu schools, as well as our Chefs' exposure to other international professionals in their travels, allow both students and instructors to expand their culinary and gastronomic horizons. Chefs: Pierre Marchand, Cecilia Aragaki, Gloria Hinostroza, Jose Meza. Culinary activity: Introduction to Peruvian cuisine.

Malabar Restaurant, Lima

The style of Malabar is directly related to the products that the Chef uses from all the different regions of our country. His objective is to recover, rediscover, and promote the products that have a high gastronomical potential. His dishes not only express the variety that we have but also showcase his new creations that seek to innovate and rediscover our traditional dishes. Chef: Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Culinary activity: Amazon fusion.

Map Caf, Cusco

The MAP Caf is located at the Museum de Arte Precolombino (Museum of Pre-Inca art) in Cuzco. Specializing in Novoandino cuisine and presenting the use of native ingredients and rescued recipes with innovative dishes. The MAP is a new museum with an Impressive private collection of pre-Colombian pieces. The restaurant offers great sophisticated Peruvian-cuisine. Chef: Coque Ossio. Culinary activity: Novoandina.

Pachamanca Class, Lima

A lamb or a baby goat (or both), previously seasoned and wrapped in banana leaves filled with stuffed birds, corn on the cob, etc; is set in the middle bed of the pit. Then sweet potatoes, yuccas, potatoes, one or two goat cheeses also wrapped in banana leaves are added; and an air-tight clay pot containing drumsticks, salted rice, peppers and the fat needed to cook can even be placed in with vegetables. Chef: Jesus M. Gutarra. Culinary activity: Pachamanca.

Rafael Restaurant, Lima

The fusion of aromas, tastes and sensations from all over the globe, with strict standards of quality and the utmost respect for the purity of every ingredient, makes Rafael a uniquely diplomatic restaurant. Besides his vast knowledge of French food, he incorporates the inborn taste of Peruvian cuisine and the experience acquired throughout his extensive travels. Experimentation is the base of his creative work. Chef: Rafael Osterling. Culinary activity: Author fusion.

Sankuay Restaurant, Lima

This is the non-traditional stop at a "Puerta Cerrada" (Close doors) restaurant so don't bother to look for a sign outside. Here Chef Javier Wong will personally prepare you lunch at his 8-table restaurant. There are no menus at Sankuay. Wong, who was born of Chinese ancestry, he will determine your first and second courses with a quick glance at your party. Chef: Javier Wong. Culinary activity: Lunch at Puerta Cerada.

If you are interested in hiking the Huaynapichu, you will need you to let Magical Cuzco Tours know at the same time you book your trip since the Huaynapichu tickets need to be purchased in conjunction to the MachuPicchu tickets. Entrance tickets to Huaynapichu are no longer free. There are two scheduled visits per day, with a limit of 200 people per visit (total of 400 per day).

  • 3 nights accommodation in Cusco
  • 4 nights accommodation in Lima
  • 5 dinners
  • 5 lunches and 1 snack
  • Daily breakfast
  • Entrance fees
  • Excursions as per the itinerary
  • Expert guide and support personnel
  • Round bus trip to Machu Picchu
  • Round-trip Vistadome train
  • Airport taxes
  • Any kind of insurance
  • Excess baggage charges
  • International and domestic airfare
  • Medical immunizations
  • Personal expenses
  • Visas

Arrival by airplane

The nearest airport to the location is Jorge Chvez International Airport (LIM). Magical Cuzco Tours will pick you up from the airport. The pick-up is included in the price.


  • Review by Heide Wiegel

    "The tour was amazing. The itinerary fit us and our time frame perfectly. All the hotels and food were first class. We loved our guides as well as all the drivers. The guides were very knowledgeable and we learned a lot about the land and its people. We can only recommend Magical Cuzco Tours and Ana Maria Calderon. She was open to our wishes and helped us with air schedules and travel insurances. Absolutely nothing went wrong for us on the trip."

    Tour Radar website, edited

  • Review by Andrew Hopkins

    "I am back from an amazing week in Peru and I used Magical Cuzco Tours' services for visiting Cuzco and Machu Picchu. I wouldn't have enjoyed my time there so much if I did not travel with this company. They are on the top of everything: tours, guides, transportations, hotels. No details was missed! I strongly recommend Magical Cuzco Tours if you are planning a trip to Peru."

    Tour Radar website, edited

  • Review by Cameron Lepore

    "Hi everyone! I am just back from an amazing trip to Peru. Everything was amazing, my kids really enjoyed the trip especially the water park in Lima and the bike tour. The food was absolutely amazing, my wife took Peruvian cuisine classes and she is really excited about it.; she keeps cooking Peruvian food at home. That's why I highly recommend this company's services."

    Tour Radar website, edited

  • Review by Matt LaFortune

    "I just returned from a week-long trip to Peru with Magical Cuzco Tours. Everything about the trip was amazing. The itinerary was perfect for us, the guides were knowledgeable and always on-time, and the accommodations were first-rate. Since it was our honeymoon, we received upgrades to matrimonial suites at two of the (already very high quality) hotels.While everyone who helped us with our trip was fantastic, our guide in Lima, Adrian, and our driver in Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Enrique, were particularly hospitable. Enrique gave us basic Spanish lessons on a few of our longer drives and was one of the most genuinely kind people we've met. I could not recommend Magical Cusco Tours more highly."

    Tour Radar website, edited

  • Review by Anna

    "The Inca Trail with Magical Cuzco Tours was awesome, we spent 3 days hiking and all the details were arranged perfectly! After the trek, we stayed in Cusco for a couple of days and the city tour was great; their guides are extremely knowledgeable and you fell they really take care of you. I would recommend Magical Cuzco Tours to all my friends, family and all the people who are looking for a unique travel experience in Peru!"

    Tour Radar website, edited

  • Review by Daniel Scovotti from United States

    "I would like to thank you for a very special trip. I had an exceptional time and with every day that went by I was taken back by so many unexpected experiences. By far you have opened my eyes to a beautiful country, culture and exceptional cuisine. Coming from a culinary back ground I appreciated learning about the many flavors Peru has to offer.Looking back I have to say that you run a top notch company. Everything was planned out to perfection from the time we arrived to the moment we left. I have traveled to many places and I have never felt safer as I did in Peru, from great dinners in Lima to the market places outside of Cusco, and I will never forget climbing the hills of Machu Picchu. These will be great memories that I will take with me forever."

    Taste of Peru website, edited

  • Review by John Krall from United States

    "Thanks so much for all you did to make such a wonderful and valuable culinary experience for us all. We all truly appreciate it. Each day was a great surprise exceeding all expectations, and of course I loved the thoughtful presents! I look forward to seeing you again soon as we start to put together the charity event. Thanks again for all that you did for us in making a most memorable trip."

    Taste of Peru website, edited

  • Review by Mike Dolan from United States

    "Just a note to thank you and your staff for a truly 'magical' culinary education tour of Peru. It could not have been easy to arrange such a tour for a group of professional chefs. Our group, Club Chefs of Westchester, did not quite know what to expect from Peruvian cuisine on arrival but I can testify that we were all blown away by the depth and quality of this wonderful food. Our guides and assistants were all friendly and efficient and our culinary instructors were generally first rate. Add to this the incomparable vistas of the Andes and you have a spectacular recipe for a magnificent tour. Thanks again."

    Taste of Peru website, edited

  • Review by George and Kay from United States

    "Oh, what we would give to come back. But the magic of our group could not be repeated. Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime gourmet journey we will always cherish!"

    Taste of Peru website, edited

  • Review by Betty Serow from United States

    "What a wonderful trip this was. The variety was exceptional because the program included both the culinary and the archaeological. The chefs we worked with were talented and accommodating, and every morsel we ate was wonderful. The guides were knowledgeable and so pleasant to be with, and each seemed to go out of his way to make our experiences good ones. Machu Picchu and the other Inca ruins were amazing. The location of the Lima hotel, right across from the supermarket and within walking distance of the markets, was wonderful. It was also great to go shopping at the market with Cucho before preparing our meal."

    Taste of Peru website, edited

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