Loire Kitchen's culinary holidays are born from the belief in having a good time, and that life is at its best when you are able to pursue what you love most.

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Aaron Tighe

Reviews (2)

Michael Peters

from Great Britain, July 2019

"A relaxing break in the beautiful Loire valley"

What made the experience stand out from other cooking courses we have been on was the engaging company and extremely personal level of service provided by Aaron and Wayne. The food we cooked was more-or-less tailored to the requests we had made prior to arriving. We came away with some new recipes and skills in the kitchen, but also relaxed and invigorated after a few days of great food, delicious wine and the feeling of generally being very well looked-after!

Elena Nicholson

from Canada, July 2019

"Cooking, laughing and eating at Loire Kitchen."

I brought my 15 year old daughter on this cooking experience to introduce her to different palettes, flavours and techniques for preparing some of the same ingredients we use at home in Toronto, Canada. She is not a cook but I am and came for similar reasons.

Aaron is a lovely man, He is genuine, warm and cares about the people he works with. The atmosphere in his kitchen is relaxing and inviting; not clinically industrial. His approach was firmness wrapped in encouragement and enthusiasm. Aaron loves his craft. He is not rigid or controlling either of technique or of presentation. He's funny and laughter permeates his kitchen. Because of this my daughter was not only willing to learn but wanted to try her creations even though they were completely foreign to her palate and she would never have considered them at home.

The company at meal time was marvelous and relaxing. We felt at home rather than as guests who only show up to participate in what they have paid for. No one hurried the meal and conversation flowed freely - very nice.

My daughter feels that once she leaves home, she can shop on her own, prepare a delicious meal and keep within a budget. The kitchen is no longer a fearful place. We absolutely recommend Aaron and Loire Kitchen to those who can cook and those who need to learn.