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Live Spicy Culinary Adventures

Live Spicy Culinary Adventures hosts small groups of foodies, emphasizing cultural immersion with regional cooking classes, day-treks and local guided adventures in Costa Rica.

Instructors 1

Ina Lejins

As a hospitality chef, Ina has cooked for many travelers over the years. What she hears, time and again, is that some of the best memories people take home with them are the meals savored and the company they have kept.

Testimonials 4

Dan G.

Live Spicy Culinary Adventures

Wow, the days flew by! I had a really great time, you did a really top notch job of organizing our adventures, fitting in so many incredible sights and new experiences. The cooking classes were wonderful, not to mention, dining on the balcony with those incredible views! I will also long remember the progressive dinner night and pub-hopping in the village... Two words: Woolly bully!

Heidi S.

Thumbtack website

We have attended two Live Spicy cooking classes so far. Chef Ina's culinary creations were a delight for the senses, and she presented her innovative recipes and methods in a way that gave us the confidence to take them home and try them ourselves. Two foodie thumbs up!

David S.

Thumbtack website

I have enjoyed the Spicy Adventures greatly and love the format. I only wish they were more often!

Chelsea M.

Thumbtack website

I have attended a few Live Spicy events in Kauai and each one has been great! The food is always delicious, fresh, healthy, and unique. The presentation is beautiful as well. Chef Ina definitely has a knack for mixing food with art!

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