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Lifestyle Vacations

Lifestyle Vacations offers authentic hands-on cooking classes along with gourmet and cultural tours that feature the French culture and traditions.

Culinary Vacations 16

Instructors 5

Corinne Preteur

Corinne is a self-trained cook. She's been cooking since in her young age, helping her mother in the family kitchen. She improved her skills later when she had a chance to work with many Michelin-star chefs, and celebrity cooks in France and abroad. She's been a member of the French Library in Boston for 20 years. She has created several food and wine festivals celebrating the French cuisine in this city, and this is how she met Julia Child! Corinne has been running cooking and baking classes in France for more than 10 years.

Chef Myriam

Chef Myriam belongs to the generation of cooks who learnt cooking and baking through parents and grands parents.

Danièle Delpeuch

Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch started to cook at the age of 19 when she got married. Danièle is the first person in France to offer cooking class in her farm in Périgord in 1974. She went to the USA in the early 80's to run cooking classes. Then she met Julia Child and many others. In 1987 she met the Michelin-star Chef Joël Robuchon, and was appointed for two years at Elysées. The next year, she left France again for 12 months, to cook on a scientific base camp in Antartica. At 75, Danièle is now the Ambassador of the Perigord cuisine at the international, and she cooks for celebrity people.

Ariane Crueks

Ariane Crueks is a native from Provence, who has a great experience in hiking and mountaineering around the world. She will be the tour guide of the program.

Testimonials 5

a traveler USA

TripAdvisor website

It was a exquisite and fantastic experience. I had taken a tour with Corinne two years prior and had a wonderful experience. This time, it was just the two of us. My birthday was also during the week of the tour and Corinne made me feel so special. I appreciated all the attention to detail, cooking instructions, the private tours given and friendship built during the trip. I highly recommend this and am going to make this a yearly trip :)

Tracy L.

TripAdvisor website

I visited Paris and took an incredible pastry class with Corinne. She was wonderful, she catered to all experience levels and made the class fun, exciting and engaging for me and my 11 & 9 year old daughters. We had the best time, and continue to bake on our own at home!! I highly recommend.

a traveler France

TripAdvisor website

I wish to thank Corinne, from the bottom of my heart, for the most wonderfully inspirational deliciously educational day. From the moment you collected me, I felt complete warmth and knew this day would be just a great one. one of the best i would experience whilst in Paris. And, that it was, plus more. you truly provided me with so much insight to not only Fontainebleu and Vaux le Vicomte, but to the history and other places to see, wine and dine in Paris, to ensure that my visit to your country would be one of memorable. And, thanks to you, yes, it was. your tour and my time with you, will be forever in my heart and a very cherished and special memoir of my time in Paris 2016. Thank you. A bientot !

Bethe Connecticut

TripAdvisor website

Several years ago, my husband and I (foodie wannabes) went to France and on our last day, Corinne brought us on a food tour in Paris. She was such a gracious, knowledgeable, and well-connected host. She picked us up since we didn't have a car and brought us to a charming area of Paris where we walked the streets and went to shop after shop, tasting, learning, meeting wonderful food experts (even the mayor of cheese), and collected a wonderful picnic lunch that we had al-fresco next to a beautiful fountain.

For a moment, we felt French. I took many pictures, but none do the day justice. I regret not writing a review right away about our wonderful experience and am now in the middle of planning a trip to England and am not sure we can top our perfect day in Paris. So, if you are going to France, I highly recommend you take the time to have a perfect day with Corinne, as well. Corinne, thank you so much for a memory of a lifetime that we cherish.

Sue Australia

TripAdvisor website

I would highly recommend this 3-hour walking tour around the Latin Quarter in Paris. Corrinne knows all the local shop keepers and was very generous in providing us with beautiful food to taste, including lunch with wine.

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