Les Soeurs Anglaises

For more than 11 years,Les Soeurs Anglaises have been offering superb workshop leaders & accommodation in which to (re)discover your innate creativity,

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Louise Pickford

Louise has been writing about and styling food for over 25 years. She began cooking and styling food for photography in London and relocated to Sydney, Australia where she was involved in styling the props for shoots as well as the food, dividing her time between freelance commissions and working as a food editor on several glossy magazine. Recently Louise and Ian relocated to SW France where they continue to work together for clients around the world.

Ian Wallace

After a successful career as a director of photography, specializing in food and lifestyle programs, Ian returned to his first passion, stills photography. He built a very successful career working in both London and Sydney for clients that included all the main book publishers, magazine titles and Sunday newspaper supplements, shooting a mixture of editorial, packaging, and advertising. Ian's main photography hero is war journalist, Don McCullen, and he also admires fellow food and lifestyle photographers, Sharyn Cairns and Con Poulos.

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Susan Hungerford United States

Les Soeurs Anglaises website

Thank you all for the fabulous week at your idyllic location! Everything was perfect - the accommodation, the food, the weather, but especially the company - you all, and the magic group that came together. A truly memorable experience and Les Soeurs Anglaises were the catalysts. I look forward very much to returning to enjoy again your hospitality....

Barbara Colvin California, USA

Les Soeurs Anglaises website

The fact that I have come to 4 workshops in 6 years is probably the strongest testimonial to how much I enjoy them, no matter what the subject. I am a “creative generalist,” and I love immersing myself in Les Soeurs Anglaises ’workshops. The instructors are not only superb craftspeople but also terrific teachers. The camaraderie and collaboration with the other students—people I would never otherwise meet—is amazing. I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes Les Soeurs Anglaises so magical, but if I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say it’s transformative. You can participate without any particular background or skillset, and the things you create almost seem like a bonus.

Deborah Taffler United Kingdom

Les Soeurs Anglaises website

In the insanity of my oh-too-fast-paced consulting world, the Les Soeurs Anglaises experience has become my own personal retreat - somewhere I can simply escape to, in the company of like minded folk, where I’m received by warm hosts who treat me to wonderful food and wine, while feeling fulfilled and rewarded by the ‘making’ process. Les Soeurs Anglaises has proven a fantastic ‘treat’ for me a number of times and on so many levels. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, the quality and variety of the courses they provide is extraordinary; taught by people who are so very skilled, with the patience and generosity to pass on those skills to ‘beginners' yet managing to fulfill the needs of some of us who are already a little more practiced in their craft. Following a close second, the venue itself: Les Soeurs marries the most glorious surroundings in the form of gardens, pools and a lovely traditional 'maison de maitre’, with a fantastic contemporary studio space that opens on to gentle vistas. These are complemented by very comfortable bedrooms, and scrumptious catering by the lovely, welcoming ’Soeurs’ that sees me gaining weight every time I return! Lastly, but by no means unimportantly, teaching time is interspersed with various trips and dinner out, so that one not only experiences a real flavour of the locale, but also the opportunity to shop for some wonderful local goodies.

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