La Mezzaluna organizes fun and informal authentic Tuscan cooking classes and culinary vacations in Tuscany.

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8 Days All Inclusive Cooking and Wine Tours in Tuscany

May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2019
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    Instructors (1)

    Rita Lucherini

    Reviews (19)

    Julie Kelly

    from United States, November 2018

    "Perfect Girl Retreat"

    Meeting new friends over excellent wine and food.

    Barbara Salins

    from United States, September 2018

    "Best vacation ever"

    Just th right combination of cooking lessons, sightseeing and relaxing

    Anita Fatchett

    from United Kingdom, September 2018

    "Traditional cooking in Tuscany"

    This week gave a broad and enjoyable introduction to everyday traditional dishes. The programme was so arranged as to see the food journey from soil to table and to appreciate the local life, history and influences of the area.

    Emy Huseby

    from Germany, September 2018

    My heart is full in thinking back on our time with Rita, Alex and Ricardo! Rita has a spirit so stunningly beautiful and a home so incredibly welcoming that our whole group came in as strangers, felt immediately cared for, nourished and welcomed, so we settled in as if we were at our favorite family home and had the best time ever getting to know each other, laughing, singing, being silly, cooking, and relaxing. We left as best friends planning our next reunion! Rita read our energy levels and both showed us how to do more than we thought possible and provided the perfect times of relaxation when we needed it. Her patience and joy was such a delight with half of our group not being the cooking type and who were more there for the fun and food :-) - she gave us both in full measure!! The food was plentiful, delicious and so much fun to make. We were there in the high heat of August, but the nights cooled down beautifully. The location is gorgeous. This was a short stop for us in a 3 week European tour, but this was, no question, the highlight! Thank you again, Rita! Hugs and can't wait to do it again!!

    Doree Armstrong

    from United States, August 2018

    "Wonderful culinary and excursion vacation!"

    Rita, our host and cooking instructor was extremely welcoming and kind! I thoroughly enjoyed the week learning and making pasta, fish, pizza, pastry tarts and our excursions to neighboring regions. Rita even added a few items to the cooking lessons that I had never experienced- ie. Octopus! Also, enjoyed being in a fun group of individuals from other countries...lots of laughs, singing and wine!! This is my third cooking school vacation in Italy, it was great to experience and learn different techniques/styles compared to instructors from other regions throughout Italy.

    Amy Freshour

    from Belgium, August 2018

    "Home away from home, without the cleaning"

    The program is excellent for a first introduction to Italian cooking and Tuscany. Rita is super friendly and you feel immediately at home, only you don't have to clean up the mess in the kitchen :-) We were busy with nice activities besides cooking and eating, but also had enough free time to rest. Friends and family would also stop by for visits and sometimes dinner, adding to the homey feel. I had luck that there were several festivals so the evenings were also fun. And the wine is almost never-ending, starting with an aperitif around 11 am til as late as you want. The airport pick-up/drop-off service is also great. Overall an excellent worry-free vacation!

    Beth Hunt

    from United States, May 2018

    "A life-changing experience"

    I have, for my entire adult life, dreamed of taking a culinary vacation in Tuscany. My time at La Mezza Luna met the expectations of that dream within the first few hours. Rita is genuine, hilarious, kind and a fantastic teacher. She became part of our group, interacting with us, sharing personal stories and getting to know us. The recipes she guided us through were both complex and simple -- but they were all delicious and, more importantly, doable by home-chefs. Rita's partner Alex was part of our group, as well. He kept the wine flowing and the karaoke machine warmed up. I can't say enough about this experience. I will never forget a single moment.

    James Fazio

    from United States, September 2017

    All-inclusive Rustic Tuscan Nirvana. Measured in terms of hospitality, quality and quantity of recipe preparation, value, and excursions, if rated from 0-5, this goes to 11! We took the 7-day course. Obligatory pasta, pizza, and tiramisu instructions were simple and glorious. Chef Rita offered the opportunity to craft other menus to personal tastes. We chose more rustic variations. All exceeded expectations. Whether it was going to the market, off-the-beaten-path journeys, or to the Vinery for a drink, we felt part of Tuscany. Brilliant/super/awesome experience!

    Richard Essig

    from United States, November 2018

    "It was a great meeting of new people from diverse places."

    For me, I did not participate in the class, Instead I took pictures and ate the creations and the wine! Rita provided the group with various tours of local places that were my other highlights.

    Sheila Mouna

    from United Kingdom, August 2018

    "1st Solo visit to Mezza Luna "

    As a novice solo traveller I found the experience really refreshing. I felt at home straight away and was made feel very welcome. The cooking experience mixed with touring the local area was perfect, Rita and Alex make a great team. I highly recommend this trip, especially for female solo travellers.

    Riberton Mendez

    from United States, August 2018

    " Rita, Ricardo and Alex were AWESOME."

    Staying at La Mezzaluna did not feel like a hotel or a school, I felt I was visiting relatives who would invite me to cook with them.

    The story of how I ended up going on this trip is an interesting one but I wouldn't change the outcome for anything in the world.

    Rita was AWESOME (inside joke for the amazing group who went to this trip).

    Her level of energy and patience was unparalleled to anyone, and the other attendees made me feel, as a solo traveler, I was meant to be with them.

    The food was great, wine was always present, and now I wish I paid more attention to the pie making lessons.

    Overall it was a great experience.

    Angee Walberry

    from United States, July 2018

    "Best vacation of my life!"

    Rita is an Italian treasure! She made us immediately feel like a part of her family. The classes are wonderful, Alex’s wines are delicious, and the food is delectable!

    Maggie Bloom

    from United Kingdom, May 2018

    "Superb experience"

    Rita was the perfect hostess; She was a natural, and Alex provided fantastic evenings of entertainment. I learnt so much about cooking delicious Italian recipes and made some fantastic friends who I will keep in contact with

    Annie Kingston

    from United Kingdom, May 2018

    "Hugely enjoyable stay cooking with Rita "

    Rita is very warm and welcoming. She is a fantastic host and knows her Italian cooking and passes down recipes that have gone down generation to generation. The day started with breakfast and we ended up (on a five day/4 night stay course) of visiting local towns on three of the mornings. The group was a nice size of six. We spent two afternoons making various pastas and sauces along with Focaccia bread on one of them, and pizza's on the second.

    Philippa Thompson

    from United Kingdom, May 2018

    "Excellent hopitality and value for money"

    Rita was a delight to be with, very attentive and worked tirelessly to look after us. From the meet and greet at the airport, to serving drinks and guiding us around the towns she was great. The cookery lessons were lots of fun, very informative and the food we had delicious. Rita is obviously very knowledgably and happy to guide and support through all the cooking process. Breakfast was good, the all inclusive drinks great and the general atmosphere very relaxed and enjoyable. The 4 visits to the towns and villages were excellent, Rita really supported us with these and again tried very hard to provide a quality visit and experience. All in all a really fun, positive and learning experience. Well done Rita :-)

    Kathy O'reilly

    from Australia, April 2018

    The whole 5 days were fabulous. From the location, scenery, atmosphere, food, wine, to the other guests. As a first time solo traveller i was made to feel very welcome and inclusive. The other guests were of similar age and we all got on very well. Rita our host was very hospitable and a lot of fun. Loved the sing along night! Thanks for a great experience Rita!

    Wendy Smith

    from Austria, April 2018

    "This was a great expernce!! Rita is a great instructor "

    The food was amazing, the atmosphere was fun and very relaxed. I liked the cooking lessons, the food we made was amazing, the wines. Rita and Alex hosptality. Getting to see/experirence the beauty of northern Tuscany.

    All and all a great experience. A must if you are in Italy!!!!

    Linda Harris

    from Canada, April 2018

    "Cooking with Mama Rita. "

    Welcoming into her home. Hospitality was excellent. Rita and Alex super enteetainment

    Elizabeth Melrose

    from United Kingdom, October 2017

    "Perfect Pasta"

    The teaching, the company, the place... the food...