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Journey Latin America

Journey Latin America is a tour company that offers unforgettable, tailor-made holidays and group tours to every corner of Latin America.

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A traveler

Journey Latin America website

JLA provided great planning from the start to the end, took all the hassle out of booking flights, bus, train and mini bus travel. Included excursions were excellent and well thought out, with a great tour leader.

Travelers UK

Journey Latin America website

Our 3 week holiday was a really wonderful experience throughout. We stayed in 4 countries and visited 2 others and took 10 flight in all - internal, international and transatlantic and miraculously all flights were on time, no baggage was mislaid or delayed and we were always met on arrival which is quite an achievement on such a complicated schedule. LAN and Air France airlines impressed us.

CP London

Journey Latin America website

Sites but it is the colors and flavors of the cities and towns you visit and the warmth and kindness of the people, particularly in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras, that really make this a wonderful trip. There are some long journeys but it is a real opportunity to see life as it is lived by the locals. Visit beautiful islands, see amazing wildlife, try fabulous local food and enjoy these wonderful countries. It's an adventure and an experience.

a traveler Dorking

Journey Latin America website

Hannah was extremely helpful, a great asset to your company. We made quite a few of our own arrangements but would particularly recommend the wine tours in Mendoza, the free walking tours in Buenos Aires... you only pay the tip. We organised two three day outings in Bariloche. The seven lakes, a day up to my. Tronador, which was fantastic and a trip to Victoria Island, all excellent.

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