Jane Parker Nutrition offers Paleo yoga retreats, whole body healing retreats, and juice cleanse in a luxurious Cornish venue.

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4 Days Healthy Cookery and Yoga Weekend Retreat in Cornwall, UK

March 29-April 1 | May 3-6 | July 12-15, 2019

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Jane Parker

Denise Christian

Testimonials (3)

Gilly N

Jane Parker Nutrition and Yoga Retreats

I have had the most amazing life enhancing (if not changing) week of my life at Jane Parker's paleo and yoga retreat. Ill health and stress were getting on top of me and I knew that I needed a total break from my usual diet and routine. I had read that paleo diet is good for correcting autoimmune disease and this is what first attracted me to the retreat, I had also done some yoga so the retreat sounded like bliss. What I was not expecting was a total immersion in another world of holistic therapy and self discovery! Jane, supported by her family, has created a sanctuary in a fabulous old house which is grand on scale but intimate at the same time. I have to say I loved every bit of my therapy packed week, from the expert yoga tuition, delightful therapists (wonderful massages!), total relaxation of the meditation sessions to getting to know the other ladies who became soul mates for the week. This was topped of by Jane's superb food, smoothies and juices; I did not miss any of my usual foods one bit! Jane has helped me immensely and I know I always have someone to turn to who will support me and have my best interests at heart. I can't praise Jane and her husband Nick enough for the experience they have created. If you want a totally wonderful break from the stress of your day to day, be pampered inside and out, while stretching your body and mind then don't hesitate to book a retreat at Costislost! I can't wait to return!

Amanda S.

Jane Parker Nutrition and Yoga Retreats

I was really looking forward to my week at Costislost on the Paleo and Yoga retreat, but I must admit that it went way beyond my expectations. I loved my room which was huge with a lovely 4 poster bed, the bathroom was also spacious and great for a relaxing bath. The house is stunning, with a lovely wood burning fire which we spent some happy times in front of. Jane spent lots of time with us and it was great to discuss both nutrition and other types of wellbeing. Several treatments were included in the week, which were lovely, plus extra treatments were available. Both the Ashtanga Yoga in the morning and the evening Hatha yoga were taught by lovely ladies, and I enjoyed both. I experienced my first Gong Meditation therapy which is also included. The food, juices and smoothies supplied by Jane were all delicious, and happily we came away with many of the recipe’s.

Having arrived feeling quite exhausted from life, I left feeling energised and looking forward to implementing lots of what I had learnt into my daily routine.

Another bonus was meeting the lovely ladies who were also on the retreat, who always gave encouragement and support. I would definitely return to do it all again!

Helen T.

Jane Parker Nutrition and Yoga Retreats

It took me a long time to decide to go ahead with the Paleo/Yoga Retreat. I have an auto-immune condition (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) and had read that eating a Paleo type diet may be a way to aid recovery. If I'm honest, the Paleo diet didn't appeal to me at all - I far prefer vegetarian foods. I finally decided to take the plunge and I'm glad I did. It was a wonderful experience. The group was taken care of beautifully in every way. The rooms really are very lovely and luxurious. All details are taken care of, there are even tea lights (small candles) to place around the bath. The food was very special indeed - we all looked forward to the tasty meals on offer. There was much to learn from Jane about following healthy living that won't over tax the body with chemicals. We followed a plan of activities that had a nice balance of free time to do whatever you feel like. Non of the activities are compulsory and after three days of morning Ashtanga yoga, I decided to do 30 minutes of Hatha yoga in my room instead. This wasn't frowned upon in any way. We were encouraged to follow our instincts in terms of what our body needs. A couple of times I felt hungry about 3 hours before our next meal and Jane happily supplied healthy snacks. The evening finished with a meditation and again it was fine if we opted out, no pressure at all. We experienced Gong Meditation one day and that was fabulous! Also, the therapies in your own room were a great addition to the whole experience. Some therapies were included, with the option to book in extra treatments at a very reasonable cost. At the end of the week the whole group felt transformed and we vowed to return for a reunion. Whether the reunion happens or not, I think it's fair to say, it was a very special, successful and highly enjoyable week!