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Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain offers a variety of culinary vacations in Saint Lucia.

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Jade Mountain is one of a kind! On our way up the mountain, I knew I was on my way to a wonderful place, but I did not know I would be walking into paradise. It was truly magical! The service was great from the time we stepped foot out of our car to the time we got back in the car to leave. The staff, including our private butlers, went out of their way to always make sure we were happy. The resort's architecture was also a site to see! The views were impeccable. Our "sanctuary" was just that. It was beautiful, peaceful, private and had a gorgeous view of the Pitons. Our visit to Jade was a dream honeymoon for us that I will never forget. Thank you, Jade Mountain! We hope to be back soon.

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This was by far one of if not the most spectacular hotel we have ever stayed in. The service was incredible! You have a major domo (butler) assigned to you and they give you a cell phone to call them for whatever you need. The food was amazing, and you could get it as room service for no extra charge. They have many excursions available to be booked through the hotel, including the option of a private, personally tailored tour (which was still a good price and not outrageous!). We booked a star sanctuary and were upgraded to a moon sanctuary even though it was busy season. The views cannot be described in words. It just does not do the place justice to try to put into words the beauty of waking up in the morning with a view of the pitons. We had no issues with bugs while we were there, but if we had they provided bug spray and other items. The room was beautiful and we got turn down service every night. The excursions we did and loved included the"tree to bar" chocolate tour, a "mocha massage" and "chocolate facial" each in the privacy of our sanctuary, and private, personalized tour to see the mud baths, sulphur springs, and waterfalls.