Italy with Relish

Cortona, Italy

Italy with Relish, a family business that deals with small groups of people offering tours & cooking courses that embody & show guests the real beauty of Italy.

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  • Desiree Holla

    Italy with Relish Facebook page

    By far, the best tour I have ever been on! Elisabeth Arthur is next level at her knowledge of the area. Beyond that, she really makes the place come alive and doesn't spew mindless facts. She's the best tour guide and I would highly recommend getting some quality time in with her!

  • Sian United Kingdom

    Italy with Relish website

    Jennifer and I had a wonderful time, aiding and abetted by that bloke with a white apron on, I think his name was Jonathon but can't be sure...

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    Italy with Relish website

    I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for the good time that we had in Italy with you. I love being in a situation where there are new thoughts and ideas. you did well. keep on taking care of us poor American tourists.

  • Marie Zimbabwe

    Italy with Relish website

    The villa was wonderful, the surroundings perfect, it was lovely to see everyone relaxing in the sunshine, at the house, at the table, in the gardens and round the pool. Just perfect. Our meals too, thanks to you, Erichetta, Lizzie and Sarah, were a delight. The girls are still talking about making pasta and gnocchi, and they loved their pizza excursion too.

  • Julie United Kingdom

    Italy with Relish website

    Pam and I are now a whizz at pasta and the Choc pud has gone down a storm with our families. We really enjoyed our experience. Thank you again!

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