Italy Farm Stay

Pescosolido, Italy

Italy Farm Stay is an organic farm situated at the foot of a beautiful mountain in the Abruzzi National Park. They offer an authentic hands-on Italian cooking experience.

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3 Days Abruzzi Park Cooking and Cheese Vacations in Italy

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  • Kyrstyn United States

    Italy Farm Stay website

    I consider myself fairly well travelled, and have stayed in many different levels of accommodations through the years. I can honestly say that our six-day stay at this farm was one of my most memorable trips ever. In fact, it ranks in my top 5 (the others being trips to South Africa, Egypt, Alaska, and Madagascar). This is a very authentic experience, and while Antonello, his mother Maria, his father Giuseppe, and the volunteers make every effort to provide comfort, interesting activities, educational experiences, and home-grown hospitality, it is a family home - not a resort. If you are looking to be pampered, catered to, and treated like a tourist instead of a visitor, you might want to check out something a little more conventional. Our room was spacious, spotless, and cool enough even though there was no AC (which made me very happy. I hate AC and was glad to get away from the over-conditioned, frigid air that dominates most buildings in the States). We had reliable hot water every day for our shower, the meals that Maria made each night were superb, the range of activities available to us was more than adequate (we thought we might get bored being there for six whole days, but found a perfect balance between time spent on activities and time spent leisurely enjoying the serenity at the farm). At the farm, I slept soundly through each night, which is something that hasn't happened to me in years. We really enjoyed listening to Antonello's stories about things local and far away, and both his mother and father were very generous and charming. My sister and I concluded that we would definitely like to come back to this farm again someday.

  • Cindy United States

    Italy Farm Stay website

    My family enjoyed a wonderful three-night stay at Italy Farm Stay, just outside the Abruzzi National Park. Antonello and his mother, Maria, welcomed us upon our arrival with delicious homemade wine and bread with homemade olive oil. After showing us our room, Antonello gave us a tour of the farm, including many fruit trees that he told us we could pick from anytime, and the animals; goats, sheep, a donkey, chickens and rabbits. Our kids were in heaven! During our stay, we enjoyed several beautiful hikes in the mountains, a delicious (and very cheap) meal cooked by Maria, and other delicious meals in the surrounding area. On our drives, we discovered beautiful little hill towns that could rival the hill towns in Tuscany. In fact, they are better because there are no crowds! This is a lovely undiscovered area of Italy. But the best thing about our trip was the warm hospitality of Antonello and his family. We stayed at many lovely places during a three-week trip to Italy, but Antonello's farm was our favorite!

  • Jannie United States

    Italy Farm Stay website

    My week at Italy Farm Stay was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Fresh from a big North American city, I was immediately mesmerized by the Italian country landscape as I set foot on Antonello’s farm. Fruit trees of all varieties grow in wild abundance here – orange, lemon, cherry, plum, pear, apple, peach, persimmon, pomegranate, and of course, fig. Sweet scents of jasmine invade your senses, while the sounds of distant church bells provide a perfect background to the symphony of horse bells, and the music of other farm animals. I had a wonderful breakfast drinking fresh goat’s milk and a just-laid egg. Wild asparagus and baby artichoke fresh-picked by Antonello’s father, Guiseppe, followed by a few mulberries and wild strawberries as I strolled through the farm. At other times, I would savor cheese just made by the shepherd, along with homemade bread from a neighbor, and homemade wine. I took long walks everywhere, attracted by the beauty of the mountains dotted with country homes, patches of olive groves, vegetable gardens, grapevines, and wheat fields. Sheep and goats grazed on the meadow, here and there elder ladies in country clothes with aprons around their waist meandered about. Italy Farm Stay is not just an organic farm. To me this is the traditional country life at its finest – a lifestyle that seems long forgotten. I look forward to going back! I still remember vividly Guiseppe said, “Slow down, don’t worry. Tomorrow’s another day.”

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