Italian Gourmet

Rome, Italy

Italian Gourmet is a cooking school of Diane Seed, an Italian chef who specializes in Moroccan, Italian, Indian, and Greek cuisine.

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  • Meg Jenkins Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    She (Diane Seed) is also known to those who have been fortunate enough to attend her classes, as a teacher who weaves a spell. At the same time as she shows you how to cook authentic Italian, her fascinating commentary gives you an insider's view of Italian life, interwoven with snippets of Italian history as it interlocks with the story of each dish.

  • Victoria Hislop, UK

    Italian Gourmet website

    The whole experience is informal, but with its continuous stream of history and anecdote stirred in, it's fantastically educational and inspiring.

  • Rupert Mellor, USA

    Italian Gourmet website

    This trip's greatest asset is Seed's encyclopedic knowledge of everything, from the region's mythological significance to the best gelato cafe in Sorrento.The pace is relaxed and the mood is all studied Italian nonchalance.

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