Italian Culinary Institute

Calabria, Italy

Italy's only Institute exclusively for culinary professionals with all-inclusive programs.

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  • Brandon Rizzuto

    Italian Culinary Institute Facebook

    I could speak all day about my time at ici, the food, the culture, the environment. Nothing compares to this one of a kind class. The pictures and words do not compare to the experience. Ici truly represents it's name. Going to italian markets picking fresh food to prepare later, being in the culture, then in the class rooms John is hands on demonstrating superb cooking techniques to best bring out the flavor of each item. Transforming even the utmost simplistic dish to a extraordinary meal. I miss my time there, the bond we shared after being together still holds true. I'm friends with them to this day. If I could venture back to 2009 and do it again, I would. Bouna mangare tutti!!!

  • Carmen United States

    Italian Culinary Institute website

    Attending the ICI was one of the best decisions you will ever make. Not only will you experience and learn regional Italian cuisine at its finest, you will learn how to taste and work with some of the best raw ingredients in the world.At the ICI you work in a hands on environment with some of the top chefs in the world to learn advanced techniques that can be applied to all aspects of cuisine.Located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Italian Culinary Institute is a truly unique experience you can't find anywhere else. If you wish to further your gastronomic prowess, the ICI is the place to go.

  • Rony and Davina Utz Germany

    Italian Culinary Institute website

    For years we had been dreaming about starting a small, artisan ice cream shop. We dove head-first into literature on the theory and science behind ice-cream making and took culinary courses around the world to prepare for our venture.The Intensive Gelato Course at ICI was undoubtedly the best course we took. It was also the only course that was truly independent and unbiased - ICI does not advertise using sponsored ingredients or machines.Instead, they teach you about everything on the market, and let you decide for yourself what is best for your business. It was so valuable to learn how to balance recipes by hand, on paper.Understanding the science behind ice cream ingredients, and how to control them has been essential to refining a recipe without the use of industrial bases. We know what's in our product - and our customers do too.Anyone can make ice cream with industrial ingredients, but it takes a special skill-set to balance your own recipes using only natural ingredients. Thanks to ICI we were able to master these techniques.We are now happy to announce that we opened our first store in May 2014. We are really grateful to Chef John and the team at ICI for their continued support and we truly look forward to returning in the near future for more culinary courses!

  • Youngjoo South Korea

    Italian Culinary Institute website

    In addition to the innovative techniques and recipes at ICI, Chef John's honorable point of view and passion about food still overflows my heart with joy.

  • Vikas Kumar India

    Italian Culinary Institute website

    Being in the industry for the last 17 years and being an Executive Chef for the last 5, I have seen my share of professional kitchens , culinary schools and Chefs. In that context, I was absolutely amazed by the professionalism, the extensive detailing in the course structure, the pro activeness and the kindness of the Chefs and the staff at the ICI.In my book, it would rank as one of the best anywhere in the world, the small size of the batches, the individual attention and the little details at the ICI have left me greatly impressed. I hope and do believe that more and more Chefs from my organisation and other professional kitchens will benefit from the extensive culinary programs at the ICI.I would like to mention a special note of thanks to the versatile and very knowledgeable Chefs John and Nic who went to great lengths to teach us the true essence of real Italian cuisine and were always at hand to answer all our questions and doubts, of which there were plenty of.Lastly, the way I would sum up my brief stint at the ICI is by saying that I come back with a load of new learnings, experiences and friends that I have made for life. I am sure if given another chance, ICI will be my first choice for any other Italian Culinary Program that I might seek. Bravo Chef John, you inspire us greatly and your words: "In Italy my friend, we never eat on an empty stomach!! " will be with me for a very, very long time. So long.

  • Charles Colucci United States

    Italian Culinary Institute website

    Studying at ICI was among the most amazing experiences of my life. I attended courses both as a student and was then invited to be an assistant to Chefs John and Nic. Not only did I get a Great Education but the setting overlooking the Ionian Sea was absolutely marvelous and breathtaking.Chef John's knowledge of Regional Italian Cuisine is second to none and his art of explanation and practical technique is a grand performance. I use the knowledge I acquired daily as a Pizzaiolo at "Il Capo Pizzeria" and also in my own catering business "La Cucina Colucci".I would highly recommend ICI to anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge of Regional Italian Cuisine, Artisan Gelato, Baking & Pastries...the list goes on and on! Saluti

  • Mark McDonald United States

    Italian Culinary Institute website

    The Italian Culinary Institute was the best professional life decision that I have made. Master Chef John Nocita is a true mentor and culinary artist. ICI opened my eyes to a world of cuisine, culture and history that has shaped my culinary career.

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