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Italian Chef Consulting

Italian Chef Consulting offers cooking and pastry courses with one day or full week program plus excursions on Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri, Gragnano, and Pompeii.

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Marc Perez France

TripAdvisor website

My wife and I had been doing this course. It was just amazing. We did many different trips like this but here you can feel the real professionalism - the chef working in different Michelin-star restaurants - and we learn very much things. I highly recommend this trip.

We take the 7-day cooking vacation. Three days are for cooking class and the rest for traveling to the fantastic Amalfi Coast. From the arrival to departure, everything is all organized.

Some of my friends join us in one of the cooking classes (one day cooking option) and they are very happy too.

In the 3 days of cooking we meet fantastic people and we really enjoy the cooking. The chef is available to any request and we did all the menu altogether. Thanks to Chef Salvatore and all the staff.

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Me and my husband last week had one of the best experience of cooking class. We have arrived at the villa at 09:30. The villa is incredible - so luxurious and in the heart of Sorrento near Tasso Squere, where the view on the Sorrento Coast is amazing... On a spectacular terrace, we started the day with a wonderful breakfast cappuccino, croissants, little pastries, juices, and others. The Chef came and start to explain to us the menu of the day. We did all preparation of the food like a professional chef; then, in the end, we cooked dish by dish. After all, we had lunch together on the terrace overlooking the sea. We did many cooking courses in our life, but this one been one of the best. Thanks for all to Chef Salvatore and all the staff. We will come back next year.

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