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Italia Dolce Vita offers uniquely-designed, small-group food and wine tours, and custom trip planning services based on your needs, interest, and budget.

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Susanna and Silvana, I do not know where to begin. The tour was marvelous, with one experience better and different than the other. The places you selected have an incredible mix of the sweet Italian life and the charm and landscape of fairy tales. Of course, it was the intimacy that the two of you brought to it that made it so special. Time permitting, I would join any of your tours any time as they are unique. Let it also be known that Castelfranco has the best spritzs. I should know, Silvana and I indulged.


Italia Dolce Vita website

Thank you so very much, Susanna, for planning the best vacation I have ever been on. You are simply the best!


Italia Dolce Vita website

Thank you, Susanna, for the wonderful arrangements you made for our Italian trip. We hope to go again in 2018 and I trust that you will be willing to lend us your expertise once again.

Peggy and Ken

Italia Dolce Vita website

We thank you, Susanna and Silvana, for giving us the gift of a most unique and wonderful experience in Italy. We treasure each pearl you have given us and our necklace is very long and very luminous. We look forward to more special times in the future and to adding another string to our necklace. May all your endeavors be happy and as successful as this one. Again, we cannot thank you enough for our extraordinary memories.


Italia Dolce Vita website

I wanted to thank you, Susanna, for such a beautiful tour. You are a tour director extraordinaire and I mean that sincerely. You and Silvana were just excellent, excellent, excellent. Thank you also for the photos and email, they're really great. Thanks again for the coffee and the beautiful card.

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