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Into the Tribe offers group travel experiences where you will disconnect from your digital world, reduce stress, focus on social interaction in the physical world, and just enjoy your life.

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Sara Juliana Rodriguez

Into the Tribe Facebook page

Your vibe drives your tribe. Greece was the perfect destination for my very first digital detox! One of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had! Every part of the trip was perfectly planned! It also gave me the opportunity to make new friends on an amazing place and away of any type of distraction, being away of digital devices was the cherry on top! I definitely recommend others to be part of the tribe! Portugal detox here we come!

Elena Cenber Belgium

Into the Tribe Facebook page

Thank you Vincent for a nice adventure in Spain, Barcelona & Monserrat ! Didn't expect that it will be so cool!!! You are doing a great job, so much ideas, unusual activities! This couldn't be better!Hope we will make it again somewhere else in the world!

Aurélien Carré France

Into the Tribe Facebook page

Hi people of the Tribe! Just a few words to say Arrabida - Portugal - was an amazing digital disconnection trip with a bunch of great activities, a wonderful place/hotel, and a flawless customer service. Thanks Vincent for this unexpected experience I would recommend to everyone.

Jackie Brnl

Into the Tribe Facebook page

So far the best option that exists to really leave the monotony and disconnect from EVERYTHING! This one was at Le Berry, really amazing experience, lots of activities for all preferences, the food was local made, and the best is the place, they are really out of the usual. I loved it! It is made for people who wants to live life with unique experiences! Really highly recommend!

Malick Osseirane

Into the Tribe Facebook page

Thank you Vincent Dupin for this amazing experience in Portugal!! It was my first digital detox trip!! The activities, the place, the food and the people were great! I highly recommend people to try it, even if you you're not addicted to your smartphone! Thanks again Into the Tribe

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